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Recently i read about a twitter arguement between the E-Famous Matthew Lush & the IN-famous Matthew Alexandre. Matthew Alexandre is becoming known for his desperate ways of being internet famous, honestly he’s doing a really bad job at it. He is starting arguments and hopeless fag fights through twitter with : Lucas Brenton, Brandon Hilton, Kiki Kanninball , & now Matthew Lush one of the highest top ranked – Stickam Entertainer and myspace whore. & remeber BH & Matthew A are real “close friends”.

As i look through Matthew Alexandre’s tweets i see no replies to Matthew Lush .

So i looked through Matthew Lush’s 8000 something tweets and found this small entertaining @”s to

Matthew Alexandre .

It starts off not knowing much about it .

All It Says is “ew”. Later on i saw this tweeet from Matthew Alexandre .

I opened the link & it was this .

Matthew Lush blocked Matthew Alexandre . I found that real funny because Matthew Lush has 12,000 followers .

& had to find Matthew Alexandre to block him .

Stupid Ey ?

Well can someone tell me who started the argument ? I think it was Matthew A , but who knows .

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Anonymous, March 16, 2010

Umm matthew lush is a has been sorry….

Anonymous, March 16, 2010

it says “the user has blocked YOU from following them” isnt that proof that this is a self post? … btw anyone can talk shit on any other person and get blocked… its not a talent to get someone angry by being a dick to them. Also it takes no effort to block, he didnt have to search though his 12K followers, he just went to the page and hit block. seriously stop self posting, and if you insist on doing it, at least stop pretending you are someone else. -.-

fagtronic, March 16, 2010

Second comment clearly didn’t read the post.
Matt A posted a link to show Matt Lush had blocked him.
The poster of this was just pointing it out.

Anonymous, March 16, 2010

who the fuck is matthew alexandre? Seriously I wish these kids would stop thinking they’re the next big internet celebrity or whatever.

Victoria, March 16, 2010

Lol, yay for twitter fights.

blainebrodown, March 16, 2010

delusional, self post

Anonymous, March 16, 2010

DEFINITELY SELF POST. Matthew, your poor grammar gives away every self post . Right !! .. ?

Anonymau5, March 16, 2010

dead obvious self post. are you that stupid? its obviously that matthew alexandre faggot posting this.

Anonymous, March 16, 2010

LOL ; matthew alexandre thinks he’s famous someone post something real mean about him but i dont think thiis a self post some one force feeed matthew A he keeps thinking hes the next thing !

zZzSarahzZz, March 16, 2010

dunno who the fuck matthew alexander or whatever is but matthew lush is always fighting with someoneeee.

Parasailing, March 16, 2010

OMGGGG HES SO FAMOUS NOW! (matthew alexander)
he has acquired his long life dream.
we should praise him now.

Anonymous, March 16, 2010

rofl, he said in his myspace he wants to be a famous actor. obviously hes an attention faggot, you don’t become an actor for the fame you retard. you do it because its ur passion.

Anonymous, March 16, 2010

I just ate a bacon double cheeseburger and some chicken nuggets in honor of Matthew Lush.

Anonymous, March 16, 2010

Matthew Alexandre your famous !
ahhhhhhhhh im gonnnna be all over you and make you a fan site *sniff sniff i
smell the next Brandon Hilton and thats in a bad way dirty fucking faggot

Anonymous, March 16, 2010

You people don’t even know Matthew Alexandre to be saying all this shit ? He’s not an attention faggot. He’s one of the nicest, friendliest people i know. And he’s a great actor and wants to be known for his acting, not for arguing with Matthew Lush . Is it really his fault Matthew lush and him have problems and arguments and disagreements !?

Anonymous, March 16, 2010

didnt they have drama like in the summer stupid Matthew’s LOL .

Anonymous, March 16, 2010

omqq. iknoww mattheww a he is so niceee.

Anonymous, March 16, 2010

matthew alexandre just wants his name to go on a catagory here on stickydrama

Anonymous, March 16, 2010

how boutt yall just go suck his dickk. you know you envy kills.
thats why you guys are talking shit about matthew alexandree. he is niceeee. and he is not a faggot bitchess !

Anonymous, March 16, 2010

People don’t write anything on Twitter unless they want everyone to see it.

Victoria Laza, March 16, 2010

I don’t even try to read these Twitter fight posts anymore. This site makes no fucking sense.

Anonymous, March 16, 2010

matthew alexandre does not give a horse shxt to what you guys think. He’s probably laughing at this whole thing right now.

Anonymous, March 16, 2010

he iss ^^^^ im tlking to him right noww. x3

Anonymous, March 16, 2010

lmao i know me too

Anonymous, March 16, 2010

watch everyone think that the self defence comments was matthew a haha i hate matthew lush we need a new generation of e-celebs is matthew a the next one?

Anonymous, March 16, 2010

^shut the fuck up.

Anonymous, March 16, 2010

…all the anon comments are from that monkey looking thing. maybe he should open up his english more often.

Anonymous, March 27, 2010

i think this is funny as hell.
cause like how are you gonna say you clicked on the link and got that thing ; just like someone else said, that means its obviously a self post cause it says “blocked you” im sorry but that is such a fail. lmfao

Anonymous, May 24, 2010

Alexandre is ugly. Just saying. Well… so in Matthew…

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