Epic shitty singer battle: Kiki Kannibal vs Amor Hilton 42 comments

whos the better singer kiki or amor-- talk about it

These girls have both have taken shots at being singers. Kikis got a video of her singing on her stickam page **I couldn’t find it so heres a sticky post from someone else with the video**

amor and this gay guy formed a group called royaltyyy. Heres the two songs that I can find.

YES I’m going to be posting my thoughts on both of these girls. My only request is when discussing them lets not be like “AMOR IS A BIGGER WHORE THEN KIKI BLAH BLAH BLAH” and vice versa. Quite honestly I could care less about all the gossip and stupid shit they have done. I just want to see what happens when I put two stickydrama heavyweights against eachother and who might actually have the potential to have a music career…or not? I just thought It’d be interesting to talk about.

I’m not posting the reviews right away– quite frankly I’m to busy right now with studying and I don’t want to flood mydrama with 5 posts today But I’ll post them by the end of the weekend.

Also I want to thank my friend Riley, He decided to be nice and make me a little custom picture for this post to make it more flashy looking. Hes an amazing friend and he said he’d make more stuff for me whenever I decide to post. Don’t talk shit about his picture I like it and he didn’t even have to put effort into it because he wanted to do it for fun. I’m just saying this because I know theres going to be atleast one douchebag thats going to say “wow he really sucks at paint and hes ugly!” just like all the other unintelligent unoriginal hate comments on this site.

So whos the better singer KiKi or Amor? DISCUSS

thanks for reading

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Anonymous, May 28, 2010

Didn’t read anything, Kiki Kannibal hands down. Amor can’t sing worth shit. She covers her horrible voice up with autotune. At least Kiki sounds decent. Not great but better than that hooker.

lol amor sucks and…, May 28, 2010

im not a fan of kiki but amor sucks hard.

Anonymous, May 28, 2010

usually the last stage of internet fame includes a desperate attepmt at music, or in awhore’s case a porn. to the comments above kiki does not sound good. if i had to pick which of the 2 to listen to for a year straight, i’d pick suicide.

Anonymous, May 28, 2010

kiki is definitely better. she’s not the best, but i think she has potential. amor sounds like shit even with autotune and her lyrics are just fucking stupid.

Anonymous, May 28, 2010

they both would not get a golden ticket to hollywood.

oh really?, May 28, 2010

lol I thought your buddy used a naked pic of amor at first and i lold! that song placebo is fucking stupid and i cant stand eden shizzles singing. if you didnt know who he was how did you know he was gay? and why did you wait for kiki to release a song

Anonymous, May 28, 2010

neither. /endfailpost

d00d, May 28, 2010


Anonymous, May 28, 2010

neither are any good.

also, your friend’s picture DOES suck. if you’re going to make some “flashy” custom graphic, you should probably make it actually look good, otherwise it’s just wasted effort.

btw you are not the most intelligent person on this website, but you are possibly the most pretentious.

Anonymous, May 28, 2010

wow he really sucks at paint and hes ugly!

Anonymous, May 28, 2010




Anonymous, May 28, 2010

105 and 106 are from the same person.

Wanda, May 28, 2010

Wow he uses paint!

Anonymous, May 28, 2010

I personally don’t like either of them, but I think Kiki has the better voice. Amor’s song is heavily edited just like her pictures while Kiki’s performance is live on stickam. I’m not saying Kiki has a shot in the music industry, she just sounds better than Amor. Kiki wins.

SlamMastic, May 28, 2010

Lol yeah he uses paint. But you know what its way better then anything I can do. I suck at anything that has to do with computer programs and shit. I know how to use paint but I don’t know how to get pictures on. I know I’m a failure XD

anonymous 2:15 pm: — Lol I know i asked people not to say that but for some reason it made me laugh.

SlamMastic, May 28, 2010

“btw you are not the most intelligent person on this website, but you are possibly the most pretentious.”

Please inform me how I’m being pretentious, I’m just trying to start a conversation that I think atleast is sorta interesting?

blablabla, May 28, 2010

Aww, that’s so cute about your friend.
Amor’s never REALLY tried singing, so it doesn’t count. Kiki could be good with more training, all I’ve heard her sing was “I’m soooooorryy” five million times in a row..

zigzag, May 28, 2010

They both suck.
And that graphic also sucks.
I really don’t understand why you think you’re all of a
sudden Stickydrama’s new music journalist or something lol
Why aren’t you just using your blogspot??
You even said you don’t want to talk about
e-celeb’s lives…which is a big part of SD.
At least post in the music section or something.

SlamMastic, May 28, 2010

@zigzag *sighs* I am a huge noob when it comes to stickydrama sorry.. but theres a music section on this site?! that makes it clearer for me thank you! NEW MUSIC JOURNALIST? I just want to start some discussion and get away from all the self posting. Thats all. The reason why I said I didn’t want to discuss all the personal things about the girls in the comment section because I wanted to know hands down who people thought was the better singer without a biased opinion. If it was just no holds barred then people would say things like “KIKIS A BETTER SINGER BECAUSE AMOR DOES PORN!” or something like that. I just personally am very interested in talking about music and debating things about music.

