@mmmkikikannibal possible new boyfriend @VeganMikey ? 55 comments

I stumbled upon Kiki’s twitter page and noticed she was following someone else BESIDES her sister.


It’s actually pretty funny how much Kiki contradicts herself.

Like how she goes on and on about how she wants the perfect guy, and no offense to anyone but last time I checked a satanist covered with tattoos isn’t the best candidate for someone looking to get married and have 6+ children. I’m sure some satanists have children but they probably aren’t very good role models. (I’m referring to his background on Twitter that he’s a satanist) And I didn’t know satanist’s were into bleach blonde ditzy whores. Either he’s one of those ” I’m hardXc0re 666 I worship Satan” kinda people, or he’s just another guy in a band using her (What a shocker that would be)

Oh and here’s the best part 😀

He’s taken. Yet another contradiction. If any of you watch Kiki on Stickam you would know she always goes on about “taken men are a no-no” and that she’s not sleazy enough to do such a thing. Oh and what happened to that 2 year break from relationships? Guess she can’t keep away from the dick for too long 😉 I give her props though, it’s probably really hard to stay away from guys since they all want her. I know what you’re all thinking “she’s just following him on twitter, that doesn’t mean they’re dating” but how many of you seriously believe Kiki is JUST friends with him? I’m sure Mama Kannibal would approve of her 17 y/o daughter dating a 22 year old scum bag that lives in Vegas 😉

(By the way sorry for the shitty screen caps)




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Anonymous, April 6, 2010

just to prove shes 18 you fuck anon @ 12:49 go look at her ex bfs formspring. http://www.formspring.me/joerighttt

Anonymous, April 6, 2010

kiki and mikey fucked. all of him and his friends brag about it.

Anonymous, April 7, 2010

can’t say i know kiki but mikey is in fact a total fucking d-bag and a half. true story and if you think hes a good guy its because you dont know the real him.

Anonymous, April 7, 2010

lolll jacy and mikey are most certainly not dating

Anonymous, April 8, 2010

Satanists DO NOT worship Satan, you fucking idiot.

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