Geoffrey Paris & HBO. No comments

If anyone can remember (back in the old stickam days) when Geoffrey Paris ruled the “scene.”

and “scene kidz” was a top myspace hit..

During the whole FTW. and the FTH battle..

Between stickams biggest entertainers..

and the stickam newbie entertainers..

-john hocks ftw gang-

Well, geoffrey was all the talk about his upcoming HBO special..

and first music video for the song “scene Kidz”

The video was made.



Nothing was ever said about the outcome of the largely talked about HBO Special…

Geoffrey hasnt spoken about it..

Nor’ has any of “The Beauty School Dropouts”

So its left to you to decide what happend!!

Geoffrey has just added the Video to his Youtube.

Which was suppose 2 been released back near December or Feb.

He has also added photos from the shoot onto his myspace account.

Does this mean that we’re finally gonna get a facesmack return from the Amzing Geoffrey Paris?

@least i hope so!

Geoffrey Paris scene kidz Video.

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blainebrodown, June 24, 2009

all the people in that video remind me of all the kids in the movie “party monster”lol.js

mathewstar, June 24, 2009

That’s because there club kids.

Educate yourself on a subject before you post such statements.

Mr.X, June 24, 2009

That’s a laugh, you telling somebody to get an education. Poor Matthew. Maybe you should follow that advice before you make another stupid ass post.

shamwow, June 24, 2009

-john hocks ftw gang-

Really, are you that ignorant mathew.

Apparently you were not around during the time period of the “FTW” “FTH” situation, because John Hock was FTH, FOR THE HORDE YOU IGNORANT NOBODY. You are just making yourself out to be more of a piece of shit everyday. Good riddance.

JacksonJawbreaker, June 25, 2009

Matthew Lush isn’t and never was scene, he ruined that video IMO.

s.v., June 25, 2009

Matthew Lush ruins everything because he is just awful.

blainebrodown, June 25, 2009

everyone on this site sounds like divinely inspired genius scholars, compared to the garbage that spews from your mouth(resembling the hot digested shit-log a horse cuts from his ass on a hot summer day) on a daily basis.

And no i have do desire to EVER educate myself on people id rather watch in a FAGGETY CIRCUS ACT.everyone has their place in the world;and unforunately for you,…….


nuf’ said

blainebrodown, June 25, 2009

have no desire*

Anonymous, June 25, 2009

go jump in the swamp

Lurkette, June 25, 2009

Hm, you said to “bash these fucks” on the newest post about you, and it turns out the newest post regarding you is this one, so I guess I should go about bashing you, then.

You are ugly, inside and out. You wonder why you have no family and no real friends to rely on? It’s because everyone sees just how fucking ugly you really are. Remember when you were the “homophobic homosexual,” as you put it? And now you get insulted when people are homophobic toward you? I have nothing against gay people, but you bring shame and hate to the gay community because of your disgusting and despicable behavior. Take your little inappropriately placed tag (because the post clearly has nothing to do with you in the slightest) and go back to the shit-filled trailer in the incest pool of a swamp that is your home.

You’re welcome.

bappy, June 25, 2009

I know very little about Geoffrey Paris, other than like you he is an ugly boy hoping to god one style or another can hide that. But what I don’t know about Geoffrey Paris is only eclipsed by how little I give a fuck about him or anyone attached to him, or you for that matter.

Thanks for the failpost as usual. Fatty.

hollisterkid2008, June 25, 2009

^ lol @ bappy<3

i don’t underdstand a word of this post.
i think those pics are cool as fuck though.

Michel, June 25, 2009

I saw this video in the beginning the year.. >_>

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