Another Death On Stickam No comments

He may have not been as known as the late Ian Vuitton, but we have lost another soul.

Rest in Peace Gibson

I do not know any of the details of his death.

EDIT: Im deleted none relevent comments and disrespectful ones.
If you didnt likeĀ Gibson or didn’t know him please do not comment this post. Have some respect.

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hankypanky, February 8, 2009


this is driving me crazy

you can only mourn so much!


“sceney” boppers…


do me n u’ll feel better


johnhock69, February 8, 2009


Wowzerz., February 8, 2009

I was very good friends with him. Clive Gibson Puget, I miss him so much :(

o, February 8, 2009

ok now this is just ridiculous all due to respect to his families ect, but death is the new hello kitty.

stapler, February 8, 2009

how did he die?

AN0NKiLLA, February 8, 2009

reply to o
only two people who passed away recently have been reported on this website.
please explain to me how that would make death the new hello kitty?
107 people die every minute. come on now.

o, February 8, 2009

if you lurk enough, 3-4 other people have said “blah blah” have died.
that is if the posts havent been deleted.

now thats not to say most are probably fake.

maysie., February 8, 2009

aww, i talked to him a few times. he was really sweet. :[

marshmallow, February 8, 2009

ian vuitton died to get more famous . lol

hankypanky, February 8, 2009



freeeeaky shitlets

i didnt know tht!

Anonymous, February 8, 2009

^^ for real? or are you kidding?

hankypanky, February 8, 2009

no im fo cereal…

i thought everyone was joking


i feel bad now…


!diorable.kittie, February 8, 2009

ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME! OMFG! SERIOUSLY FUCK! i cant take this anymore….ian now gibson. life is kicking my ass.

!diorable.kittie, February 8, 2009

…sorry for freaking out. rip gib. :,( miss the starbucks :/

Anonymous, February 8, 2009


!diorable.kittie, February 8, 2009

suicide? :,(

robbyam, February 8, 2009


kaitlyn curbstomp, February 8, 2009

wow, is this serious? clive was one of my first friends on here, and a real good one at that. rest in peace. everyones gone so young D; <3

Anonymous, February 8, 2009

Gibson Puget? Any relations to that guy from AFI or am I retarded?

AN0NKiLLA, February 8, 2009

Only retards will fake their death
and people that pass dont get more famous, they just get remembered and friends get together and talk about how much they’ll miss them, memories with them, ect.
Noone will ever get famous by faking their death, they’ll just get more people to hate them.

Mr.X, February 8, 2009

Hey author do us all a favor and delete the hateful comments.

hankypanky, February 8, 2009

On one of my more serious notes…
If he is dead, I hope he’s resting peacefully…
If he’s alive and just pulling an e-stunt…
GOOD! Because no life should be lost that young.

matt, February 9, 2009

OMG. He was suuuuuuch a nice guyyyy, I’m in shock. I’ll miss you and that hole in your wall that you refused to fix :(
RIP <333

Anon, February 9, 2009

It wasn’t suicide.
And as relation to the AFI guy.

You would have had to ask him.

Anonymous, February 9, 2009

Yes he was Jade Puget’s brother.

Anonymous, February 9, 2009

Gibson Clive H. A. Puget

Anonymous, February 9, 2009

according to Wikapedia…Jade has a half-sister- Alishea, a half-brother named Gibson, and a younger brother named Smith, who is also AFI’s Tour Manager. Gibson appears in the poem in the beginning of This Time Imperfect on the CD Sing The Sorrow.

!diorable.kittie, February 9, 2009

:( i wish it was all a joke.

Nicoke, February 9, 2009

his page says he logged in on 2/9/09


Wowzerz., February 9, 2009

It says he logged in today, Anon, because Jade is now in charge of all of Gibson’s internet accounts (myspace, stickam, ect.) If you were smart enough to read his myspace and actually talk to Jade yourself, you would know that.

Anonymous, February 9, 2009

I’m just confused at how Jade could find the time to watch the grammys and post on his blog about it if his brother just died? Very confusing.

Maya Louis, February 9, 2009

Nooo seriously!
is he really gone?
I don’t know him that much , but I’ve talked to him a few times longtime ago
rip Gibson

BreDiamondz, February 9, 2009

rest in peace child D:

caitlin_carnivore, February 9, 2009

this seriously has to be a joke clive was one of my first friends on stickam we got reallyc lose he was my nugget and i was his broccoli and over thetime we floated apart besides a few twitter conversations this reallycant be true

Anonymous, February 9, 2009

Keep them coming emos.

OHNOsid, February 9, 2009


Anonymous, February 10, 2009

sorry dude

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