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As many know, the ability to use a hidden identity while posting on Mydrama is wonderful. This gives me the opportunity to write as I choose without the degrading comments and ignorant statements coming from the many spineless nobodies who lurk Stickydrama consistently.

Now for the original intent on my post. A small population of you know Stickam has changed drastically over the past four years, while a majority has seen Stickam change in small ways. For those who are part of the minority, this post will mean a lot more, and definitely make sense.

A common statement that I hear consistently amongst Stickam users is that the entertainers no longer truly have any entertainment value. Furthermore the mass majority is more content on being the greatest due to statistics, rather then proving your value through true entertainment.

Let me say this as well, Stickam has seen very few users actually blow their charts with impressive numbers. Now that does not mean because you know the ins and outs of Stickam and can create impressive numbers you are important. It does not take a person with a vast knowledge of the website to figure out that you can leave your player open for days and rack up your views.

But back to what I am trying to accomplish. Stickam in the present has completely lost its meaning, lost the true sense for what it was made for (no, I am not stating the pornographic dating site that some may be thinking of). Stickam four years ago was a site in which you could login to, and find a small group of people who truly were ready to talk. There was no rankings, there was no competition and there definitely no Hock-esk actions taking place.

Let me remind many of you what the Stickam I, and many others remember.

Let us take a ride back into the past of stickam, or as many call it, the best days.






These Stickam entertainers and moments were part of a great past, when Stickam was worth while. Sadly, only two or three of these entertainers at most even rarely make an appearance on the website nowadays. Feel free to talk your trash, say as you please and deface those that you choose, because most of you do not understand this, but for those that do, this makes a lot of sense.

The fact of the matter is that these people truly enjoyed coming onto stickam. They had no reason to compete for the top spot, they had no angst towards others and it was fun anytime of the day. The conversations between many lasted for hours, and the goings of each were outrageous, none of them cared how they appeared or what people thought. Unfortunately, it is no longer like this.

As well, if you have any suggestions of others that have made an impact or deserve their rightful spot, let me hear it.

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Ginnnyyy, July 2, 2009

I remember old Stickam. I first started coming onto Stickam because a friend of mine I had met over a message board told me about it so we could video chat. It became a large part of my life. Not because I have no life, but because I had all these friends all over the world and it was a good place for all of us to get into one place, where we could see one another. It really helped a lot of friendships grow that I never thought would get anywhere else. My best friend happens to live about fourty five minutes in Southern Western Ma, and I live in Central Western Ma. Her and I would go on every night because we could never see one another, and the nights I would sit up late talking to her, and many other people, to this day, almost four years later, that I am now extremely close with, were some of the best nights.
I’m rarely on Stickam anymore, I missed out a lot when Hock first started coming around. I have nothing to say about Kiki. I remember when she first got big on MySpace, and she was a cunt, to me, then as well. Lush was alright in the beginning, he was a sweet kid. When Johnny Boy first came along my friends and I would raid his room.

But I always came to Stickam and found interesting people. I would rarely get people coming in and asking for nudes or whipping their dicks out, nor did my friends. It wasn’t as raunchy and perverted as it is now. My favorite Stickam Entertainer from back when I had actually met on Stickydrama over a post about Lush. Gamble. Always hilarious and we would talk about everything. I wouldn’t expect anyone to know who he was, but he was an actual entertainer, in every sense of the word. He didn’t care about his views as much as he cared about entertaining the audience.

Now, I only go onto Stickam when Ownage goes live, and even then it’s a chore. With over 2,000 people in his room most nights, and everyone acting like an asshat, it’s very painful to watch the show.

It’s just how it is I guess. A lot of the old Sickam-ers have moved away because of the new people. It’s an entirely different generation in my mind. Stickydrama never needed a MyDrama section back then because it was about the entertainers. And now, MyDrama has turned into a self-promotion/high school drama space. And Stickydrama is everyday reporting some new news bullshit. It’s sad to me that basically the whole of the internet is becoming ruined by pre teen faggots who think they’re bad ass because they know how to type and surf MySpace and use a webcam.

I wish there was a way to filter out the oldfags from the newfags.

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