LOLOL Another Taryn Elizabeth Post 28 comments

Here’s some more pictures of Taryn.

What’s up with the fat armpit? Is your shirt too tight or did you just forget to photoshop that out?


Also i didnt know that shorts were supposed to look painted on to your thighs.

And i dont even know why you would upload this one. You look like a haggard giant, all sweaty and gross. And there you go again with that constipated look on your face. You look bigger in this picture than the one posted before this one.

And OMG THIS IS MY FAVORITE!!! This is taryn and her lovely mother. Like mother like daughter.

I know alot of you are tired of hearing about this girl. Which the posts usually consist of her horrible photoshoping skills, her fatass, or her being fake. But there’s more. I did some research.

This girl. Jame Doll


Im sure alot of you dont know who she is. Apparently her and taryn got into a fight awhile back and jame beat her ass. I have her added on myspace and found a picture of her and taryn with a caption that says “she’s all fake and photoshop” I looked through some of the comments and seems to be alot of people don’t like taryn, and that jame and taryn did fight. Come to find out, they live in the same state. According to this picture they used to be friends but i guess taryn cant keep friends too long.



So, I came across this overedited mess on MySpace today…

If I didn’t know any better, I would say this is the creation of a Kindergarten art class learning to fingerpaint. However, it’s probably close to the equivalant of that.

I won’t comment on her looks (because, truthfully, how can you tell?), but I am willing to bet that she’s much prettier WITHOUT the atrocious amount of Photoshop.


Charlieray 79 comments

I’m pretty sure everyone knows about this gay scene hipster faggot that goes by “Charlieray.”
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This self proclaimed photographer from Texas, whos a major asshole to everyone and has no future other than sitting in his room all day, because he has no friends. Hes always bitchin’ about how he hates people with piercings and refuse to talk to anybody who owns an apple product? SERIOUSLY? hes so judgmental and such a douche bag; he was recently dating this really awkward looking girl and there are rumors that they broke up because hes abusive O SURPRISE! hes not even the least bit attractive but he acts like everyone wants him when really no one cares

His photography isn’t even good. It looks like every other amateur teenage wannabe photographer. He like, charges $200 for photoshoots when he sucks and no one is willing to hire him.
wtf is this? photohopped shit
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He’s such a fucking hypocrite and should just do everyone a favor and kill himself

@Brandon_Hilton needs Proactiv 49 comments

So everyone knows that fail fag, brandon hilton right! someone forgot to photoshop the whole face in this new ugly photo. Brandon get proactiv kthanks.

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Hello, photoshopped legs @MatthewLush 4 comments

too obvious

if i actually saw someone that looked like this i’d probably run. (TOO MUCH PHOTOSHOP) 19 comments

nuff said’

fail post? oh well. this is just the first c:

More Photoshop Fail 5 comments

This is girl is very pretty so why does she feel the need to photoshop her pictures to make herself look scarely thin.
1. The photoshop is so LOLable that you have to be an idiot not to notice it. Yet everyone commenting her picture seems so shocked at how skinny she is.

2. Who’s boobs, ribs and stomach are in an exact straight line.

I mean really fail post or not this is just something to laugh at

rat face, queen of myspace 22 comments

First off if you don’t know maie she is self-proclaimed famous (not e-famous) she actually thinks she is famous.
She owns perfection dolls on myspace and thinks everyone looks upto her.

This self proclaimed queen of myspace has faked having a cancer stricken boyfriend for over 5+ years. Last year it came to light that this boyfriend of hers was a fake and it was actually a swedish girl. She denied this and convinced her ‘followers’ that she wasn’t lying, when the evidence is obvious as you can clearly see the swedish girl is the original picture and Maie’s is edited. As well as having the original picture the swedish girl has other pictures of herself where you can tell it’s her.

Maie’s ‘boyfriend’

Original swedish girl

This swedish girl got so much hatemail from Maie’s followers that she had to abandon her deviantart, taking half her pictures, blogs etc. with her.

Secondly if this wasn’t FAIL enough the girl photoshops tattoos on her claiming them to be real. How many sides does she think she has? she has like 5 different side pieces supposiddly. How that works out I will never know.
If someone confronts her on her photoshopped tattos she either doesn’t answer, just replies with a smile or attacks them completely for saying they are fake. Yet people who are idiots and say ‘great’ tattoos she acknowledges completely.

On myspace she claims the photos were taken by her ‘boyfriend’ yet on deviantart, the photographer has them up and on some have even linked the credit to the photographer.

Besides all this she looks like a drowned rat.

Maie’s myspace
Perfection Dolls formspring
Swedish girls deviantart

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