StickyDrama Has a New Look 30 comments

It’s been a year since StickyDrama moved to Los Angeles, and so we thought it was high time to get some plastic surgery!  We hope our readers love the new look, navigation and features as much as we do.  After a 3-year-old love affair with the WordPress theme Velle Elle, we felt that it was time to say adieu to the old gal.  Goodbye, old StickyDrama theme … *sniff* … at least we’ll always have John.

We ask our readers to please bear with us as we iron out all the little bugs.  We are aware of several issues, including the present inability to comment.  This will all be fixed very soon.  If you have a pressing concern or brilliant suggestion, mention @StickyDrama on Twitter or email us.

Can’t View On Sidekicks Or T-Mobile Phones? Follow These 3 Simple Steps to Fix It! 1 comment

Good Idea, @ShaneDawson 25 comments

Thank Shane Dawson for giving StickyDrama a nifty idea.

Wouldn’t everyone’s life be PERFECT is our favorite e-celebs couldn’t delete away their mistakes?  If there were some permanent record of all the immature, hot-headed, overly emotional idiocies they tweet and then, when sanity returns, delete?

Hello perfection:  Our Tweets page imports tweets from the top 10 biggest e-celebs and posts them here, every 15 minutes.  While we cannot import a tweet that was deleted almost immediately after it was made, the posted tweet remains here once it has been imported.  If an e-celeb doesn’t delete his or her tweet within 15 minutes, then it’s here forever!  Furthermore, StickyDrama users can comment the tweet itself, without having to screencap it and post it in MyDrama.  This new feature will probably make acquiring and posting new content quicker and eaiser for everyone, both administrators and users of this blog.

Clarity On A Fake Sticky E-Mail Account 3 comments

The e-mail “” has been causing some drama lately among frequent stickydrama users, claiming to be Christopher Stone. Well … people weren’t sure if it was really him or not, but now it is confirmed to be a fake.

Now That’s Interesting! 24 comments

I know I shouldn’t have done it, but I took a break from regularly perusing I had become shell-shocked by the mind numbingly banal posts of Chris Goss. Well, it only took me about five minutes to get back up to speed and I have to say that reading over a full week of the mydrama posts has fueled me with the high octane motivation I need to come off the ropes swinging with this shocking revelation.

I have owned three blow dryers in my adult life. The fact is though, I have never used them on my hair. No, not even the fur on my back. I am a creature of comfort, so in the winter time when my toilet seat is chilly, I use the blow dryer to heat the seat. I insist on sitting when I pee, so I’m sure this increases the gravity of this story for you all. I hope this hasn’t kept any of you from rereading all of Chris Goss’ posts and reflecting on their profound implications on your life and the world around you.

I hope this post shows my new found understanding of what this site is all about now.

Update Your MyDrama Bookmarks and Passwords 3 comments


StickyDrama just underwent a major upgrade.  The site now runs better than ever, but an unavoidable consequence was that all MyDrama authors must obtain new passwords.  Go to the WordPress login/register and click “Lost your password.”

Also, the web address for MyDrama has changed, so update your bookmarks!  The new Mydrama address is:

Reset Your Passwords 8 comments


StickyDrama underwent a major upgrade this weekend. Several sloppy installations of WordPress were consolidated into one; little bugs here and there were fixed too.

MyDrama authors have to update their passwords.  Go to the WordPress login and click “Lost your password.”

Geoffrey Paris & HBO. No comments

If anyone can remember (back in the old stickam days) when Geoffrey Paris ruled the “scene.”

and “scene kidz” was a top myspace hit..

During the whole FTW. and the FTH battle..

Between stickams biggest entertainers..

and the stickam newbie entertainers..

-john hocks ftw gang-

Well, geoffrey was all the talk about his upcoming HBO special..

and first music video for the song “scene Kidz”

The video was made.



Nothing was ever said about the outcome of the largely talked about HBO Special…

Geoffrey hasnt spoken about it..

Nor’ has any of “The Beauty School Dropouts”

So its left to you to decide what happend!!

Geoffrey has just added the Video to his Youtube.

Which was suppose 2 been released back near December or Feb.

He has also added photos from the shoot onto his myspace account.

Does this mean that we’re finally gonna get a facesmack return from the Amzing Geoffrey Paris?

@least i hope so!

Geoffrey Paris scene kidz Video.

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