John Hock Arrested for Sex Assault on Stickam 120 comments


NBC News, ABC News, CBS News and of course FOX News reported today from Phoenix, Arizona, that infamous Stickam Entertainer John Hock turned himself in and was arrested on charges of rape and “surreptitious videotaping.”  A few days eariler, on May 26, Phoenix police received evidence of the rape, which StickyDrama and hundreds of other Stickam users witnessed:


Most versions of the report contain some incorrect information.  Hock did stream the assault while Live on Stickam, but never recorded it and never posted it.

Furthermore, StickyDrama never posted the video either, and so it is not true that “the video was taken off the site.”  Phoenix police executed a search warrant on our web host, but were unable to find the video since it was never uploaded there.  After StickyDrama learned of the police investigation, we voluntarily sent our recording to the Phoenix Adult Sex Crimes Unit.,0,1399765.story,2933,524834,00.html


Hock’s former friend Geoffrey Paris confirmed:

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Anonymous, June 6, 2009

OMG!!! YES!!!!!!! he’s gonna be somebody’s bitch!!!!!!!!!!!!! mother fucker better get 20! im gonna try my hardest to find other videos of him and send them to the cops!

Megg, June 6, 2009

LMFAO at him being in the news all over the fucking world
i didnt think it would turn into this huge of a thing

but yea… fuck that news person.. making it look worse then it actually is.

i feel sorry for john.

Anonymous, June 6, 2009

omg! i need a FREE John Hock! t-shirt

ejz, June 6, 2009

hey i thought we were the only ‘scene kids’ covered by austalian newspapers LOL (,,23864869-24909,00.html)
too bad john had to COMMIT A CRIME to do it LMAO

Anonymous, June 7, 2009

now he looks more like a rapist lol

ejz, June 8, 2009

i’ll get that john hock *shakes fist* LOL
and i love how stickydrama are trying to make their own fame from the stupidity of john??!! what kind of sick society are we living in?? they should be shut down for enabling these kind of people by garnering more attention for people like john
mikeyy and mee got on national news tha legitimate way … unlike john
wow. what a spectacular ending to the story esp. tha part where the local news fudged tha report so it got the story even *more* exposure than a crime like that normally would (even tho we all kno john *invents* new definitions of retardation and new crimes lol) so people like me got to witness the indignity of seeing john’s face plastered all over national news even in weird places like sacramento and pittsburgh LOL

noelleeee, June 8, 2009

omfg! i knew john when he was only a myspace whore…and i talked to him all the time only to find he was a CREEPER!!!!!

then i decided to look him up one day only to find the rape…now he’s in jail!

WOW just WOW…


hollisterkid2008, June 9, 2009

“Steven Fruchter, CEO at, the real-time Web video site where the alleged assault was streamed live, said the broadcast was ended immediately after the site was notified and that is investigating how site monitors handled it.”


Feel Bad fer him, June 10, 2009

i truly feel bad for him, he had a lot of problems growing up and shit and a drug problem. Of course he did wrong being that the girl was UNCONSCIOUS! but trust me if he gets a good lawyer his sentence will be reduced greatly, especially if he had a drug problem and is working on it etc.

michellecarolina, June 10, 2009

this is the funniest shitttt

Anonymous, June 11, 2009

Has anyone ever thought about the girls fucking deserved it?

I mean, if you knew he was a sexual predator then why would you go see him?

Mikeyy, June 12, 2009

ejz, who the fuck are you? Quit acting like you know me or some shit.

ejz, June 15, 2009

quit acting like i know you?? what the fuck??!! i only mentioned you because you and i are the ONLY posters on here that have ever made national news
seriously dude get the fuck over yourself

Kaden, June 17, 2009

I honestly don’t see the big deal. Now I don’t think John Hock is a good guy or anything like that. But all of these girls knew exactly what they where getting into once they started associating with him. It’s like sticking a fork in a light socket then being surprised and begging for pity when you get electrocuted. I just really think this is blown completely out of proportion, so he licked some chicks cunt on cam while she was passed out? Yeah that is a pretty despicable thing to do but really she should’ve known better. She got drunk and was dating John Hock… everybody knows about his reputation. Really she brought it partially on her self. Now don’t think I’m blaming her completely or anything, obviously Hock should be held accountable for his actions as well [however anything over a couple years of jailtime seems highly excessive]. But really I have no pity for someone who knowingly puts themselves into a terrible situation with questionable characters; then cries about it afterwords when something bad happens. If anything she should be glad that she got taught a life lesson yeah sure she learned it the hard way, but I’m sure she is now a hell of a lot more cautious to as whom she associates with.

Anonymous, June 18, 2009

i feel sorry for the guys that get john in the butt

Anonymous, June 18, 2009

Who the fuck is EJZ and where can I find a link to this mystical national news report about him ?

Anonymous, June 20, 2009

^ so i guess the whole ‘link clicking’ thing isn’t your strong point LOL
because he has the MSNBC article posted RIGHT ON HIS MYSPACE UH DUH

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