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Whoa! That’s YOUR favorite band?! NO WAY! MINE TOO!
Or so would say Ashley “Punky” Jude of Myspace.
Self-proclaimed “Para-WHORE!”, and wannabe groupie
Though, she’s a little too pudgy, and obnoxious to have her way most of the time.
Actually, speaking from a year of knowing her (since she’s been on the “concert” scene), ANY of the time.

Anything you like, she immediately likes, and knows more about than you.
Your favorite band or lyric will become her new twitter name within an hour.
Your new tattoo? Watchout! She’ll tweet about her plans to get that “original ink” tattooed on her.
Nice Avril Lavigne logo, by the way. Sure you stole that from someone back in the day, too miss “Punky” Jude.

As if it’s not bad enough.
She claims to be a proffesional photographer.
With what? Her phone camera?
Please, don’t fall for that scam.

She has a new band obsession bi-weekly, all-inclusive of morbidly worshipping them, stalking their tweets, taking obsessive fan girl pictures sporting their merchandise, and spamming them for just one tweet of their attention.

One time, she got asked to drive a band to pick up their Chipotle order (because no-one wanted to play bitch to a band).
She did, and immediately flooded the social networking world with “ZoMGFZZZZ LYkE just got F00D with BrEAthe Carolina!”
Well, actually, just some merchies and techies from various bands went along, and no-one from headlining band Breathe Carolina
Given, the other bands were of moderate size, but, they took her as a bitch – essentially, what she was.
You know, that obsessive girl who will give a free ride 20 miles away just for some Chipotle?

Best part is, they came back bitching and moaning how annoying and fan girlie she was, all the while well she was off on a tangent stating her “claim to fame” all over the internet, in order to gain some sort of envy out of her followers/friends.

Ultimate groupie…wannabe.
The only thing worse than being a groupie, is being far too pathetic to reach that status, so you sit in all of your misery and TRY to get it.

The girl also claims to be a “Music Journalism major working for AP”.
Anyone from the AP world browse this? Didn’t see her name on the site, or in any publication
but apparently, she not only works for them, she essentially IS the magazine
or so she tells bands and their fans to lure them into associating with her

I can’t tolerate fakes. Of any kind.
And having to lie about your invisible degree, career, associations, and then act twelve years old and scream and spam for attention (she’s 23…going on 24, bear in mind), is simply ridiculous.

She’s also made claims of being a lesbian (100%, no boy, ever..although, she has a boyfriend now? like 3 month after?), and being 100% edge (no drugs, drinking, smoking, cussing, fucking). See her album on mypace? Is that a picture of her shamelesly flipping the bird? Yeah, you know, if she didn’t cuss, that wouldn’t fly, would it? Oh, and those drunken tweets from the bar? Nah, of course she’s not drinking! She’s edge, just like her best friend with the “XxX” tattoo prominently across her chest, who’s default a few weeks ago was all inclusive to her holding a beer. No big deal, they’re edge kids! Holding the beer and pretending doesn’t count.

Carrying on.

She lies on an EVERYDAY basis about the aforementioned.

She also claims to be drop dead gorgeous, and Hayley Williams’ twin, but hey, she admits.. she’s a para-WHORE.
at least she got half a truth on that one.

She’s better looking than everyone out there, apparently.
Well, I don’t know about you, but bigger people can be pretty.
But she just unflatters herself, completely.
Muffins anyone?!

LOOK, LOOK! Her band of the week is right on her.
oh, and nice angle? if you couldn’t see from the previous picture, those angles really do hide a lot…

Whoa! You’re a hypocrite?

Yeah miss para-whore, that you are.

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Anonymous, July 17, 2010

gah this was too long to read. i stopped after like the first sentence cuz its stupid and no one cares about her.

Jordan Elizabeth Greear, July 17, 2010

This HAD to happen. She’s a lying, cheap p.o.s. that cannot do anything for herself, she”s 23 and had to mooch off of a 19year old and her fiancee. ashley”adore” right, but shes “SO REAL” hmm, somethings not right here. She’ll probably think this means shes “famous” but no, it’s to reveal to everyone that she’s SCUM

zZzSarahzZz, July 17, 2010

i just wanna say this was long and boring and i barely read any of it.

Zebra, July 17, 2010

this shit was too long. fuck that.

Jordan Elizabeth Greear, July 17, 2010

If you knew her though, you’d be PRAISING whoever posted this. It wasn’t me but honestly I wish it was.

…….., July 17, 2010

Selfpost. Who writes a whole Bible to a anybody?

Anonymous, July 17, 2010

but she sounds pretty worthless from what i glanced at

Sugarcoated, July 17, 2010

It is lengthy, and I apologize.
But like Jordyn said, it had to happen.
She used to prance around on stickam making the same claims;
and she’s went so far as to get people in trouble with the law for posting song lyrics (more specifically, from the band Drop Dead Gorgeous) on their status (not even aimed at her), claiming ahe felt threatned. By a song lyric? With no “@” to her?

If you faced being locked up over such petty shit, you’d want to say every last god awful think you could, too. That way, in the instance I can’t actually be around to make her life hell, my work will have been cut out.

Anonymous, July 17, 2010

That’s way too long to read.
No one cares.

eh, July 17, 2010

shoulda nailed her back in sticky days; a little late…

bomb dot com, July 17, 2010

fucking novel.

but peronally found it nice that someone finally attacked the plagues of the interwebz.
fakes, phonies, everywhere
notha one bites the dust

Anonymous, July 17, 2010

Fucking brilliant she’s a skank and not in the good ke$ha making dirty look slightly attractive skank…and don’t worry if you missed the muffins this time around..obvs there is plenty more in the oven!!

meow, July 17, 2010

didn’t really read a single word.

read that comment above and enough said.
she’s fat, so why would i even care to begin with?

Anonymous, July 18, 2010 <—

in the stupid 'swing' video all she does is swear O_O

Anonymous, July 18, 2010

Cool story, bro.

tabby, July 18, 2010

glanced over it.
sounds like a REAL winner, if you ask me..

mdkgxdfmgd, July 18, 2010

her hair looks utterly repulsive.
that says enough about her for me, thank you very much.

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