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Some say if it is new it is better. However, I highly disagree. True originals are classic, and NOTHING beats classic. A little black dress, NEVER goes out of style, am I right ladies? This week’s art…

Glamour of the Kill, Yashin, Fenix Fire – Rock City Basement, Nottingham, UK – 10/04/10 – Live Review No comments
Glamour of the Kill

Glamour of the Kill

Rock City in Nottingham is a really great venue. I particularly like the Basement as I feel it’s more intimate and you get to interact with the bands a lot better. The downside of this small venue is that the lighting is pretty rubbish, although I don’t think that really matters that much and occasionally the sound can be quite bad. Fortunately there happened to be a really good sound man who did an amazing job.

The first band to perform, Fenix Fire, were already playing as I arrived and I was surprised to find the place quite busy. The crowd were enjoying themselves immensely and had created several large circle pits already. Fenix Fire really knew how to get the crowd going and were giving away free t-shirts all night. They are a Nottingham based band and clearly most of the audience was made up of their followers as everyone was singing along to their songs. It was obvious they felt very comfortable in the familiar surroundings. This was their first time playing at Rock City and you could tell they were enjoying themselves. I felt that their best song of the night was ‘Run This City’ and I think the crowd agreed! I thought that the vocals were fantastic and they played a couple of really great guitar solos. The all looked so stylish and not surprisingly were popular with the teenage girls! I’m really glad I got to see them and will definitely be popping along to more of their Nottingham based performances.

Yashin was the second band to perform and I personally felt they were the best band of the evening, in fact I would say they were the best band I’ve seen in a long time! They really knew how to interact with the crowd, with everyone singing along to every song. In between songs they talked to the audience and were actually quite funny. There was a great mix of screaming and singing vocals from lead singers Harry and Kevin. The vocals were so clear and the screaming was incredible. They worked really well together on stage and just sounded amazing. Even though the stage was tiny and there are six guys in the band, they managed to make good use of the space by climbing onto the speakers and jumping into the crowd. ‘The First Rule of Fight Club’ probably got the biggest response from fans who preceded to create massive mosh pits and even a wall of death. Towards the end of the set they played a cover of Britney Spears ‘Everytime’, which went down incredibly well with the fans. I really really enjoyed their performance and it was very evident that the crowd did to. I am very excited to see how this year is for them because I think they are going to be huge.

Finally Glamour of the Kill graced the stage after an epic intro. As soon as they began playing the mosh pits started, the crowd created a huge circle pit that basically filled the whole room. It was pretty crowded as it’s a very small venue so you couldn’t help but get swept up in the enthusiasm. Just like the previous bands, they had great interaction with the crowd and stage presence was definitely there. They played a good mix of old and new songs with the crowd pleasers of the night being ‘Worlds End’ and ‘A Hope in Hell’. They sounded really great, absolutely note perfect. In fact all the bands sounded brilliant. I can imagine with the venue being so small that it’s difficult to get everyone sounding good, but the sound man did a fantastic job. I’m a bit disappointed that I didn’t get to take any photos; I was blocked by rows of teenage girls waving their camera phones about! The crowd was definitely on the younger side, which I predicted considering that the style of music is really popular among teenagers.

Overall I really enjoyed this gig and felt that all the bands were incredible. I couldn’t get over how great they all sounded. I will definitely be keeping an eye on all of these bands. If you want to check them out go to their MySpace pages:

Fenix Fire MySpace

Yashin MySpace

Glamour of the Kill MySpace

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Review – The Emptiness Tour No comments

The Emptiness Tour

The Emptiness Tour

Writing this review is bringing back some great memories of Tuesday nights ‘The Emptiness Tour’ at the Cockpit in Leeds. The venue isn’t the biggest I’ve been to, nor the smallest. It has a nice neat merchandise part with a bar across the opposite side of the room. As I walked through the merch room into the main room, Bury Tomorrow had already taken to the stage. What I heard and saw drew me into the crowd more and more. I had to be careful not to get pushed into the mosh pit, which I don’t think ended whilst Bury Tomorrow entertained the crowd. There was atleast two dozen members of the audience stood between my camera and the band, swinging their arms and floor punching around the packed venue. This made it hard to get any good shots of the band. If you see the band on youtube performing live, the video’s I’ve seen don’t do the band justice as they were better and more energetic than I thought. The screams and clear vocals mixed together created what all the bands that night had, pure quality and extremely energetic performances. A great start to the show.

The next band to take to the stage are actually my favourite band. I had high expectations for A Skylit Drive, and they certainly fulfilled my expectations and beyond! With guitarist Nick Miller not being present for this tour due to an accident he had, the band still played the show with his replacement, who did really well and didn’t let the rest of the band down.

Chants of ”ASD, ASD, ASD” came from an excited audience. The room went dark, the band took to the stage with vocalist Michael ”Jag” Jagmin coming on last. A cheer for the guys quickly started their set off, and from then until the last chord was struck, I enjoyed it all! Such a fun band to hear and to watch. I feel that each part played could not sound any better. The band go out and give it all they have got.

The band played about 7-8 songs on their set, each sounding fantastic! Whilst the rooms atmosphere was excellent and the high pitched vocals from Jag and the screams from bassist/vocalist Brian White roared out, you could actually see how much fun the guys had on stage. The cheers certainly made ASD feel welcome which was nice to see.

The final and main band, Alesana took to the stage all dressed in black and white suits. I have seen photos with them all dressed smartly before but didn’t relise they did shows like that. I think its kind of cool, certainly different, and pretty damn warm I bet!

