@JayyVonMonroe & @BOTDFmusic Parody Jessi Slaughter 64 comments

[Sticky’s note:  This video is not so lulzy because of Jay and Dahvie’s performances, as because of the context.  Our readers will recall that this apparently national controversy began as a MyDrama post reporting an allegedly unlawful relationship between Dahvie and Jessi; Jessi is (or probably now WAS) a fan of BOTDF and has appeared on video wearing BOTDF merchandise. Is this video an attempt by BOTDF to gain national media exposure by inserting themselves more prominently into the controversy?  WELL DUH!  StickyDrama knows all about that game, lol.]

Sorry if you guys are tired about that Jessi Slaughter girl, but I just thought this video was hilarious.


Will @SouthPark Skewer Copper Cab Tonight? 19 comments

Tonight, we learn the fate of the internet’s most famous ginger, Copper Cab.

South Park seized the above video–which has over 4 million views–and made an impressive 3D spoof of it, replacing Copper Cab with a gingerfied Cartman.

No one knows whether the entire episode will be a swipe at Copper Cab, or whether that was done only for the commercial.  We’ll be watching to see how it turns out.

Thanks to the suckable DankDean for sending this tip in!


The Scene Jersey Shore @JennJennx3 @ItsJoeLo @SammiSyke @RachelMuffinNJ @VeronicaNJ @Jessie_Agape @MathewAlexandre @RanyBearNJ11 62 comments

scenenj.jpg picture by ohmyshix

The SCENE KIDS of New Jersey

JennJenn, Joe-Lo, SammiSyke, Rachel Muffin, Veronica, (BOO) Jessie Agape, Mathew Alexander, RyanBear

They dont go (GTL) Gym, Tanning, Laundry.
They go (MTM) Mall, Teasing, Make Up.

They go around bragging that their from NJ and think their so cool.
But no one cares.

My hump, my hump, my lovely manly lumps! 10 comments

The auto friend adding, mormon, midget is hardly ever on cam. But when he graces the world with his tubby presence, he likes nothing more than to chat topless and bust out a few moves to camp tunes. He certainly is the [Bo$$] – of what I’m not entirely sure.

*Warning* Any girls who view this may become wet. I’m a dude and I became wet… through vomiting on myself repeatedly.

Macho man, work that body

marilyn manson + jeffree star = 11 comments

this guy [benjamin everette] added me today, and i looked at his pics, and the first thing that came to my mind was…

if marilyn manson and jeffree star had a baby….this is what it would more than likely look like!!!!

here’s his myspace – http://www.myspace.com/9554435

TheCupcakeWhore 12 comments


This Lovely person is Amy She’s live in New Jersey

She Seems To think she is the hottest thing.

She starts drama with everybody.

She’s the fakest person in New Jersey.

She hates John Hock so much b of the shit you heard from other people.

She is a closet lesbo and her brother sucks dick.

She tells everybody how bad her parents are to her and they arn’t.

She needs to be sent away to a mental ward i think.

Warning:If this girl adds you on myspace or stickam don’t add bc she will just put all your business out there make you look bad and nobody needs that shit.


my thoughts on emo chicks…in song format No comments

thought i’d give my opinion about emo girls in a song format





lol, so yeah here’s a little rap i did on what i think about little crocker and j-star


Chris Motha Fuckin Goss

click the link to listen!!!


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