Unreleased Picture of @JohnnyBoyxo from a Nude Photoshoot! 25 comments

We found this picture floating around while we were searching for cornbread!!!!!!!

Who’s Top Tranny of Them All? 34 comments

These Transgendered flamboyant  she/hes have been or still are the hottest Transgendered Queen Supremes online.

The Male pink-headed Barbie doll Jeffree Star:

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The blond-headed has-been Chris Crocker:

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This Brunette Scene Queen Ashton Kaulitz:

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The Blond-headed try-hard Johnny Boy:

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The Attention Seeker Geoffrey Paris:

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Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s top tranny of them all
Ashton, Chris, Jeffree, Johnny, Geoffrey?
They’re our Trannylicious toys

They make us scream, they make us moan
They’re simply sexy head to toe
Trannylicious what a tease
All their bitches on their knees

Who’s Top Tranny of them All !

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@Johnnyboyxo thinks he’s the bomb.com!! 7 comments

I was just taking a look at JohnnyBoyxo on iTunes and saw that left a review thanking everyone that bought his new EP “Trannymess” “Trannylicious” and I clicked to see off his reviews and it seems like this isn’t the first time he’s left himself a review! HOW PATHETIC!

Take a look!

JohnnyBoyxo Ratings

@JohnnyBoyxo is a Pothead 20 comments

SEX SCANDAL OMG !!! 29 comments

Hey guys, B’s back again, with some juicy news. The sun hasn’t even come out yet, and there’s some more drama sprewing. Maybe the sun should come out some other day, since your father did today.

Remember our last post? Concerning Joey Vanity and Tobi Metro-notsosexual, well we think there’s more to the story.

J Tweeted ” I love you” Soon enough B did, along with T, and eventually H. JV’s going to be sooooo green with envy! Bryan Breze’s weave already is, so it fell out.

You know you love me, XoXo, B.

Tranny Recipe of the Day 36 comments

Johnny Boy. Bake at 350 degrees for 17-19 years. Let sit for several minutes before fucking.



Johnny Boy and Chris Crackhead at it again! 22 comments

Allegedly Chris Crocker and American Idol Finalist Danny Noriega were found talking “shit” on the internet famous tranny Johnny Boy.
The trannies are at it again!
Trannies at it again

Hopefully this time Johnny Boy will realize Chris Crocker Is a jealous 2 cent Fame whore who deserves to have his 2 cent weave ripped out.

It’s Johnny Boy bitches. Lemme steal some mo’! 19 comments


Despite the great choreography probably taught by a stripper, and amazing video quality done by an x-pornstar….this “music video” is pretty fail.

specially when johnnys beats sound the same as this guys:


failpost. dont give a fuck.
pretty funny to me though. (:

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