Matthew Lush Starts Series Similar to Scene Kid Love 23 comments

but will it be as funny?

i just watched it after he posted a link to it in one of his DList bulletins

i have to say, the acting is just as bad as the acting in gay porn.


so to answer the question i asked in the begining of this post, in my opinion, unless they sharpen their acting skills, no, this will definitely not top the humor in scene kid love. while the humor is somewhat mild, the acting kills it. but seeing as how it’s “to be continued” we shall see. but of course all of his fans will tell him how amazing the video is even though they will definitely be overhyping it.

it’s over, zip up your zipper and clean up your keyboard.

hate always,

captain steve xxx

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Anonymous, August 26, 2009

That was the longest seven minutes and twenty two seconds of my life.

mally, August 26, 2009

too bad it wasn’t funny, at all.

Anonymous, August 26, 2009

lush is a complete fail

Anonymous, August 26, 2009

i hate how he acts like he’s all that
and amazing and shit

oh and he is a TERRIBLE actor… idk why he tries
hes a bad vloger too…

kc, August 26, 2009

that will never be as good as scene kids. It’s like an extreme soap opera, but with scene kids. They’re just making fun of them…while this one is just boring and tries to be realistic. :/ lame.

mentosfairy, August 26, 2009

oh. my. GOD.

fail fail fail fail FAIL.

get some acting lessons or just stop. you are HORRIBLE. i feel so bad for your friends. How much did you pay them in order for them to agree to be in this waste of time?

Anonymous, August 26, 2009


Brandon Hilton would do MUCH better!

Anonymous, August 26, 2009

boring and NOT funny. why doesnt he act his age? he is 21 years old now.

JacksonJawbreaker, August 27, 2009

After 23 seconds I pushed the pause button. The end.

JacksonJawbreaker, August 27, 2009

Oh and @anon10:57, we can tell that you’re BH.

Anonymous, August 27, 2009

E, August 27, 2009

Haha I was about to say the same thing about the anonymous comment being Brandon Hilton. And no he wouldn’t, he would suck about equally.

Victoria Laza, August 27, 2009

I made it to 1:00!


Anonymous, August 27, 2009

I don’t care what Matthew does. But Scene Kid Love is so bad now. I think Stevie and Adam started feeling themselves too much. It’s absolutely not good anymore.

THE SCENE KID OF THE WEEK, August 27, 2009

Got to :32 before I felt my remaining brain cells begin to implode upon themselves.

Anonymous, August 28, 2009

matthew lush kind of has the body of an 11 year old’s corpse. :-/

he should go back to eating meat. non man meat that is…

Anonymous, August 28, 2009

Matthew Lush is over-rated now. He needs
to disappear from the internet, and
stop acting like he’s hot shit. He still
thinks his smile is “so cute”, but now
it’s the most fucking scary thing in the world! His forehead wrinkles up like
crazy and he looks like an old man
about to seduce a young boy. Not to mention also that he’s trying to bring
the whole “emo” look back, by wearing
eye liner again… oh boy.

Anonymous, August 29, 2009


captainstevexxx, August 29, 2009

@anon 5:28, i have it on my ipod i just don’t know how to put it on my computer

Marshmallow, August 30, 2009

You know I actually thought it was kinda funny in a really stupid, dont expect anything, i’m really bored right now anways, kind of way.

Anonymous, September 1, 2009

i was going to post and say how shitty it was but you all did it for me

egyptianreggae, October 18, 2009

this kind of makes me think of “popular” kids trying to win a talent show and failing miserably.

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