Tyler Torture is…dead?! No comments

Friday night Tyler was on stickam and he kept crying and talking about how him and his fiance’ had just broken up and he didn’t know what to do cause his entire life revolved around the boy he was dating. then he was talking about how he really just wanted to die which sounded retarded and everyone was like “tyler, your not gonna do anything. just calm down”….then he showed a bottle of pills that he had gotten from, well I think it was from where he had surgery recently or something like that but yeah, he showed the bottle and turned out that it was a bottle of hydros. then a little while after that he ended up taking the entire bottle of pills, ON CAMERA! he eventually started acting really weird and his eyes started closing and he was dozing off and stuff. and after a while he ended up laying down and talking to people with his eyes closed and he was stuttering allot he wasn’t making any sense. (so you all know, this didn’t all happen all at once. he was live for about 9 hours)

But yes, he was doing all that and he started hyperventilating and shaking really bad. and crying like CRAZY! then he all of a sudden got off cam without saying anything and he hasn’t signed into his myspace since that night or posted any new things on any other sites so i don’t know…

At one time I thought it may have been fake but…we could all tell that it really wasn’t. It was actually quite scary to watch, and sad at the same time. I know for a fact that there were other people that were on cam in his live that started crying…there was some girl from Arizona who seemed really close to. I think they know each other or something?

So yeah, just thought I’d post something about that. Didn’t know if anyone knew anything or not? He didn’t just talk and cry about his recent break up though, he was talking about getting raped and his mother dying and a bunch of other crazy shit too.


Depressing stuff.

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Anonymous, February 8, 2009

he signed onto stickam sat night
unless it was the holy ghost

o, February 8, 2009

with all due respect, is dying like scene now?

Anonymous, February 8, 2009

plus, there’d be caps or something. i mean, nine hours with no one capping?

Anonymous, February 8, 2009

Am I suppose to feel sorry for some pathetic emo who is that emotionally weak? Oh noes! She broke it off. It’s the end of the world!

Anonymous, February 8, 2009

OMFG give it a break. The Kid does anything for publicity,even suck a dick.

JessicaRawr, February 8, 2009


Yet again….InspireDesire…*cough* I mean Tyler….*cough* magically knows this shit.

Lines like “well I think it was from where he had surgery recently or something like that but yeah” make me laugh.

Anonymous, February 8, 2009

good now if every othere scene kid would follow and off themselves

HieiLawliet, February 8, 2009

i dunno if he died, but i screen recorded some of it, ill post it later

Famousmike0528, February 8, 2009

well he was in my room friday night. so idk if this was b4 or after this. it was probably about 10pm so. 10 plus nine hours would be 7 in the morning. if someone really was going to do that on cam, why would they do it at those hours?

and to the first annoymoous comment, havent you noticed that the “last login” date is always one day more then the day it really was. like if he logged in friday night, it would say saturday.

ryanssohot, February 8, 2009

ian started a trend lol

joey_flare, February 8, 2009

thats fucked up dude ^^

johnhock69, February 8, 2009

damn copycats! dont worry ill be stayin alive for all of u my so called friends 😉

Mr.X, February 8, 2009

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Well if he is dead, then a dead man logged into his account 8 hours ago.

asdfg its calebb, February 8, 2009

LOL dying is the new way to get famous now.

how sad

ohai_lolol, February 8, 2009

“ian started a trend lol” faill ! Ian was an amazing guy, and for you caleb go fuck yourself,

Anonymous, February 8, 2009

death isnt something to joke about

La Diamond VM, February 8, 2009

ok …
1.death is not something to joke about

2. wtf “ryanssohot said, February 8th, 2009 at 12:14 pm ian started a trend lol” dude just stfu asshole

3.ok idk how true this but seriously is there any PROOF? because proof would help ya know instead of just posting a blog saying it happend tryi having something 2 prove ur not lying

iputtheeinrap, February 9, 2009

lololol it was the holy ghost

La Diamond VM, February 9, 2009

ok you people are so fucking childish for posting the fake ass shit he was live last night dumbass so if your gonna watse time posting bullshit have something to back your story up

Katrina-Loves-David, February 9, 2009

omfg! You guys dont need to be fuckin posting shit like this, even if you do think he is, you know if someone posted bullshit about me, and I’D READ IT!! that would REALLY REALLY fuckin hurt me escp if Im already depressed. So if you all “cared” you wouldnt fuckin post this, it upset Im sure alot of ppl who cared baout him too, I know it did me!!

La Diamond VM, February 9, 2009

i totally agree with you katrina people need to realize that they are not making entertainment out of these posts and saying Ian started a trend thats hella fucked up how would you feel if someone posted something saying your best friend or someone you REALLY care about died? you`d be pissed if it was a lie…..when i first read this i fucking cried my eyes out but then THANK GOD tyler went live around 10pm(west cost time) so i think you punk bitches need to grow the fuck up and go somewhere with your little 2 inchers


Katrina-Loves-David, February 9, 2009

Yea Krista, again I agreee with you too this ISNT funny, and not entertainment. Its cruel, and horrible.
Do you guys not understand how terrible death is?
Its nothing to start rumors about, and its not funny.
So grow up and thats coming from a fuckin 13 year old bitches.

Katrina-Loves-David, February 9, 2009

OH and I forgot one thing, btw just because he hadnt logged in for a few days DONT MEAN someones fuckin dead, ya know ITS THE INTERNET people HAS LIVES THEY DONT JUST SIT IN FRONT OF A COMPUTER SCREEN ALL FUCKIN DAY IDIOTS!!

bappy, February 10, 2009

Selfpost, failyou.

Anonymous, May 29, 2009

haha, he didn’t die.
I’m the “fiance” that broke up with him. Garrett’s my name.
but he most certainly did not die. all for attention. just like everything fucking else he does.

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