i remember someone mentioning this betch the other day 24 comments


enjoy betches.

hate always,

captain steve xxx

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i'm too lazy to write about myself right now so all i'm going to say is simply "google me betch" i'm captain steve xxx

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spaz, December 15, 2009

I’m actually really impressed she somehow got that toe in her mouth.

@chellllzz, December 15, 2009

as soon as the foot came up and i read the first comment i couldnt watch anymore

blablabladwsf, December 15, 2009

@chellllzz please grace me with the presence of your lips upon my dick sweet girl

Yeah, December 15, 2009

This is embarrassing… wow.
“To all you ladies out der….I cain’t help it if all the boys wants me….it ain’t my fault”

Whats with the heavy breathing. Seriously.
This is painful to watch.

STALKERRR, December 15, 2009

she hasn’t showered in two weeks?! wtff? i’m so grossed out right now. hahahahaha. the guy who is fucking with her is so fucked up. lol. you know, she masturbated off this conversation.

Anonymous, December 15, 2009

OH MY GOD! My brother & me were watching it while eating fuxking mcdonalds. i gaggged. i will never be able to eat cake without gagging ever again, she’s ruined birthday’s for me. ohmygosh, gross. i feel bad for her, that’s sooo embarrassing..but she shouldn’t have done that on cam anyways..or at all for that matter. O_O

kazulk, December 15, 2009

lol i remember her, she was so fuckin funny, especialy when she was pissed, her rants were hillarious

Anonymous, December 15, 2009

In all honesty, and not the be a buzzkill or anything, but I truly believe she has a mental disease. My sister whose 17 suffers from autism among other things acts just like this. Shes not going to get much better either, they both have similiar qualities. Despite her doing outrageous things or being a bitch I think its because of a mental illness. Anyways sorry for being a buzzkill once again.

Skaba, December 16, 2009

Never will I be able to listen to Jane Fonda again without this visual burned into my mind..

spaz, December 16, 2009

I agree that it’s pretty piss weak to troll retards or autistic people. Chris Chan is a good example.

Anonymous, December 16, 2009

lol yeah that was ownage fucking with her the whole time.

hett, December 16, 2009

im lovin the go organic shirt.

Belle, December 16, 2009

Oh god. I only managed to watch 1:14 of that |: … SIIIICK.

anony, December 16, 2009

was he jacking off?

feminazi, December 16, 2009

lol that wasn’t ownage retards. and this is hella days old js.

Anonymous, December 16, 2009

She sounds like Cartman ahahaha

spaz, December 16, 2009


Holy. Fucking. Shit.

happybeingme, December 16, 2009

yeah im the one that mentioned her, i was asking for her stickam..


Anonymous, December 16, 2009

Oh my god, the ending. Her ass. >.<

Im traumatized.

Anonymous, December 17, 2009

oh my god

captainstevexxx, December 18, 2009

@spaz, whoa, wtf? why was she so pissed?

santanaCYANIDE, December 19, 2009

this is fucking disgusting.

Anonymous, December 21, 2009

Robin is the queen of Stickam. She’s done waaaay worse things than this (hot dog, anyone?). She knows she’s got a mental disorder, and she doesn’t give a shit. She’s happy being her and loves an audience. You go sisboo.

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