Watch Out For: DAVID OVERDOSE 16 comments

so this boy named: David Wilson (David Overdose).

you guys better watch out, this boy gets around a lot.
he’s a compulsive liar and a whore.
check his arms: aids is written all over it.

oh and if you see him try not to look at him, he might burn your eyes.

the REAL Diana Dagger 33 comments

So theres this ugly as fuck,sausage tittied,wannabe scene queen from yuma az

her name is DiAnNA DaGgEr~~~*


she wears cheap as shit hot topic extensions,has a squidward nose,and talks about having money and being glamorous but she cant even afford photoshop or a decent camera.

she also wears this disgusting hannah montanna wig

and talks about how everywhere she goes people stare at her.

yeah hun,maybe its because you walk around like A MOTHER FUCKIN CLOWN!

her mother doesnt even love her enough to tell her she looks like a fuckin clown prosty

she dresses like this for attention and she doesnt even go to shows or support the scene.

she also tries to start shit with all the REAL scene kids who actually go to shows and have friends.

she makes her own fakes and scene queen videos on the internet


she acts all tough and shit but she cant even back her shit up

she hasnt gotten the memo that scene is dead and she should stop buying all her clothes in the clearance section of hot topic

shes just generic mexican wannabe scene trash whose gonna end up nowhere.

@natalievans: The nobody who will steal your bf girls. 28 comments

This girl is Natalie Evans.

Earlier, I though she was a sweet innocent girl that I’ve seen on a fake myspace page passing as “Kristin Khaotic”. But in reality, I’ve done some research about this “myspace sweetheart”, and she turns out to be just another Hanna Beth. Natalie or how she prefers to be called, “Ali” Evans, is a band promoter (groupie more like it) and she hosts a TV show or so she claims. She lives in NJ (figures) and hangs out with a bunch of local bands to “help them”. “me and her dated for about a yr n god, she was such a bitch, she is bipolar as fuck i cant stand her” says one of her recent ex- bf’s. She can swear she is internet famous bt she really isn’t. The only way she will get famous is when she starts doing “STD/AIDS” commercials. She is such a bitch, I tried talking to her and all she could say was “You have a bf?” like how desperate can you be girl?

She twitters about nothing literally, she is a nobody trying to be someone, example: Mary Massacre, Brookelle Bones and all those other people trying to be famous via myspace and whoring themselves. Natalie, give up. You will not get anywhere by sucking famous people’s dicks. And to add more, this whore was ENGAGED, yes, ENGAGED. She was telling everyone about it one day in her stickam chatroom (which she never logs on anymore, unless she has a new one) who the hell would ever get married to this girl? I know I wouldn’t and so shouldn’t you. Do I feel bad for her? Honestly, yes. She needs help, she is obese and her face is horrible. Natalie, or should I say “Ali”, there is such things as surgeries to fix that huge nose of yours and that face that makes you look like a camel. Fix yourself, then take some nudes and post them up “accidentally” all over your myspace, you whore. This is a fail post but I could care less, I just wanted people to know how this bitch can be before you even talk to her, believe me, waste of time. And she claims she is a virgin…you judge that youself. STOP PHOTOSHOPPING YOURSELF THAT MUCH, god I don’t even know how you face the outside world without your photoshop. Put some clothes on whore, I love you fucking whore =]

See The Resemblance? 19 comments

First off, they’re both on meth, they have shitty hair and make-up, & they both have the habit of going out looking like shit and high out of their minds.

Maybe they can they can meet up in the Valley and do meth together!

Fail post, whateves.

[Sticky’s note:  This is a perfect example of when to use the “just sayin” category:  When you’re comparing or noting a similarity between an online character to an IRL person or whatever.  Use the “twins” category to compare two similar-looking online characters.  JS.]


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@AhmieLobes only looks good on his myspace ;] 2 myspace pics the rest the real fatty! 83 comments

The real ahmie! He only looks good on myspace ;] Girls beware trust me you don’t wanna meet this fat shrimp… You mite scream and run away when you see him! He’s not only short and fat in real life! But his teeth are gross and yellow…
& he will try and fuck any girl that comes his way! He SCREAMS FOR A STD!


Now for the real ahmie
AHHHHH! Photobucket

Do u wax your brows? :0 Photobucket





I’ve had enough of her. 43 comments

Okay, if you think this is a self-post okay, I’m done giving a fuck who you guys think I am. Honestly, I have WAYYY more self-respect for myself than this girl.

Okay seriously!? Some people are un-fucking-believable.
How “low” can you go, anyone? Oh not a dance, self-esteem wise.

(Full photo)
Took me a minute for it to sink in that she REALLY just put that she has Herpes as a caption for a Myspace photo.

Don’t know if she’s on drugs, or WTF she’s seriously doing posting these fucking pictures. How embarassing.

(Full photo)

(Full photo)
Oh yes, she just did.

Okay the story behind this girl, is that she’s a total and complete liar. Either that or her nationality, name, age, and height/weight just happens to change alot.

She’s really pretty, and interesting and nice, sure.
but She lies SO much it’s crazy. I’m not even kidding.

Her name used to be Ashlina Rodriguez back when I first added her. She faked a pregnancy.. (out of the blue she stopped talking about babies and deleted my comment asking her about it) Later on there was a picture of a little girl claiming it was hers, that was also taken down after a while.

Her nationality was: German, Afri American, White, Spanish, and Jap. Some crap like that, she likes to change it to just Black, White and Jap, and just different combinations pop up it’s like WTF is your real nationality!? Why does she have to lie like that??

Her height goes from 5’0-5’3.
Oh and her name was Ashlee Monroe, Ashley McKenzie.. etc.
Really it’s funny to watch her switch crap up and spit so much BS.

I’m wondering if anyone else knows her and notices.

I’m not a “jealous hater,” I’m just keeping it absolutely real. (obviously something she can’t do..)

I would post her link so you guys could see her change her crap for yourselves, but I really don’t want this to seem like a self-post.

Just thought I’d baffle you guys with this bullshit because really, I’m sitting here like WTF!? LMAO Who would put so much disgusting personal shit out there??
She has 4,000 friends come on now, it’s gross and makes her seem like a skank.

(& Don’t tell me to delete her, having her as a friend is too entertaining)

Oh Poor @BarbieBullshit 6 comments

This made me lol

Maybe not looking like a slut would help.

Oh and whats makes her think she’s not a nasty girl?
Btw, nice dp huh..

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