MySpace HACKED? or something else. 21 comments

This picture shows an attempt to get on MySpace to log on, but it wouldn’t let me do anything!

What’s going on!?

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blainebrodown, June 24, 2009

dude your a stupid fucker arent you shithead.


what in the world would possess you to post this garbage here?

now go fuck off

ev0, June 24, 2009

its because you have a shitty computer…

myspace css sometimes gets fucked up due to shitty loading on shitty browsers =P LOL shitshitshitshit

Anonymous, June 24, 2009

are you stupid?

mathewfigure, June 24, 2009

clear your cookies and caches and you’ll be good.

JacksonJawbreaker, June 25, 2009

So yeah, I hear that the forums work fantastically.

Anonymous, June 25, 2009

Blaine, if you’re going to try to question someone’s intelligence in hopes that anyone will talk you seriously, you should spell correctly. Making sense is most important.

Saying profane words doesn’t make you seem like a tough guy, either.

Anonymous, June 25, 2009

dude whys that guy such a dick?

blainebrodown, June 25, 2009


good way to make you look even more like a dipshit. get over it. a typo(s) doesnt dictate lack of intelligence btw ass. its a drama blog, ill spell how i please(even thugh everything is spelled correctly ROFLL). I already have a degree to vouch for my intelligence.

the reason why i was such a dick is because theres nothing more i cant stand than foolish and dumb posts. if you dont know the correct topics to cover on a drama site,THEN DONT POST.

its that simple, even for the simple minded like yourself.

btw your so stupid that you contradicted yourself and didnt even know it!!ROFLL you said:” you should spell correctly. Making sense is most important.” Well dumbass your right making sense is MOST important and i made PERFECT SENSE; as misspelling a word doesnt make a sentence not make sense.(even though their werent any typos lol)

wow. finish elementary school then come talk kid.

ohnoezjerry, June 25, 2009

alt f4 helps 😀

Lurkette, June 25, 2009

Typos/bad things in blaine’s first post:
“your” (which does in fact make the sentence not make sense), no apostrophes

Typos/bad things in blaine’s second post:
“thugh,” “ROFLL,” “your” (twice), “their” (also doesn’t make sense), still no apostrophes, a lack of commas, and a lack of proper spacing

I’m not normally a grammar Nazi, but I can quickly become one when you act like a fool.

Matt Mafia, June 25, 2009

Your account is probably blocked by admins. But why the FUCK are you posting this shit here you fucktard. GTFO.

bappy, June 25, 2009

Oh, simple fix. If you are being blocked, they’re blocking you by a setting on your computer used to identify you, but you can just delete the folder they use to track you and you’ll be unblocked.

If you go into your system folder and delete your win32 folder (or of much of it as it will let you) then it will delete the files they use to track your IP and you’ll be free to log into whatever you like!

You’re welcome =]

blainebrodown, June 25, 2009

lurkette re-read the whole gist of the second post dumbass. it doesnt matter. every sentence made perfect sense PHONETICALLY.

And no your wrong a typo that involves wrong word useage(with same phonetic soundings), is a simple non-agragate typo, and the correct word meant to be used is understood.THUS the meaning/sense of the sentence stands.This is also the reason someone can pick a typo out of a sentence, and still understand the sentence.

even so, who gives a fuck really, b/c if spelling on a drama blog dictated intelligence we would see it in every college entrance exam idiot.

Lurkette, June 25, 2009

You can’t read gist. Just because it makes sense phonetically doesn’t not mean it makes sense literally, especially because this is the written word and not the spoken word. “Agragate” is not a word; aggregate is.

If you bothered to read my post as well, you would understand that the only reason I corrected your grammar was because you are a complete asshole who clearly has some inferiority issues, as you are extremely defensive about your poor English skills.

SHEA SHAM, June 25, 2009

Wow lurkette you must not have comprehended what blaine said ROFLLLLLL.

He meant even with typos the sentence still makes perfect sense phonetically(meaning say that sent. out loud and see if it makes sense). You fail lurkette, along with this idiotic post.

Anyhow, who really cares???! Seems like when people are being punked, their last resort is critiquing someones spelling/grammar WTFFFFFF!! pathetic.

Use your wit and cleverness to pwn someone, not spelling and grammar. ROFLL

blainebrodown, June 25, 2009

^^^ROFLLLLLL…i agree

oui oui, June 25, 2009

wow lurkette give it up

<3 blaine

Trystin T, June 25, 2009

blaine isnt an asshole, hes actually a sweetheart.

Lurkette you look like a fool, its clear the meaning of what he said went straight between the nothingness between your two ears.Also this guy who posted this deserved to get flamed for posting such rubbish on mydrama.

j00lz, July 1, 2009

why would you post this on mydrama? the only valid explanation i can dream up is that you’re pretty stupid

Anonymous, August 18, 2009

lol ur a fuckin idiot. no body gives a fuck if your myspace was hacked or not. you’re fat, ugly, and a skank. now do us all a favor and go play in traffic. k.

danwritessins, January 18, 2010

Are you serious? Nobody cares about your issue. This is STICKYDRAMA. Not MYSPACE HELP FORUMS.

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