Gage Arthur, @Madiileigh’s Kidnapper, a Fugitive in Arizona 56 comments

Popular Myspace entertainer Gage Arthur appears to have absconded, a violation of the terms of his probation pertaining to his arrest for kidnapping a minor.

Back in September 2009, a MyDrama author enquired why GageArthur might have been going to prison.

StickyDrama has learned the reason.  Longtime readers will recall Madi, who dated Stickam rapist John Hock just after he and @AmorHilton broke up.  At the time, Madi was in fact 13 or 14 years old.

After Hock, she began dating Gage in Austin, Texas.

Everything was hunky-stat-rape-dory, until the police pulled over Gage and Madi for a routine traffic check.  It turns out that Madi’s mother had reported her as missing:  Gage was arrested and charged with kidnapping a minor.  He did some time in a Texas jail, then was released into the custody of his family in Mississippi.  From there, he received permission to relocate to Los Angeles, provided he pay his probation fines and keep contact with his probation officer.

With his mother paying for his fines, Gage’s only responsibility was to call his probation officer once a month.  But even that proved too heavy a burden for Gage, who apparently ceased all attempts to comply with the terms of his probation sometime in 2009.  During his time in Los Angeles, he is known to have had intimate relationships with at least one minor, an act unlawful intercourse in California and probably a violation of the terms of his Texas probation as well.

On his now-deleted Twitter account,@GageArthur, he tweeted that was moving to Arizona.  His last known address is @Ayeraerae’s apartment at Westside Condominiums in Winnetka, a crappy part of the Valley (and definitely not the Westside).

Since Gage did receive permission to relocate to Los Angeles, his probation status is known only to the LA Sheriff.  Citing pesky California privacy laws, the Sheriff declined to address Gage’s status to StickyDrama.  Nevertheless, online chatter from various sources indicates that he is indeed a fugitive.

More Scene Fails 46 comments

When will these fucks realize that the scene is fucking DEAD? Or at least it needs to be.
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Excuse me while I gouge my eyes out.

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Ans yes, they are being serious.

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Oh my God. Words can’t even express the amount of eye bleach I need right now.

@BrandonHilton In a Movie? 56 comments

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Most of us know the attention hungry, super queer Brandon Hilton. He’s known for his shitty music and being e-famous. ‘Cause that’s gonna get you some straight up V.I.P treatment isn’t it, Brandon? So I guess he’s starring in a movie called ‘Midnight Cabaret’. First of all, by the way his music sounds, I don’t think his acting can get much worse, but it also probably can’t get any better. Oh and what kind of people would let Brandon Hilton into their movie? Honestly?
I cannot wait until this, as Brandon puts it, SEXUAL trailer premieres. I’m sure it’ll be rather lulworthy.

Charlie Campbell is a Fugly Tranny Lolcow 59 comments

[Sticky’s note:  This was such an obvious self-post, I almost didn’t approve it.  But after a minute of watching the video, I realized that this fat tranny has gone beyond fail and entered lolcow territory.  I edited the title to something more appropriate and voila, lulz.]

Watch out brandon and jeffree

this is a still from his totally awesome low budget music video that he made in his bathroom

watch his debut music video its fab!

@omfgjhamjham & @davidwilson attention whores? 16 comments

“david overdose” [david wilson] (

OMFGjhamjham (

okay so something’s fishy about this two.

they use to be “bestfriends” a while back. and out of nowhere this two just magically appeared on the internet and was posted on the same day.

i just think they’re both BEGGING for attention.

and didn’t they go out before?.

about davidoverdose: he’s a 16yr old boy who’s supposedly known for busing it to clubs and begs for other people to give him a ride home. this is mostly true. i’ve seen him around the clubs i.e: matinee and dance and mode7.  he moves from guy to guy and i’ve seen him make-out with more than one boy at the same night.

about omfgjhamjham: a 19yr old BOY.( looks can fool you.)  clubbing and partying is this kid’s addiction. a low key yet high key slut. a very shallow person who’ll only talk to you if you’re “attractive”.

learn how to handle your scandal kids.

Harmony Flashpink: “Scene Failure?” No. 59 comments

This girl used to call herself Harmony Flashpink. Now she calls herself Harmony Dollie/Toxic.
Her real name is Tessa Johnson (or Johnston).

No, she is not a scene fail. She is just a FAIL in general.
[ NOTE: I’d like to apologize for the lack or pictures. If you’d like to see more, you’d have to go to her myspace and/or old photobucket in the provided link. ]

First of all, she lies. Everything she says is a lie.