I must say though I do believe my posts are atleast relevent enough to be posted and have a spot somewhere. I have a right to post about this stuff if I really do get bored enough to do it. What we should really be complaining about is all the self posters and the people promoting themselves.

zigzag, May 28, 2010

You don’t have to reply to everything and defend yourself…
If you like what you’re doing then do it.
When you replied to my comment on the “SlamRetard” post [or whatever it was called]
you said you liked posters like me and shit like that, but here you just sound like
you’re mad…and you posted the other one first…?
And really…they both suck at singing.
They both won’t make it in the music biz.
They are just different levels of fail.
Bad music is bad music.
I never said you didn’t have a right to do anything,
I just said that I don’t like it because of how you’re going about it.

Btw no matter how much we complain there are always going to be self-posters on here.
It’s been happening for a long ass time and will continue to happen as long
as SD is around. That’s why most people comment on obvious self posts and just laugh
at how obvious it is and how dumb the person was for doing it.

zigzag, May 28, 2010


SlamMastic, May 28, 2010

I’m not angrey at anybody, I’m just stating a few things because it seems no matter what I post I have that same person spamming my comments saying the same thing. I wasn’t going to say anything but then she had to go and introduce the idea i had something to do with brandon hilton in all this other crazy stuff. This was all just me trying to clear all this up so it just doesn’t get even more annoying later. but I guess thats the end of that. I’ve said what I wanted you seem satified with what you said.

about kiki and amor I agree completely. not to mention the fact both of them had horrible lyrics or well, kiki with being “SOOOORRRRRRAAAAY” and amors weird millionaires rip off.

Anonymous, May 28, 2010

kiki can sing better then amor but she isnt that great. where are the reviews?

Anonymous, May 28, 2010

You’re retarded.

Anonymous, May 29, 2010

i hate kiki but i have to say she does sound better. amors all roboty

Jake Fatality, May 29, 2010

Amor is better

metalover, May 29, 2010

I think kiki is lying about her usic. and we probably wont like it.

wow, May 29, 2010

Both of them suck. but kiki sounds like britney spears. not saying she is a good singer but she does sing in that style))

Anonymous, May 29, 2010

Kikis hair used to be atrocious

cubicles, May 29, 2010

lol wow ur friend went that far for u to make this for a stupid post on a blog ? he couldve done alil better but its cute i guess.

I like how he took half of amors arm off though.

cookiechan15, May 29, 2010

Lol half of amors hair is gone too.

SlamMastic, May 29, 2010

At this point I forgot most of what I was about to say in the reviews. fuck the singing lets put these two in a cage and watch them fight!

Anonymous, May 29, 2010

Lol thats a good question. kiki atleast she eats. amors so scrawny and small.

Anonymous, May 30, 2010

Molly Morrison claims her music “isn’t serious” because she knows it’s awful. But we know the truth- that’s her trying her absolute best. She should be crying and yelling at the people at YouTube and Myspace for letting her upload such an awful song.

markeymark., May 30, 2010

Amor fails hard on her gay brothers cock, Kik is much better,.

Anonymous, May 30, 2010

@4:55 lol Whos molly morrsion?

Anonymous, May 30, 2010


Anonymous, May 31, 2010

amor is just a cum dumpster, don’t even compare her to kiki.

all of you guys need to get off kiki’s case, she’s a beautiful,successful young lady, and you guys only post shit on her because you are CLEARLY jealous. you’re jealous because she has the popularity that you don’t, and because she has made a real name for herself.

i think she is doing an amazing job with her music career and you guys will be smacked in the fucking face when she is making millions.

it’s pretty much set in stone, kiki is going somewhere in life, unlike you kids that can’t get off this fucking website for more than two seconds.

SlamMastic, June 1, 2010

How would you Know if she is doing a good job, She hasn’t even released any songs yet to my knwoledge. She hasn’t done any promotions either. So unless you are Kiki herself then I’m sorry I’m going to have to discredit your opinion. If you have any links to her music please send it to me slamfcc@yahoo.com.

All of the friends on myspace or viewers on stickam can’t make someone automatically a hard worker in music. If she wants this to be successful she needs to go big and thats going to cost big bucks. If she doesn’t tour or have a proper promotion plan it will never get big. Assuming she doesn’t know anything about publishing, If she doesn’t get a publishing company behind her especially with the financial troubles I have heard of she WILL go bankrupt. You can never guarantee a buck will come back to you. The music industry is a huge gamble but its easier for people who know what they are dsoing and have proper buisiness connections.

ps. Just because someone Doesn’t like someone it does not mean they are jealous.

Anonymous, June 29, 2010

@2:33pm HI KIKI!!

Amor sounds AWFUL. She’s not even singing.

Kira, July 1, 2010

Kiki sounds better but her voice falters a lot. Amor sounds like she’s trying to be the Millionaires and failing at it. It’s reeeaaalllly hard to be worse then them.

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