1. What is this site all about?

StickyDrama first came online in 2007 as a WordPress-powered tabloid reporting controversies and commenting performances of popular entertainers on the live streaming video service and social networking site Stickam. All posts were written by this website’s owner and admin “Sticky.”

In 2008, Sticky added MyDrama in order to allow readers to submit their own stories, and that section quickly gained thousands of registered users.  Later in 2009 Twitter was integrated into this site’s WordPress functionality; in 2010 Facebook was likewise integrated.  StickyDrama’s popularity and purpose grew as it evolved from one person’s blog into what is now universally accepted as the journal for the seedier side of the internet: a living narrative of trolls and lol-cows, criminals and camwhores.  Weaving together lulzy character arcs spanning years, packed with stories ranging from the juvenile to the deadly serious, this site presently contains over 5,000 posts —posts that reported and in some cases resulted in scandals, breakups and even arrests.

Today StickyDrama enjoys a readership of over 200,000 unique monthly visits and between one and two million monthly page impressions.

2. How do I create a MyDrama post?

The quickest, simplest way to post if you haven’t registered or are confused by WordPress is simply to use our Submit Drama form.

If you would like more control over the appearance of your post, you must register. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER a free WordPress account. If you do not receive a password quickly, check your spam folder. If you still do not receive a password, use a Gmail account. Gmail always works perfectly.

Once you’ve received your password, you can Login and click on Posts and then Add New.

You may then give your post a title and type its text. When you’ve finished, hit Submit for Review; if you would like to save your work to edit and publish later, hit Save Draft. You can only edit Drafts; you cannot edit a submitted or published post.

MyDrama posts are moderated and appear only after Sticky approves them. Sticky approves pending MyDrama posts daily.

2. How do I add images and videos to my posts?

Embed content such as images and videos by using the various icons found to the right of “Upload/Insert” after you’ve logged in to WordPress and navigated to Add New Post.

To embed image files, click the first icon to the right of “Upload/Insert” then choose “From URL.” If you are using image hosting services like Tinypic or Photobucket, copy the URL labeled “Direct Link for Layout, paste it into the WordPress “Image URL” box, and click “Insert into Post.”

To embed videos, there are several possible options. Here we present two:

One option is to click the icon all the way to the right of “Upload/Insert” and choose “Interactive Video.” Browse and upload your video file and hit “insert into post.” All done!

Another option is use the embed code provided by video-sharing services such as YouTube.  First, switch your Post editor to HTML mode.

Now copy the embed code from YouTube (or whichever video sharing site you’re using).  The embed code will begin with the tage <OBJECT>

Paste this embed code into the WordPress HTML editor.

Now, switch back to the Visual editor and you will see your embedded video as a Flash object inside your post.

3. Why is it better to embed Tinypic or YouTube codes, instead of uploading files here?

Owing to the high volume of MyDrama posts, we simply do not have enough storage space to allow MyDrama authors to upload image and video files to our server.  Embedded images and videos should last; if Tinypic or YouTube is deleting your content, perhaps your content belongs on our sister site n00dz.com

4. Why didn’t Sticky publish or approve my post?

If your post was never published or suddenly disappears, it probably did not comply with our Terms of Service

5. How do I delete or edit my post?

We do not enable our users to delete or edit their posts after they have been published.  If you would like to think your post over, Save the post as a Draft, but do not Submit the post forreview.  Registered users can edit Drafts; only Sticky can edit or remove published posts.

7. Can I post anything here?

No. You may not post visual depictions of nudity nor sex.  You may not post anything obscene nor likely to be found objectionable by very important people such as our advertisers.  You may not include phone numbers nor home addresses in posts. You may not encourage harassment nor physical harm against anyone, and you may not encourage damaging property. You may not infringe any copyright nor trademark.

8. Who published a post?

We are unable to reveal any information about a post’s author or publisher per USC Title 18 § 2702 , also known as the Electronic Communications Privacy Act, which prevents computer service providers from revealing information about their users without a subpoena, court order or search warrant.

9. What’s with all the @ signs?

All post titles on this site are tweeted via @StickyDrama’s Twitter account. Including the @ symbol in the post title will automatically @reply that person from @StickyDrama’s Twitter.  This applies both to the post titles and to the post’s body or text.  In fact, using the @ symbol anywhere on this website, even in comments, will link to a Twitter profile.

10. How do I categorize?

There are two basic criteria for choosing categories.

A. Categorize according to all social networking sites (Myspace, Twitter, Stickam, etc) that are associated with the subject of your post. Include all of the subject’s account URLs at the end of each post.

B. Categorize according to content–in other words, whatever story the post is about. If your post is about a well-known e-celeb, you will probably find their name as a category here.  For other subjects, use common sense.  If your post is about a death, check “RIP.”  If your post is about a fat ugly person, check “fugz.”

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