@ChrisHollywood1 Quitting BVB? 50 comments

I may be behind on this news…but I just saw a bulletin from amor about it.


anyone know why?

oh and is it just me, or does he look like a girl in this picture?


@ChrisCrocker and @MimiPlastique V.S. “The Clique” 41 comments

A recent issue between internet crybaby Chris Crocker and Tobii Metro surfaced a couple days ago. Chris Crocker knowing that Tobii Metro was friends with his ex-bff Billie Carol invited him to a skype conversation with a couple of his “irl” friends and a few internet buddies. Chris Crocker then proceeded to carry out a conversation with Tobii about our little star Billie Carol, calling her various names.

After Chris had called her a “Tiny Toon,” a “Baby Genius”, and a “Special 14-year-old with an oversized brain” he then asked for Tobii’s Myspace page, after receiving it he then looked at his top friends and said “Tobii, I like you but I don’t like your friends, you need to stop talking to anybody and everybody.” After a few comments about some people living at StickyHouse he moved on to other subjects.

A couple days later Tobii and Chris ceased all means of communication, which brings us to the nasty encounter. Tobii, who had heard of Mimi Plastique from Chris, saw that one of his close friends Frenchie had been going into a Mimi Plastique’s Tinychat chatroom. He didn’t hesitate to go in and see what Mimi was all about ,so he saddled up and entered the Tinychat. After a couple days vacation was over.

Chris Crocker then entered the chatroom containing Mimi, several of her friends, and Tobii. He wasn’t very happy about it, then Harry and Jay The Bi God had entered the room upon Tobii’s request in all innocence. Harry continued to provoke Chris calling him a “Dirty blanket sniffing tranny” and a bunch of other derogatory words. Chris finally snapped, proceeding to get pissed off at Harry, and Tobii after he asked him a question. Screaming on microphone “You know why I don’t wanna talk to you and your CLIQUE” he continued to call Tobii and his friends the “Scum of the internet, “the lowest of the low”, “the friends with hackers clique.”

Tobii in all confusion of Chris’ anger towards him decided to leave him alone. Harry continued to poke fun at the popular cry baby while Mimi made a speech about everyone being equal, when Chris had enough he felt he needed to call Mimi herself to resolve this problem. Mimi then made ANOTHER speech on how Chris and herself could ruin their lives with a youtube video. After the long and boring Mimi talk, Harry, Tobii, and Jay were banned from Mimi’s tinychat. Tobii then proceeded to tweet about Chris’ two-faced behavior, about him making allegations, and assuming that because Tobii Metro was friends with these people he must be exactly like them.

In response to one of Harry’s tweets on September 30th Chris had this to say for himself “@yrrahetc i culd clown u clearly but i wont u must take it 2 heart when i dont like ur troublemaking frends in MY frends room.” quickly deleting the tweet in fear that people would find out about his insecurities.

xoxo, Gossip Girl.







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Happy 3000th — Saralovers was real?! No comments

Its a pleasure to announce that this is the 3000th Post in the trenches of MyDrama.  Your one and only daily stop for utter bullshit and hateful posts!  Happy reading!

Thought I would whip out some vintage drama for ya’ll.  Some may recall the February post about the non-camming smoking hottie Saralovers.  This post sent her into a pretty funny rage.  After the post she stopped coming on stickam.  Her profile shows her last login on Feb 18th.  She’s still all up on her myspace.

I saw hottie Johnny Chaos go live and had to jump in and ask him about it all because she was claiming they were dating when he was away for awhile (boot camp?).  To my surprise he attested to the fact that Saralovers WAS a real girl and he met her in person and the girl in the pictures IS her.

But once again he had no proof to show.  No pictures at all of him with someone who was his effin girlfriend.

I cant settle for that… therefore the jury is still out on this one in my book.  Doesnt matter anyhow – she fell off the interwebz.

Moving on.

Center for Lollatology <3

LizLoveLust vs. GayGod 10 comments

It would seem Liz has finally found her gateway to the e-fame she so desperately craves.  After the first post about her, regarding her boyfriend, she realized that she could suddenly get people to pay attention to her after being a self-proclaimed but much ignored “internet celebrity.”  She’s done all the right things to become so: posted revealing and whorish pictures, made ‘friends’ with other e-celebs, stirred up drama among her friends, posted bulletins about how she’s being relentlessly harassed, and even made a stickam account.  However, she’s boring, lives in Minnesota, and has absolutely no appeal.  That’s why she posted on stickydrama about herself; she wants attention.

Here’s the most recent update in the ‘feud.’


This is the comment:



His points are all valid except one: she never was anything special and therefore cannot be a has-been.  She once put up a poll asking how famous people thought she was.  She got such an overwhelming response to “not famous at all” that she removed the survey after a week.  

At least there’s more real drama now, and not just a bunch of lame-ass self-promos and nudes of no one important.

No more Self posts or Else…. No comments

No more Self-Posts or else…..

We don’t care how awesome someone is or how slutty someone is…unless it’s a hot girl with big boobs…then I personally don’t mind..

Yes, that’s really me holding a gun to my cats head…having an Associates degree in Criminal Justice has it’s advantages.

Lush and Connor Come to a Screeching Halt 20 comments

Perceptive people in Johnny Boy’s live last night may have picked up on some tension between Lush and Connor.  When the CFL shut off the lights for the night we knew something was amiss, but never thought we would wake up to such news.

A relationship thick with immaturity, competitiveness and wonderful vanity; we watched Lush and Connor build a mansion on sand so to speak, and the lack of foundation was visible today.  The shaky relationship is reportedly over as the two made it known by plurking their pain away today.

Reports have been coming in that it was Connor who called off the relationship.  Some people are smelling lies and a possible stunt.  We will just have to watch Lush’s Myspace since that is his official online representation.  The many pictures of the two will be coming down off the page.  We have already seen Connor make his new top friend Chris Crocker.  D:

Its worth noting that we predicted in past articles both that Connor was using Lush and that this relationship was doomed for destruction.  However should it be true, should it really be over then allow the CFL to express our emotions through a small commemorative video:

Update: Details emerging… read more.

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