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So, I had my first ‘Elysion Fields’ session this evening. I sat down in a comfy seat with a coffee and just played through their EP. I had just a feeling that these guys would create some great music, but to my surprise, it sounded better than I thought! Each song has its own individual sound and none of them sound remotely the same.

Elysion Fields

Elysion Fields

The first track entitled ‘The Forerunner’ starts off the EP very nicely. Its catchy sound which involves a not too deep but continuously great scream with the added heavy and very effective beats go really well with the guitarists, who also add a few tricky solos into the mix to make this EP have the best possible start!

Just after enjoying the first track (after playing it several times), I set some very high standards for track two. A cracking second for the guys in ‘ELYSION FIELDS’! Kicks in very nicely with some very catchy guitar riffs and a chorus to make your ears want more! This track made me think about all the metal bands I’ve seen and how much fun they have been on stage. Just by hearing two tracks, I have my ears and eyes open for ‘Elysion Fields’ tour dates, hoping they will one day come to the UK.

After ‘Legends’ came ‘Retribution’. Paced and clever beats with a mix of the normal screamy vocals and some softer backing vocals that stamp down a mark on this band, ”quite extraordinary”. To say that this is the bands first year together, I think they have done terrifically well to get such great songs together for this EP.

The next track, ‘Breathe in Solace’, didn’t let off as many sparks as the previous three tracks, at first.. I got almost a minute and half into the track and again, felt that great feeling that this band obviously have. Again, softer vocals occasionally came into the mix, making this track quite beautiful in the end.

‘Edge of Reason’ was the fifth track. I had the feeling that this sounded a tad like a Parkway Drive song. The strong continuous screams, again with a high paced tune and a nice little break-down added to the mix certainly makes you wonder how great their live shows would be – I’d certainly like to find out!

So the sixth and final track ‘The End in Sight’ was a real shocker to listen to at first. A different sound again to the rest, and a certain great ending to their EP, which I’ve really enjoyed hearing. You listen to all these big bands such as ‘Parkway Drive’ and ‘I Killed the Prom Queen’ and just know that these guys are only half a step behind them. They have the talent and sound to make it big, I feel. Their tracks have such great break-downs and guitar riffs to keep you on your feet and enjoy yourself. ‘Elysion Fields’ have certainly opened my eyes tonight, kept me awake at such a silly hour with the class they produce. A great EP, great band, and hopefully one day I’ll be able to say how great the show they put on was!

I’ve found it hard to explain how great this band is, to explain their music and the feelings that come with it. I guess you will have to make your own mind up on this one.

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.., May 2, 2010

Shut up

Anonymous, May 2, 2010

no one cares, this isn’t an album review site, fucking idiot.

Anonymous, May 3, 2010

no one gives a flying fuck.

Mittens, May 3, 2010

Also this should have been in the music section dumbass.

anonymous, May 3, 2010

i really like how these keep getting posted, and ignored by everyone.

livlegend, May 3, 2010

I saw them a few months ago. They’re amazing.

thiswebsitefuckingsucks, May 24, 2010

This is probably the most pathetic thing I’ve seen in my life. I guess I’m just not cool enough or cool at all.

Anonymous, May 27, 2010

wow they don’t all have the same emo hair. Impressive.

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