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You know that fat white trash chick who everyone thinks has downs? Yeah well, I got a friend request on stickam so I clicked on the guy’s profile to see that he was live and guess what I found in his live? see for yourself…

I watched her videos and had a good laugh. enjoy fgts.

hate always,

captain steve xxx

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i'm too lazy to write about myself right now so all i'm going to say is simply "google me betch" i'm captain steve xxx

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Anonymous, February 27, 2010

im scared for life

Anonymous, February 28, 2010

epic win.

JacksonJawbreaker, February 28, 2010

OH MY GOD I love her. On her old account she made me a mod so I could kick hackers and rude people. 😀

polkadothussy, February 28, 2010

Robin is seriously one of the sweetest people. It’s terribly unfortunate that the people she trusts most on Stickam are shitty trolls with no lives. This girl, who, yes, has a disability, is in “love” with this lump of fail named DJ. Her “friends,” namely AGENTMUD, FEMINAZI, EMO EATER, and a few other lemmings persuaded her that she actually married DJ over the internet. Now keep in mind, Robin thought this was all fake, but was convinced by these horrible people that it was real. This made her very upset and started crying because she thought her parents would kick her out for getting married to a loser from Portugal. The response from her “friends”? Teasing and laughing at her.

Seriously some people need to get a life. It’s one thing to giggle at the funny stuff she says and OMG at some of the things she does, but to make the poor girl cry like that, that’s just fucked up.

spaz, February 28, 2010

Actual retarded people tend to get exploited and abused in real life too, people are fucked up.

Anonymous, February 28, 2010

lol what?

.TOSH.emo_eater, February 28, 2010

She isn’t retarded… she is just Southern. And she is married to DJ, I saw the youtube video… it’s totaly legit! The Internetz r fer realz, think about it!

DjDie, February 28, 2010

OMG i’m really laughing… i love you robin <3

DjDie, February 28, 2010

polkadot’s who the fuck are you? Seriously? You aren’t popular on stickam you aren’t popular on myspace. So Shut the fuck up and stop starting shits. At least,
I am well known on stickam.

DjDie, February 28, 2010

IT’S ME AGAIN… OMG FROM PORTUGAL? Shut the fuck up wanna be scene kid… i am not from portugal stupid cunt… I am from brazil js.. you are fail at all.

Anonymous, February 28, 2010


Anonymous, February 28, 2010

Wooh! Robin!

Anonymous, March 1, 2010

LOL, so you need to have no life and be popular on a social networking site to make an opinion on here Dj?

You’re a fucking idiot lol. I feel bad for people like you.

Anonymous, March 1, 2010

Also, I have never even heard of you.

DjDie, March 1, 2010

Ask me if i care?

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