@MatthewLush and @ConnorJon Reunited? 19 comments

Aw, how nice. Not that anybody gaf.

Yet, I still find it semi-ironic that Connor seemed to wait till he was on a “talking/flirting” basis with another e-celeb (Chris Crocker); before he decided to apologize to MattLush.

Connor, you’re never going to be famous — so stop trying to catch some glitter that might fall off of Chris, just like you tried to do with Matt — before he dropped you like a bad habit.

This Noob is a TOTAL FAIL!!! ROFL! 22 comments

Who lip-syncs Justin Beiber besides 11 year old girls?!? Seriously! LOL!

Misha Medusa aka FAKEST BITCH EVURR! 3 comments


Misha Medusa is the fakest bitch I have evur seen His mad fake he says his anorexic & starvs himself but his mad fat nd photoshopps alll his pictures he says hes a model but he prlly blew the photographers or paid them. he needs alot of makeup for his ugly fucking disgusting face so they made him look like aclown!!!!


fakee ass bitchhh!@

Am I the only one getting tired of @zanderJaymz? 16 comments

For some kid who no one likes, he’s lasting pretty long. And Im sick of it! Can we please get this kid a day job or something to get him off the internet? The only interesting thing about him is that he had a pill popping problem last year, and seeing as that was last year, NOBODY CARES ANYMORE. Will there ever come a day when he gives up the internet? Or a day when everyone gives up talking about him? Either way, will he just go away!?


@EdenShizzle and @FreddyMichael are Thieves 31 comments

So for anyone that doesn’t know @EdenShizzle has moved to Dallas, TX with his underage boyfriend @FreddyMichael.  A few nights ago I was nice enough to allow them to stay with me when they came to Shreveport, LA.  Not knowing that @FreddyMichael was a raging kleptomaniac I fell asleep once I thought he was asleep.  Turns out the pair had the idea to steal from me the whole time.  When I awoke from my much needed beauty sleep (seeing as you all call me ugly already)  I noticed my wallet was missing, along with all the money in it and personal information.  Then after some more searching around my house we noticed that my room mate @JaredJigsaw’s paycheck was missing along with some other items.  Including cell phone chargers, cigarettes and possibly some jewelry.  Well seeing as we had no evidence we simply made a police report saying the items were missing.  Later that day I decided to get on my computer to check my facebook and aim.  Then I noticed there was an IM opened with @KelliFromCompton and realized @EdenShizzle had left his AIM logged in.  I noticed in the conversation they were talking about trying to find my macbook to steal and how they “felt bad for stealing.”  Well this is simply my post to explain to everyone that they are theives.  I am also going to include a screen shot of the report number for the arrest warrants issued for their detainment.  Because according to @EdenShizzle and @FreddyMichael I’m a bitch for calling the cops and I wouldn’t do that cause I’m a bitch.

WTF? @Brandon_Hilton FAIL 5 comments

Wtf Brandon?
Lucas is waaaaaay better & hotter than you!

myspace, twitter, facebook, youtube, tumblr.com/MrLucasBrenton

@Brandon_Hilton is an ass kisser 5 comments

So I came across this video on YouTube of Obsession‘s song “Boys Boys Boys” or Fags Fags Fags, whatever its called…  and found it very funny that for someone who has been fighting with them for awhile now BH really is kissing ass. but for what reason?


he cant even help himself hows he going to help someone else??!


alright i know this was probably a FAIL post but i just had to say something about it guys

Chris and Sam Label Themselves as Visual Kei 15 comments

The E-famous Chris Dakota and Sam Llansing from the UK.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

These guys have been inspiration for a lot of scene/emo people.

But now it seems that they label them self as Visual Kei

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

And ive heard that they dont really like the “scene”. but that might be just a rumor.

They proparbly where scene before. at these pictures he has the diamond necklace that a lot of scene people use.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic




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