San Diego and surrounding areas, the WBC is coming 13 comments

this isn’t really eDrama BUT i’ve just been informed that the Westboro Baptist Church will be protesting at 7 different locations in San Diego on October 16, 2009. if you do not know who the Westboro Baptist Church is you may know them better as and know that they’re a group of possibly the most ignorant, inbred, redneck, pedophile terrorists in America. if you’ve never seen their website, i suggest you check it out. not only is it sickening but it’s disgusting and terrible.

counter protests are already being organized by various groups. they will be protesting at various Jewish establishments, San Diego High School and a few other places telling people that it is not okay to be gay or Jewish. if anyone in or near San Diego is interested in partaking in the counter protests feel free to shoot a message to as i will regularly be posting updates via bulletins/mass e-mail.

i usually don’t post shit like this on stickydrama but i’ve made an exception in this situation, call it a self post all you want even though what you really mean is self promo, troll all you want, i don’t care, the point i’m trying to get across is that i’m dedicated to defend my city and i hope some people here share my point of view that the WBC is the most vile group of people to have ever walked the earth.


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allfor, October 5, 2009

Nice post mate. They really are a vile and disgusting group. And the fact that they hide behind what they claim to be “religion” makes them even more vile. Wish I was in your country to participate in the counter-protests.

s.v., October 5, 2009

Fred Phelps created the WBC after he couldn’t satiate his hunger for man-ass. He is hell of embarrassed.

kc, October 5, 2009

good post steve:) I wish it wasn’t on a friday though…idk if I’ll be able to drive down with work and all. :/

captainstevexxx, October 5, 2009

shitty work, i’m requesting the day off

Sean, October 5, 2009

oh cool, i wanna take my pics with them. ;D

JacksonJawbreaker, October 5, 2009

I wish I was in the area to help out =/
These guys are assholes.

Charming., October 5, 2009

Fuck you guys; I’m going to help WBC protest Jews.

Goddamn Jews.

Anonymous, October 6, 2009

Send them to Arizona after, hah. I’ve been wanting a piece of these dickholes since I’ve heard about them. Fill water balloons up with piss, and toss them at small children protesting gays ftw.

captainstevexxx, October 6, 2009

their picketing schedule is on their website, they’re hitting a lot of locations, it’s like they’re on tour or some shit

s.v., October 6, 2009

Here is a relevant picture:

omgashleene, October 8, 2009

wbc disgust me.i really want to to participate i can probly bring some of my friends to come with.

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