Please anyone any info on this amazing girl? 10 comments

I know this isn’t the place to post this but stickyn00dz is down and I’ve been dying to figure out who this girl is for over a year now! Please any info at all…

I don’t give a fuck if it’s a failpost this girl is perfect!

@CoreyTexas Asking @iBabyPamela for n00dz 68 comments

No real shocker here just doing my daily “busted girls who show there body because there insecure” rounds as a new one caught my eye pamela renee fl trash who’s vids and noodz can be spotted around varies locations.

I just found it kinda sad when once known scene scum/fag ‘corey good a.k.a texas. asking this girl in such a desperate blunt fashion. when back in the day girls would just send them in no questions asked…brings a tear of joy to your eye!.
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but then again, i guess the clock is winding down the whores aren’t sending there nudes in so freely now!?. (scene fags feel free to respond)

Btw: Who the fuck stays up to 1:26 jerking there rod to ugly ghetto trash?.

Another thing: isn’t the ‘scene’ dead why are these kids in San Antonio/Austin still dragging this out?. but in a nonchalant way “no i r not scene but deep down i really am look at my goofy colored hair shitty tats and ugly piercings” sigh* (look at her default) LOL!

We all make mistakes, right Hannie? 23 comments

I don’t know if anyone has seen these or has been digging for them. I present to you some semi covered collection and a link to the site where they can be found.

Unfortunately the site guys are idiots and have added a couple of pictures of Vanna Venom and Dakota, when they have nothing to do with Hannie at all. I must warn you there are a couple annoying pop ups, other than that, it’s free.

@yelyahwilliams Hayley Williams of Paramore Accidentally Twitpics Own n00dz; Claims She “Got Hacked” 151 comments

Hayley Williams of the popular band Paramore is rumored to have recently Twipic’d her own n00dz by mistake just a few minutes ago.

Hailey claimed she “got hacked”; however, since she immediately gained deleted the twitpic seconds after it was posted, a more plausible theory is that the 21-year-old singer simply didn’t know how to use her new BlackBerry.

@ChrisCrocker posts his own n00dz on Tumblr, yawn 14 comments

This is just as funny as seeing him on the iPhone Grindr App.  Aside from the fact that scene kids and “eCelebs” need to get the fuck off of Tumblr because they aren’t relevant on that site, this is embarrassing.

Anywho, here’s the link, enjoy(or vomit).

Hate Always,
Captain Steve XXX

kiki’s n00dz resurface 8 comments

gotta love the title of the first song lol

@zanderJaymz n00dz released 9 comments

[Sticky’s note:  Post ’em on]

But then they were deleted. The nudes people had been talking about were recentley posted online, but soon deleted after threats were made on his page about calling the police for harrassment. He says the nudes are fake and aren’t really him, but according to many other people, these are the real deal.
I don’t know why we’re talking about this kid or why I’m writing this, but for some reason, he interests me. Maybe I’m just waiting for a trainwreck? Maybe…

@mmmkikikannibal settles the score on @jakefuckingwolf’s dick 36 comments

I know that some of you weirdos suffered the delusion that the creepy greaseball known as Jake Wolf was attractive. I assume this is because you have only seen 80’s porn before and don’t know what attractive men look like.

Anyway, everyone remembers the “8-inch-kiki-buster”, right? That picture taken at a very obvious angle so as to make his dick look bigger? Well, in her latest couple tweets, Kiki makes sure we all know that it was JUST an angle.

Seriously? Male enhancement pills? Erectile dysfunction? This kid is like 19. How sad!

Obviously it was bitchy of Kiki to tweet this all over the internet, but I really dislike Jake Wolf and I’m happy to see his ego being taken down a peg. He needs it.

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