@JayyVonMonroe & @BOTDFmusic Parody Jessi Slaughter 64 comments

[Sticky’s note:  This video is not so lulzy because of Jay and Dahvie’s performances, as because of the context.  Our readers will recall that this apparently national controversy began as a MyDrama post reporting an allegedly unlawful relationship between Dahvie and Jessi; Jessi is (or probably now WAS) a fan of BOTDF and has appeared on video wearing BOTDF merchandise. Is this video an attempt by BOTDF to gain national media exposure by inserting themselves more prominently into the controversy?  WELL DUH!  StickyDrama knows all about that game, lol.]

Sorry if you guys are tired about that Jessi Slaughter girl, but I just thought this video was hilarious.


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___s, July 17, 2010

those talentless fucks BOTDF aren’t getting more fame Jessi Slaughter is

Anonymous, July 17, 2010

i actually laughed my ass off
first i felt bad but then i saw her other videos saying
she is all that
and then i questioned her parents and now im just like you want the attention you got it. Sad she had to learn the hard way maybe one day she will realize what she has done

Anonymous, July 17, 2010

way to go anon @2:22
10/10, would lol again.

Anonymous, July 17, 2010

I don’t really think a band with music as crap as Botdf’s can afford to make fun of their fans.

Anonymous, July 17, 2010

Who wears their own band tees?

Anonymous, July 17, 2010

This video = epic win.

secret admirer, July 18, 2010

AGREED WITH ANON 10:54PM… what the hell..

xliquidsugarx, July 18, 2010

ahahahaha jessies father is ron jeremy!

Sweetty, July 18, 2010

HahahH I love Dahvie and Jayy that video is so fuking epic! They need to make more videos <3
blood on the dance floor is the best band ever!!!! Hahaha you dun goofed!!! I love it!

Anon, July 18, 2010

Haha anons called hookers on craigslist to come over there house

Master Anon, July 18, 2010

She claimed that Davhie raped her, I think it’s pretty justified that they make fun of her.
Shut the fuck up, it’s pretty sad you feel the need to insult them.
I hope that Jessi bitch kills herself

Meg, July 20, 2010

Wow. I don’t give a shit about Jessi Slaughter, her family, or her wellbeing. But this video was just pathetic. Pathetic in that it wasn’t funny in the least. Pathetic in that these two insist on pretending they’re relevent. Their music is some of the stupidest shit I have ever heard, and I’ve heard a lot of shit. I love the generic fangirl comeback: “You’re just hating because it’s too different for you to handle!” (And I think I’m giving them a lot of credit on the grammar there. This shit can’t begin to qualify as different. It’s a carbon copy of almost every single other myspace band out there today, and it deeply saddens me that we live in a society where anyone could mistake this as “something different.” A lot of young, cocky kids need some music lessons.

As for “Dahvie” and “Jayy,” these fuckers are in their twenties. Last time I checked twentysomethings were adults with adult responsibilities. And last time I checked it was generally frowned upon for adults to pick on children. These guys are old enough to be Jessi’s teacher. They need to seriously develop some maturity. I’m not going to say anything about their looks or faces cause, uhm, I’m pretty sure that ugly shit speaks for itself. And it’s not the issue here.

As for Jessi, she’s an 11 year old girl. I personally couldn’t care less about her. But her actions cause a lot less facepalming than those of these two guys. Honestly, the herpes of music.

Oh, and fangirls, btw. Never defend something by saying “it’s too different than you and you’re scared!” The majority of us have seen coprophilia, beheadings, and black metal. This shit is tame as apple pie and just a sad imitation of the Medic Droid (god, remember the pathetic “Fer Sure”), Marilyn Manson, and the Club Kids.

Anonymous, July 20, 2010

^ Cool story, bra.

Anonymous, July 21, 2010

^^ lol @ moral fag

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