Brian Silva, #GRATATA Vine Star And Gay Porn Star, Arrested For Abduction 1 comment

Brian Silva was arrested this past weekend for abduction and being a felon in possession of a firearm.


Silva is known for being a wannabe rapper whose catchphrase “gratata” set Vine on fire:

Nobody was too surprised when word got out that Silva had also performed in gay porn. (He had the tendency to mention his “big dick” a lot.)


FYI, Brian: Gay porn and gangsta rap don’t mix.

Hunter Moore Receives Much Lighter Sentence Than Kevin Bollaert 1 comment


This year saw dramatically different conclusions to the criminal cases against two so-called revenge porn websites, the now-defunct IsAnyOneUp and the lesser-known UGotPosted, both of which were operated in California.

A federal judge recently sentenced Hunter Moore to two-and-a-half years of prison and a fine of $2000, plus $150 in restitution to one victim. The 29-year-old Sacramento, California man operated the defunct site IsAnyoneUp, which became a byword for so-called revenge porn. However, Moore was not charged under California’s revenge porn statute; instead, he was charged under hacking-related statutes (identity theft and unauthorized computer access).

Moore’s sentence was astonishingly lenient in light of the sentence imposed on Kevin Bolleart. Bolleart, a 27-year-old resident of San Diego, operated, which was lesser-known than Moore’s notorious site. But unlike Moore, Bolleart was prosecuted in a California state court and was charged under more serious extortion statutes. The court in that case handed Bolleart a whopping sentence of 18 years plus a fine in the amount of $450,000.

While IsAnyoneUp enjoyed a much larger audience and consequently inflicted far more harm to a larger number of victims than UGotPosted, Bollaert received the harsher sentence for his practice of charging a fee to remove the images on his site–hence the extortion charges. Bollaert’s prosecution might also have been politically motivated by California Attorney General Kamala Harris, who touted the conviction as part of a tough-on-cybercrime platform.

Ariel Shay’s Hypocritical Pictures 73 comments

Ariel Shay’s Model Mayhem Declaration is a bit contradictory to her pictures, don’t you think?
“I am NOT available for:
Nude work
Swim Wear
Bondage ”

Dahvie Vanity of @botdfmusic Kisses Underage Girl 95 comments

On his facebook he was tagged by some chick nd i was like okaaaay. Then i lurkd a littl and noticed she is in the class of 2013..that makes her like what 15!?!?!

BOTH Kannibal Sisters Appear on Same Porn Site 23 comments

While e-celebs turning to porn is nothing new, the appearance of BOTH underage Kannibal sisters on the same porn site is quite unusual. Kiki is still 17 and Kota must be only 15 or 16.

YouTube Scandalized by, Removes Raunchy 7-Year-Olds’ Dance Routine 62 comments

A YouTube video uploaded last week has already racked up almost 2 million views—probably because it features five 7-year-old girls performing a “Single Ladies” dance routine that would make Madonna blush.

StickyDrama figured the controversy would get the video pulled from YouTube, so we screen-recorded a copy.  Go fuck yourselves, Google; click the above thumbnail to watch, dear readers.

The so-called World of Dance routine took place in the usually sleepy Los Angeles suburb of Pomona, about an hour East of StickyHouse in downtown LA.  Throughout the video, StickyDrama gasped along with the crowd, not because the girls’ dance moves were impressive (which they were, no argument there, the routine was technically skillful in our opinion) but because they’re practically clapping their pussy-lips for a live audience.

As our readers watch the video, please keep in mind these girls are 7 years old.  SEVEN.  StickyDrama would like to know whether these girls’ parents received child-rearing advice from Cathy Ostrenga, who is also known to whore out her minor daughter.

wannabe SG site 30 comments

ahahah this is pathetic!

You have a few ‘so called’ models taking amature pictures of themselves in there panties or nude.
it’s not even tasteful it’s basically just softcore porn. Congrats, you made another site for nasty old pedo men to beat there meat to late at night.

Get High Till Ya Die. 20 comments

This is Elizabeth Comeaux compulsive liar/slut/druggie/flake/ex raver/generic model (mediocre)/wannabe celebrity.

she will blow your dick like a fattie!.

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic

saggy boobs are a most.

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