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Tommy “that’s not me” Tarantula has deleted his Stickam profile, photos, videos, etc… out of the shame that his penis has brought him (see also). Tommy states that it is not him in the photo. However if you notice that his eyes were blacked out and a small area on his arm. That’s to hide his eyes and his tattoo. You should have blacked out your dick. 

Tommy’s Deleted Stickam –

Hollywood Hames

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o, March 23, 2009


Anonymous, March 23, 2009

housekeeping is cleaning up stickam one creepster at a time

HollywoodHames, March 23, 2009

^^ LMFAO. “Hellllllllurrrr. HOUSEEEEKEEPING!” heheh. <3

your mom, March 23, 2009

NoeLani NaUtiCaLz i just found him.

Anonymous, March 23, 2009

his link is

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