Hacked Admin Account Banning Users, Many Profiles Either Defaced, Erased, or Banned. 6 comments

Over the previous weekend, Stickam Admins, pedobears, and numerous other emo rejects were the target of a massive coordinated attack on the site as xXxtreme and T-lulZ combined efforts to completely takeover the site.

Hacked Admin Banning Users For LuLz Video A message was also sent through the hacked Stickam Admin to StickyDrama in stickam mail mocking the whole situation in a humorous way, while praising everyone’s beloved StickyDrama site.

GFQ Network hacked on Stickam last night 2 comments

Stickam has been having some major issues with hackers taking over peoples streams , banning them , kicking users and pretty much taking over the entire site. Last night I was on the GFQ Networks feed and it was totally Hijacked by the group of hackers ( Team Lolz) you could hear them talking about how they have taken over stickam and that these guys cant do anything about it . I have heard about StickyDrama because of the GFQ Network ( He said its one of his favorite sites to get crap on everyone) Thought it might be cool to submit this to you guys

Here is a screenshot of last night


Kiki Kannibal’s Stickam Hacked 52 comments

Kiki Kannibal, Stickam’s top-ranked female entertainer, was hacked this past weekend while she was sleeping.  She claims  “Zack Le Grand” did it because she had banned him from her Live.

The hacker was Live on Kiki’s account for about 30 minutes and a recording of the hack presently remains on her Stickam account.

Click here to watch it

@MatthewLush’s Twitter, YouTube, Store Hacked; @ConnorJon Denies Hack, Releases Shitty Song 34 comments


Somewhere on this godforsaken planet, there walks an angel.  An angel who had enough of spamgod Matthew Lush’s bullshit and decided to hack the bejesus out of his Twitter, YouTube and online store.  In a devastating blow, the avenging angel deleted all the spamgod’s YouTube videos.


StickyDrama first learned the glorious news this morning, but we were too busy puking our guts out from food poisoning after eating a bad burrito at chic West Hollywood hangout The Abbey. At least, we think it was the burrito.  Maybe it was our disgust at having to look at Lush’s used-up old kisser again.

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Lush, and his umpteen bajillion fugly flaming fans, bombarded the spamgod’s ubercutie ex-boyfriend ConnorJon with accusations that the blond beau was behind the hack.  Lush claims that Connor was the only person who knew the passwords to his accounts, besides the spamgod himself.


Connor, for his part, flat out denied any responsibility for the hack.  StickyDrama believes him, because if we didn’t believe Connor, that would imply Lush was being sincere for once, which is impossible.
Rubbing salt into the wound, Connor sent StickyDrama an embarrassingly horrible lovesong Lush apparently wrote for him, “Last Forever.” Not quite, Matthew, not quite.


Worth the Ban. 30 comments

I got bored and realized I had a manycam! I was kicked in seconds but atleast I gave kiki a painful reminder that everyone has seen that monster dick.




A glorious fuck you to Mr X 99 comments

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Is anyone else tired of this old wanna be scenester who likes to have boys jack off for him on Stickam rubbin his mother fucking nose in shit that he has no business?

This nosy old cunt likes to butt into EVERYTHING and try to up-stand people by taking his faux moral high ground with his preachy bullshit!

GET OVER YOURSELF HOLY FUCK.  That trailer your living in with your highspeed connection needs to be pushed into the the motherfucking ocean.

Kiki influencing Dakota.. In a good way. 23 comments

Kiki hugging some guy with a cigarette pack in his front pocket, (Though she hates smokers and doesn’t associate with such people) and Ryan, AKA Wolfie, Kiki’s man, in the background.

I bet Mama Kannibal took this picture though. (;

casipavaoxx 7 months preggers! No comments

well i had my fun…..time to find someone new to troll, if you saw the story grats if you didnt sucks for you

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