Their performance blew me away! By this time I wasn’t too near the front as I was whilst watching ASD. I have to say, Alesana are very good live! Each song they played sounded near to the quality as their album sounds. Again, the clear vocals mixed with pacey screams gave the fans of Alesana something to swing their arms and jump around at! Very strong and fun vocals, I’d say. Continuous moshing and air punching took place. A great band live. Really glad I got to see them.

Before the doors opened, interviewed Shawn Milke of Alesana and also got an interview and talked about tattoo’s with Joey Wilson and Cory La Quay of A Skylit Drive. You can find the video interviews on our website and Youtube page.’s best wishes go out to Nick of A Skylit Drive. Hope he gets to join his band again soon for the rest of the tour.

Did you go to any dates on this tour? Seen any of the bands before? Let us know what you think to them. will keep you updated on everything Bury Tomorrow, A Skylit Drive and Alesana.

Photo’s of Tuesday night will be up on our website very soon,

Joey Wilson of A Skylit Drive – Video Interview 9 comments
Joey Wilson of A Skylit Drive

Joey Wilson of A Skylit Drive

Today we bring you’s interview with Joey Wilson of A Skylit Drive, taken just before their gig at The Cockpit, Leeds, England, on 13th April 2010. Here’s the video!

Come back to for our soon to be posted Alesana interview, and interviews with other post hardcore bands!

Photo credit: Tim Harmon

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Hey folks! It’s me again!! Bringing you this week’s pick for Better Than Gaga! Her name is Linda Strawberry, kinda girly, but she’s got some killer vocals. Reminds of PJ Harvey… I know most of you h…

News – The Get Up Kids Announce More UK Tour Dates 2 comments
The Get Up Kids

The Get Up Kids

Reunited 90s emo legends The Get Up Kids have a big European tour lined up this year, and in response to massive demand they’ve just added extra tour dates in the UK. Clearly the single show at London’s Underworld just wasn’t enough, as they’ve added an extra night at that venue, and will also be taking in Birmingham, Glasgow and Leeds.

The new UK tour schedule is:

Fri 25-Jun-10     BIRMINGHAM ACADEMY 2
Tue 29-Jun-10    LEEDS COCKPIT

If you’re close, make sure you take in this great band!

If this wasn’t enough, The Get Up Kids‘ new EP, Simple Science is out soon. You can pre-order it by visiting Hassle Records:

Hassle Records

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Stigma’s Vlad Ghersi Performs At Viatrophy’s Last Ever London Show! No comments


We have more news today, this time about Deathcore gods Stigma:

In a last minute fill-in, Stefano “Vlad” Ghersi of Stigma stepped into vocal duties for Viatrophy at their last ever London show, which is part of Viatrophy’s last tour before breaking up.

Fan-filmed live footage has been taken of this event:

Vlad commented on the experience:

“I was in London doing interviews for our new album “Concerto for the Undead” and made plans to attend Viatrophy’s last ever London show with our UK PR agent and a friend.

When meeting with the band they told me Adam (vocals) was sick, so they were thinking about cancelling the show. They asked if I knew their songs and if I was up for singing.  Viatrophy is one of my favorite bands and has been an influence of ours, so of course I agreed and an hour later I was on stage!

It was definitely a great experience and huge honor! I wish Adam a quick recovery and best of luck to the rest of the band. It’s just a shame the band is splitting up, but I’m sure they’ll do just great with any project the join!”

Stigma’s ‘Concerto for the Undead’ was produced at Fear Studio by ex-Bleeding Through and current Bring Me The Horizon guitarist Jona Weinhofen and was mixed & mastered by Scott Atkins (Behemoth, Cradle Of Filth, Sylosis).  The record is out May 3rd in the UK via Pivotal Rockordings.

Amazing footage! Make sure you visit again for more deathcore news.

Photo credit: Enrico Caputo

News – Lostprophets’ New Single – ‘For He’s A Jolly Good Felon’ No comments


The good people handling Lostprophets have sent us news of their new single, just released. This is what they had to say:

Currently charging around the UK on their most extensive sold out UK tour for almost 6 years, Lostprophets have announced details of a new single set for release on 5th April 2010.  ‘For He’s A Jolly Good Felon’ is taken from the bands fourth album ‘The Betrayed’ which entered the UK album charts at No. 3 in January.  The track is already proving a live favourite and will feature exclusive b-sides across the formats.

After the UK tour the band head to Australia, Japan and then Europe for dates taking them up to their rescheduled Welsh date.  Lostprophets were forced to cancel their Afan Lido gig in Port Talbot after a fire damaged the building and made it impossible to go ahead.  The group will now play Cardiff International Arena on 1st May 2010.    The group are performing tracks from all their albums and generating an ecstatic response around the country with ‘Felon’ becoming a stand out track already.

“The Betrayed is impressively, chillingly, controlled” **** Q Magazine

“Lostprophets have come back fighting with an album crammed with anthems set to soundtrack this summer’s festivals” **** Heat

“This is a triumph which spreads their appeal far and wide.  The rock world is theirs for the taking” **** The Sun

Lostprophets are made up of guitarist Mike Lewis, frontman Ian Watkins, Lee Gaze (guitar), Stuart Richardson (bass), Jamie Oliver (keyboards, programming) and new drummer Luke Johnson.  They formed over 10 years ago in Pontypridd, Wales and have risen to be one of the UK’s biggest rock bands selling over 2 million albums along the way.

New single:

‘FOR HE’S A JOLLY GOOD FELON’              5 April 2010


1 May CARDIFF International Arena (new show)

We suggest you give the new single a listen! For more music news, keep coming back to

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