Claire Money behind fake ‘Ryan Alexander’ & ‘Tom Lewis’ fake of @JamesJumpsuit 45 comments

[Sticky’s note:  I received a bullshit complaint from Claire, demanding that I delete the Ryan Alexander post.  I told her to fuck off.  I suspect there might be some truth behind this MyDrama author’s allegation that Claire is behind the fake.]

Ok many of you have seen the post and most of you now know that Ryan Alexander is either extremely pathetic for using other people’s pictures along with his. Or just a normal pathetic ugly faker.

After I told Claire that he was fake she said to me she believed me yet later on was insisting to others he was real

Today I seen that she had a different boyfriend named ‘Tom Lewis’ I immediately recognised his face as e-famous @JamesJumpsuit

so I told her on her wall that he was fake but she kept deleting my comments and then deleted me so I messaged her this

The reason I said she just added him is because of this.

All facebookers know that if you change from single to in a relationship you send a request to your other half, you can see that he changed this before he even accepted her friend request. The time I checked he only had 41 friends. The true calling of a fake.

As you can see she has claimed to meet James Jumpsuit who lives nowhere near her. This is making me believe that she is the one that made up Ryan Alexander and is using him now to fulfill her lesbian desires as she making her friends (his ‘girlfriends’) carry out sexual acts over msn.

So I am asking everyone to report both Tom Lewis and Ryan Alexander as fakes on facebook and help this girl get a real life.

Tom Lewis Facebook

Ryan Alexander Facebook
(Yes I know it says Andrew Christopher Michael but it states on his profile he uses Chris as his name hence the myspace being ‘Chris Michael’)

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Anonymous, July 19, 2010

Why can’t you just ask the real people if that is there real url’s? lol not that hard.

Anonymous, July 19, 2010

what would that do? we already know they are fake profiles we still need to get them deleted after the real people know

bystander, July 19, 2010

hey hey, leave the fugly bitch alone
just cuz she can’t get a real boyfriend and has to make up fakes doesn’t mean she’s oh wait, yes she is a fucking fail
the poor cow :)

Anonymous, July 19, 2010

Fakers being brought to justice. Fuck yes.

Anonymous, July 19, 2010

Haha and JamesJumpsuit at that too?
She doesn’t even know how to fake right!

Hat, July 19, 2010

lololololololol fucking hell claire!!!! you’re just as pathetic online as you are in real life. sticky you shouldnt take shit from fakers.

james jumpsuit, July 19, 2010

oh god, lol

Anonymous, July 19, 2010

LMAO!!! OMG this is hilarious, people have no life. I know & have seen James in Person, hes from Fresno, CA & he is NO “Tommy Lewis” thats for sure. lol

Claire., July 19, 2010

look. i have not invented either boy and if you look at my facebook you’ll see i’m single ok?
this is completely unnecessary. and as for sex acts.. WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK? He didn’t make me do anything so if you have any proof of this, let me know and stop being so immature about these posts.

Emmie, July 19, 2010

AHAHAHA as soon as she read this she changed her relationship status to single! Claire, you’re fucking pathetic and I feel VERY bad for you. Lose some weight, work on your makeup application technique, change your appearance and ultimately your confidence. It’ll help.

Claire., July 19, 2010

actually, i changed that around mid afternoon, and if i have you on fb i’d quite like you to delete me (Y) you don’t know anything about me, but i have nothing to do with the invention of either fakes.

Claire., July 19, 2010

also, i’m sory, but i’m not convinced either boy is fake. and i’m pretty sure tommy has a webcam. also how do we know these other boys you’re linking me to aren’t fake? its a pathetic reason to post this.

Anonymous, July 19, 2010

1. Everyone that isnt a retard on here knows who James Jumpsuit is.
2. Having a cam doesnt mean shit. ever heard of recordings and loops? Dumbass

Anonymous, July 19, 2010

In this page: People that think they’re internet celebrities.

Anonymous, July 19, 2010

woooow. okaay claire, keep telling yourself these things.

hey gaiz, we should probably stop. it’s animal abuse. ;D

Anonymous, July 19, 2010

James is a fucking meth head i dont like him. i know him personally bitches, and hes no reason to be posting about. dont give him the satisfaction.

Anonymous, July 19, 2010

clair yer a fucking dumb bitch, you can make up a boyfriend or let an old man pretend to be James
Everyone knows who James Jumpsuit is. Look him up

Anonymous, July 19, 2010

claire haven’t you seen that james himself has actually replied to this post?

how low can a person be having to make up boyfriends?

Anonymous, July 19, 2010

wtf leave claire alone, she aint made fake profiles or owt, its just pathetic people like u who sit in there rooms all day doing all this cos u dont have lives of ur own, so i suggest u grow the fuck up, the girl aint done owt wrong K? and can all u people just go on about looks and weight, like tht means a thing, claire could easily get a bf, she jus may want to meet new people online, which theres nuthin rong with tht, jus u peeps who think everyones fake cos u aint a life of ur own.

