oh kiki, when will you learn? 152 comments

apparently kiki thinks it’s honestly okay to post her entire life on the internet, seeing as it’s all she has, but still, telling all your twitter followers this? really?


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look, jake told Kiki that he thought he was crazy and a sociopath and had multiple personalities. She thought he was just having one of his many “diabetic moods”…..oh, how wrong she was. Resourceful little girl found this and she tweeted that he really was a sociopath because he had EVERY single trait listed on the following:


It’s serious girls. mark my words. there is no happy ending with this guy ever.

again, March 9, 2010

again said, March 9th, 2010 at 7:42 am


This was another girl, Jacquelynlove, that he was using while he was texting Kiki that he would always love her, that he would wait for her until they could be together in real life, and that he would remain “celibate” during that time <<(his words)

From: Jacquelyn's formspring:

what happened with jake wolf

Well, we were talking. And I tried to keep everything hush hush because I was getting a lot of negative comments from people about he and I, you know.. the normal shit talkers. Everything between us was fine though, we'd text all day, talk on the phone, and video chat for hours without sleeping. Just being sweet & I thought I really could trust him.. but yesterday he ignored me all day, which I thought was really weird..so my friend Dia and I decided to look into it. So she IMed him to see if he'd reply to her, and he did.. so we kept it going. Then he kind of started being flirty with her, and when she asked what he was doing and he replied "stickam" she asked for the link. So she sent it to me, and low and behold he's with that nasty bitch Jenny Thompson making out with her, grabbing her tits, laying on her, and being cute with her. So finally I went into the chat and got on video and he goes "Babyyy i thought you didn't want to be known because of all the drama you were getting" so I replied with "Yeah that was until I saw you kissing Jenny a few seconds ago" and she goes "Don't be jealous that you can't touch him and I can" and he just has the balls to say "Amen".

But it's alright :) I sent a few private little pictures of Jake to stickydrama. Oh, and Jake if you're reading this. Kiss my ass<3 xoxoxoxoxo together forever in Texas baby 😉

Here's another bit of information for you girls that think he is so great:


He told more than a couple of girls that he takes these pills because he has insecurities about his actual size. Girls that have actually have been with him have all said that "it" was actually much smaller than his pictures show and that he is rather unimpressive. So all in all, he has nothing to offer but false "love" and "praise", pain, and for some girls like Haley and Erica, a venereal disease.

He's a pathetic piece of shit, and you can't create that much negative Karma with people and not have it come back and slap you in the face. He's a really messed up person, and all the crap he has done to people will come back to him. He has "fucked" 120 girls. He keeps count like a stupid game. He doesn't take care of his STD's nor himself and he will lie and tell you he got tested when he didn't. So IF you are dumb enough to get with this guy, I hope this will at least let you know what you are in for, and IF he convinces you that he is any different and that he "can change", it will all be a lie. Look at his actions, not words.

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