Harmony Flashpink: “Scene Failure?” No. 59 comments

This girl used to call herself Harmony Flashpink. Now she calls herself Harmony Dollie/Toxic.
Her real name is Tessa Johnson (or Johnston).

No, she is not a scene fail. She is just a FAIL in general.
[ NOTE: I’d like to apologize for the lack or pictures. If you’d like to see more, you’d have to go to her myspace and/or old photobucket in the provided link. ]

First of all, she lies. Everything she says is a lie.

[ NOTE: Some of these are things she said BEFORE people started to call her out on her lies. Unfortunately, this was before I knew about the trail of interesting drama that were to follow. So, no scrnshots. ]
Her lies:
She lives/lived in Chicago.
Has/Had 13 (or some weird number) diseases due to her irresponsible mother during her pregnancy.
She was a fashion designer.
Worked with members of Tokio Hotel (as their designer).
Was pregnant in the past with Johnny Radke’s child (member of Kill Hannah).

Her profile was pasted all over with pictures of random band members, and Jenn Curbstomp.
Now this is when people began questioning her. There was a hiatus on profile, then it was edited, saying that ‘whoever owned this account was fake’, then later it was deleted.

You may be wondering, ‘Okay it could’ve happened. How do you know it was her who was doing all the faking and lying?’

All it took were to compare the source(s) of her images posted on her profile. Don’t get it? Then read on. Don’t care? Then skip this next paragraph.

Right-click, Properties. If you do that to an image, it’ll show you a link or a location where that image is ‘hosted’ from. I did that when Harmony first began posting pictures on her profile. (Note that this was not her myspace. It was her Gaiaonline account, where you are free to post any picture you desire on your profile just by providing a link.) The source of her images, all of them in fact, were from an account on Photobucket, user Red_Rebal666.

After her hiatus, she came back as Harmony we know (most of you may not know) today. She got a brand new profile, posted more pictures, and of course, I checked the source. Sure enough, it was Red_Rebal666 on Photobucket.

Poor girl has ridiculous looking extensions. See for yourself here:

She claims she is size 6, when her muffin tops are overflowing. No really.

She made a fansite for herself, and claims to have multiple fakes.

She edits guys into her pictures to make it seem like she knows and hangs out with them.

A while ago she made a video on YouTube, saying that she was going to take some time off the internet, to improve on herself.

Well, she came back. Non the wiser, doing the same thing over again. She is trying so hard, SO hard to fit in with a crowd.

Harmony, or Tessa, whatever. I hope you read this and realize how you’re just trying too hard to be a person you’re not. All I see under your name on YouTube are all the video responses to your videos, and they’re bashing you. You don’t have a brother named Gavin, and Randy or Leivi or whoever doesn’t do your hair and makeup. You don’t have a friend named Athia, you just made it all up. For what? So you can make yourself believe that you’re someone you’re not?

[ NOTE: She deleted all her previous videos on YouTube. But there is ONE account that has some of her videos uploaded. ]

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SlamMastic, June 23, 2010

I feel so bad for this girl…… Shes rally delusional

Anonymous, June 23, 2010

anon @ 6:08 are you really comparing her to amor?

Laura Robinson, June 24, 2010

Her voice is hell.

Laura Robinson, June 24, 2010

New her isn’t half as bad looking. Still fat. But not so bad as before.

Anonymous, June 26, 2010

awwh , poor poor cat.

Anonymous, June 30, 2010


rhinestone massacremiracles, July 2, 2010

first of all maybe she dont have enough money for extensions

Anonymous, July 4, 2010



She should really stick to a dying trend that’s budget-friendly then. :]

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