Anonymous, July 19, 2010

how do you know she hasn’t made them? are you stuck with her 24/7? the evidence is looking pretty much like she did make the profiles. by saying she had met him before even he made a facebook.

to be honest i bet the owner of this site has probably even met him. SHE hasn’t, why lie about meeting someone who has been called out at being fake. she should have just been honest in that message and maybe people wouldn’t suspect her.

still claiming you have met him claire? even after beinh humiliated?

hmm, July 19, 2010

^ hi claire lol
my god your spelling is horrendous
just seriously stfu get the fuck off the internet everyone knows you are a liar
but you are obviously delusional and upset that you got busted
seriously why would james jumpsuit go out with you?
we are pathetic? please at least we dont go around making up fake boyfriends
if clair can easily get a bf then why fake one?
oh yeah because she cant get a bf in real life

Anonymous, July 19, 2010

i kno she aint made them, maybe cos i live over the fucking road from her, im there most nights and theres no way claires that pathetic like u guys to make fake profiles, jus u wish she did to humiliate her even more u stupid pricks!

Anonymous, July 19, 2010

so were you there also when she met tom lewis?

yes we are the ones that made up a fake profile asked claire to be our friend then asked her to be our girfriend and tell people that she had met me. yes cause that makes sense. and if that was the case which i highly doubt, why did she pretend to be dating and said they had met if she was right in the fucking head?

fyi it takes 5 or 10 mins to make fake profile, if you are not out her ass for that long at any given time then you are pathetic also

Sticky, July 19, 2010

@JamesJumpsuit is indeed the real one. I’ve never met him IRL but spoken to him for years online, mostly Stickam but lately Twitter.

Claire’s questioning that James isn’t real means she’s either stupid for being deceived or pathetic for stealing & abusing his identity.

Sam, July 19, 2010

I’m the person that posted this topic and I have more messages that I can print screen from claire saying that she has that ‘Ryan Alexanders’ password to facebook.

I said why not delete him now you know that he is fake, she refused because “he’d know it was me and I don’t want his abuse” lmao abuse from a made up person? just block them on msn you stupid little girl

Anonymous, July 19, 2010

I feel sorry for her.

anonanonk, July 19, 2010

she can’t get her own boyfriends, so she sleeps with her friends boyfriends.
like mine |: and she totally took advantage, he was out of it :@ fucking pathetic cunt.

Anonymous, July 19, 2010

lmao someone is trying to tell her that she managed to get her last post deleted on here on her facebook wall, it didnt get deleted, its on the 2nd page you idiot.

Anonymous, July 20, 2010

omg this is pathetic she is asking ANYONE on her facebook to be ‘married’ to her. Once guy suggested him and she turned him down because they had only met once YET she will get into a real relationship with someone she has never met in real life before?

Girl has issues

lulz, July 20, 2010

I love this… isn’t James gay? LMAO

Hat, July 20, 2010

Claire: She came down to the brighton area in april, to see a guy she’d MET ONLINE and claimed that she LOVED HIM. turns out he was one of my friends. she scared the shit out of him. and when she finally got that message, “Ryan Alexander” turned up.

James Jumpsuit, July 20, 2010

First off, I would never date such a hideous thing if I was even STRAIGHT. I’m a gay mother fucker. Strictly dickly.<3

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Anonymous, July 20, 2010

tbh all u guys here are being pretty sad and pathetic, sitting here complaining bout someones life, jus get on with ur own, but ill jus say theres no way she would ov made fake profiles.

Hat, July 20, 2010

fucking FAIL claire. this post is up for less than 24 hours and your “best friend Tommy” has already deleted his profile. stop making all these fake fucking profiles. get with someone at your own level, maybe kevin kemo?

chrismichaelevans, July 20, 2010

yo, it’s chris (aka andrew christopher, the unimportant guy she allegedly faked on the second profile).
apparently this person had one of my videos on his profile that only my facebook friends were able to access, and she only requested me a few hours ago, meaning that unless she had yet another fake profile that was friends with me, it wasn’t her.
i have an idea of who’s doing it.
but does anyone actually care? i’m not sure that i really do…

Anonymous, July 20, 2010

chris unimportant? a post about you lead to the second page of mydrama

bystander, July 20, 2010

@Hat: Great idea!! Kevin Kemo would be just perfect for her!! Both are shallow ugly fucks who can’t get anyone! 😀

tonks, July 20, 2010

nice follow up post!:D

tonks, July 20, 2010

Claire is getting right on my tits, “Ryan Alexander” keeps adding new photos and she keeps liking them.

Paul, July 20, 2010

u guys are still goin on about other peoples lives, cmon grow the fuck up!!!! most of u probs dont even kno claire, so u cant really say tht she made profiles up (which she dint nyway) and talk shit about her, three words YOUR ALL PATHETIC

Anonymous, July 20, 2010

lmao its actually ‘you’re’ so if it was you are it would be 4 words you uneducated little fuck

Paul, July 20, 2010

who cares ur still fuckin losers, do u act have lives ov ur own????

owl, July 20, 2010

This is truly so sad. 😐

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