Happy Birthday RichardHeartStealer!! 20 comments


It’s been 13 months that you’ve spent behind bars for raping a 14 year old girl and videotaping yourself fucking an unconscious, underage girl. Hope your second birthday in jail is as fun as your first!


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Anonymous, July 15, 2010


XCoolx, July 15, 2010

hahaha! More info please!

raecakes, July 15, 2010

lmfao. yess.

Anonymous, July 15, 2010

ha didnt ever know he was in jail

…….., July 15, 2010

lol who the f*ck is him?

Anonymous, July 15, 2010

how long did he get?

Anonymous, July 15, 2010

haha I wonder h0ow many tmes he was raped his first day in the slammer. lol

Anonymous, July 15, 2010

wait hes on Myspace all the time? how is that if hes in jail?

Anonymous, July 15, 2010

there is no possible way hes on myspace all the time. his last login date was 6/5/2009. he was arrested 6/6/2009

and he hasnt been sentenced yet.

if you want updates on his trial its here


search Richard Chaney

if you want updates on his jail status its


search Richard Chaney

Anonymous, July 15, 2010

he doesnt look like hed be into girls [from his pic]

Anonymous, July 15, 2010

He looks like he doesn’t need to rape girls, that they’re willing to give it up to him anytime.
STILL, look at him, i bet he’s somebody’s bitch in jail right now x) ah, sweet justice.

Anonymous, July 15, 2010

but his court date was in june, how could he not be sentenced by now?

Anonymous, July 15, 2010

hes been going through pretrial for the last 7 months or so. he sees the judge every 6 weeks or so. he has another date with the judge tomorrow!

Anonymous, July 16, 2010

omg, wtf??

xD, July 16, 2010

he pleaded not guilty?

Anonymous, July 16, 2010

of course lol. im sure he will get a plea bargan from the DA and get a few years.

if you read the articles they have evidence and he confessed bby

Anonymous, July 17, 2010

to anon @ 2:34 This guy used to go on stickam and beg girls to private and bate for him constantly then blackmail them he was a huge pedo, but unlike most stickam pedos he was dumb enough to do it irl too lol fag got what he deserved

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