Better Than Gaga 4/25-5/1 Genitorturers 5 comments

This week’s Better Than Gaga artist is beyond amazing!! The Genitorturers have been around for awhile, and their new album “Blackheart Revolution” is available everywhere. The vocals are eerily seduct…

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Anonymous, April 28, 2010

gaga is god; automatic fail post.

Anonymous, April 28, 2010

Seen both live…genitorturers aren’t that great.

Anonymous, April 28, 2010

that shit is sooooooo gay!

MattyBeautiful, April 28, 2010

this is a shitty ass metal band. METAL IS OVER. fail post asshole.

deannadirtytalk, April 28, 2010

And let me explain to you why you are a moron… This is NOT metal, it is Industrial, there is a huge difference, and before you comment on things such as this, learn your genres of music…ASSHOLE!

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