[ NOTE: Some of these are things she said BEFORE people started to call her out on her lies. Unfortunately, this was before I knew about the trail of interesting drama that were to follow. So, no scrnshots. ]
Her lies:
She lives/lived in Chicago.
Has/Had 13 (or some weird number) diseases due to her irresponsible mother during her pregnancy.
She was a fashion designer.
Worked with members of Tokio Hotel (as their designer).
Was pregnant in the past with Johnny Radke’s child (member of Kill Hannah).

Her profile was pasted all over with pictures of random band members, and Jenn Curbstomp.
Now this is when people began questioning her. There was a hiatus on profile, then it was edited, saying that ‘whoever owned this account was fake’, then later it was deleted.

You may be wondering, ‘Okay it could’ve happened. How do you know it was her who was doing all the faking and lying?’

All it took were to compare the source(s) of her images posted on her profile. Don’t get it? Then read on. Don’t care? Then skip this next paragraph.

Right-click, Properties. If you do that to an image, it’ll show you a link or a location where that image is ‘hosted’ from. I did that when Harmony first began posting pictures on her profile. (Note that this was not her myspace. It was her Gaiaonline account, where you are free to post any picture you desire on your profile just by providing a link.) The source of her images, all of them in fact, were from an account on Photobucket, user Red_Rebal666.

After her hiatus, she came back as Harmony we know (most of you may not know) today. She got a brand new profile, posted more pictures, and of course, I checked the source. Sure enough, it was Red_Rebal666 on Photobucket.

Poor girl has ridiculous looking extensions. See for yourself here:

She claims she is size 6, when her muffin tops are overflowing. No really.

She made a fansite for herself, and claims to have multiple fakes.

She edits guys into her pictures to make it seem like she knows and hangs out with them.

A while ago she made a video on YouTube, saying that she was going to take some time off the internet, to improve on herself.

Well, she came back. Non the wiser, doing the same thing over again. She is trying so hard, SO hard to fit in with a crowd.

Harmony, or Tessa, whatever. I hope you read this and realize how you’re just trying too hard to be a person you’re not. All I see under your name on YouTube are all the video responses to your videos, and they’re bashing you. You don’t have a brother named Gavin, and Randy or Leivi or whoever doesn’t do your hair and makeup. You don’t have a friend named Athia, you just made it all up. For what? So you can make yourself believe that you’re someone you’re not?
[ NOTE: She deleted all her previous videos on YouTube. But there is ONE account that has some of her videos uploaded. ]

@TaylorCollins, 18 y.o. Junior in College, Delusional ‘Model’ 11 comments

Meet Taylor Collins, aka TaylorEqualsRandom.


He has high hopes of becoming a famous model one day, and claims to be an 18 year-old in College as a JUNIOR already. Says he skipped 3 grades and started college @15. Well, you tell me; does he look or sound smart at ALL? For a guy who’s so smart, his grammar sure is questionable. Plus the guy looks like a fucking girl, not to mention that he posts the awkwardest pictures online.

Such as:




Now to be honest, who puts up pictures that look VERY queer of them with their brother and mom? At least keep it on your personal pages, kid. He looks like he has Downs Syndrome in the 1st picture, and his brother looks Mexican with that upper lip hair thing he has going on.

Not to mention his youtube account that has very annoying short clips of his stupid ‘adventures’ and whatnot. He has no fans except the adolescent little bitches who think he’s cute and comment him constantly. Taylor might be a pedophile for all we know.



I’ll admit he does look good in some pictures, but keep in mind that they are photoshoot pics and are probably photoshopped anyhow. His real pictures include all the acne and bad hair you don’t see in the ‘modeling’ photos. But since he still wants to be famous (fat chance of making it going by Myspace/Youtube) and his chances are next to nothing, how about we promote this fagboy? Everybody hates seeing Kiki and all those other scene fails making it to e-fame, how about a chance to see someone NEW and not scene get attention??




LOL, Miles Massacre? 47 comments

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This boy, regardless of the fact that MySpace is dying, is still trying to make it to MySpace whoredom, which in itself makes me LOL. Anyways, I’ve had Miles on my friends list for quite some time now, never really looked into him. But I found out that he has a music page. I clicked with caution because after seeing his flamboyant faggotry, who knew what I was getting myself into. It loaded, and boy do I wish I would’ve have never clicked on that. His ‘band’ is called ‘The Owlery’. This band consists of him sitting in his downstairs living room screeching into a microphone and throwing techo-ish beats over it. I don’t have a person problem with Miles, I more feel terribly sorry for him because he honestly probably thinks he can sing good. There is also a Miles Masscare fansite. LOLOLOL, that is REALLY hard to believe and it was probably made by him or one of his friends. Well that’s really all I have to say for now. I’ll be back some other time.

His myspace;
The Owlery(provided for the lulz);

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