Mathew “No one gives a shit” Ravenfuck No comments

Seeing as I thought this would be the most intelligent way, and viewable option for your ignorant ass, here you are.

Mathew, here is the deal buddy ole pal. You have never done anything online, you will never do anything online and no one gives a flying fuck who you are.

I have talked to you for two years now, and still no one gives a fuck about you. You have not done more then anyone on this list or anyone who has posted, in fact, you have done nothing whatsoever.

You sit there with the most unattractive hillbillies on the face of this fucking earth, if you were so amazing, so popular, so great, wouldn’t attractive people want to be around you.

Better then that, you are a SIF, if you do not know what a SIF is, it is this in a nutshell, a fat ass who hides their rolls with a good camera angle.

One more thing, if you ever state that you are better then anyone, I swear to god, I will choke you with the ridiculous bracelets you wear to cover those cutting scars on your wrists from the sadness you have gained from all the years of being a nobody.

End of story, you need to become a hermit and leave the rest of the world alone, you are pitiful.

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ew, June 24, 2009

LMFAO you fucked him up badly.

Mathew “No one gives a shit” Ravenfuck


s.v., June 24, 2009

He is worst song played on ugliest guitar.

KC, June 25, 2009

I love you shamwow.

jeffree lush needs to die.

Anonymous, June 25, 2009

total win post

blainebrodown, June 25, 2009

WIN…shamwow made my night.=)

failpost, June 25, 2009

hahah. its terrible that he doesnt realize how unattractive and completely fugly he is…

Marshmallow, June 25, 2009

but you guise, he’s a household name!

Lurkette, June 25, 2009

Own Tag.
He’s Famous On The Interwebz, Duh.

bappy, June 25, 2009


They motherfucking terrify me. Secrets and lies, internet fatties gtfo.

xrawrxryanxrawrx, June 25, 2009

he’s an ugly fat hillbilly that should go back to the swamps where he came from he makes me wanna puke =X

bree, June 25, 2009

i love whoever wrote this
lets get married

oldgreg, June 25, 2009

I hate Mathew so much. This actually made me crack a smile.

Nice :)

OH DAMN, June 25, 2009

the ONLY reason he has his own category is because he wouldn’t leave Sticky alone about it. BEGGING HIM for one & probably sending him nasty nudes in which Sticky just giggled at uncontrollably.
Mathew, go fall back into the swamp you crawled out of you piece of shit faggot ass honkey.

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