Happy 27th Birthday @AnthonyVanity 40 comments

Unemployed transsexual immigrant @AnthonyVanity turned 27 today!  Let’s take a moment to reflect on how Anthony has grown throughout the years.



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Eden Shizzle, April 20, 2010

happy bday anthony! <3

@kriswithak_, April 20, 2010

LOL YES! im going to lawl about this from now until i get to california and maybe a little after :-p love ya anthony<3

Steven Troye, April 20, 2010

Awhhh happy birthday baby! So fucking cute I love you :)

Anonymous, April 20, 2010

hate to be a downer, but apparently it took him 27 years to figure out how to not look stupid.

ps, happy birthday ha

Anonymous, April 20, 2010

i had no idea he was so fucking old…

Anonymous, April 20, 2010

wtf, he’s 27?!?!?!
i thought he was like 20!

marie, April 21, 2010

hmm i think it’s time to grow up…pathetic

christopher michael, April 21, 2010

27? i thought he was 12, wtf.
what is this i don’t even.
fooled me amferny vanerty.

Anonymous, April 21, 2010

Feliz Aniversario !

Anonymous, April 21, 2010

Oh jesus christ. He’s 27? You look like you’re playing make-believe. This also makes you look like an idiot.

lawl, April 21, 2010

what an ugly bastard

chrisgoss, April 21, 2010

Happy birthday negro! 😀

Chris Motha Fuckin Goss

wtf, April 21, 2010

LOL 27? What has he done with his life? absolutely fucking nothing? Good job. You have failed life.

Anonymous, April 21, 2010

really now…i think its time to grow up too!

cookiemotherfuckingclarke, April 21, 2010

birthday blowjobs?

shaniqua williams, April 21, 2010

hahaha guys, maybe he doesnt want to grow up because he doesn thave tooo!

hehaw, April 21, 2010

he used to comment on here all the time saying he’s “built an empire” by creating SD… but SD would be nothing without chris’ writing skills. also – i am so glad his real age is public bc he is all over craigslist saying he is 19 and apparently wishes he was.

chrisgoss, April 21, 2010

Well The John Hock Rap song that i did has a whopping 3,474 downloads on 4shared.com!

if you guys havent heard it – here’s the link!


Anthony Vanity, April 21, 2010

Thanks for all the birthday wishes and comments :)

To say I lie about my age is ridiculous… I’ve always said my real age and you can even look at my social network profiles… my age is there!

I haven’t done anything with my life?

Yeah .. I’ve only worked at the biggest nightclub in NYC (websterhall) as their photographer, designer. Worked for NYC’s biggest GLBT weekly magazine as their art director (HX magazine – now NEXT magazine), started my own company with MR. Sticky (not stickydrama) at the age of 22.
Worked for Playgirl TV as a videographer and head online content manager and designer.
Worked with the builder of the (Spice Channel) to help introduce his company (ComedyNet) as a Social Network guru and designer. And built THIS SITE where you trash talker enjoy coming and talking about people :)

I haven’t done anything with my life? I started in college at 15 years of age, graduated, paid my school loans at 19yo. and I haven’t done anything with my life?

Moved to another country and nailed all of the above jobs and still, I haven’t accomplished anything?

Just because you work at a stupid office from 9-5 doesn’t mean I have too also.

I am a creator a designer and entrepreneur and THAT is very rare at 27yo.

In other words, I’ve never lied about my age, if you are shocked, you are an idiot and next time you think I haven’t done anything worthy with my life, you can suck my dick :)

Much Love,

Anthony Vanity

Anonymous, April 21, 2010

Anthony sure shut you haters up HA! happy birthday :)

Christina Dior, April 21, 2010

Happy Birthday Anthony!!!!!!!!! I miss you!

Anonymous, April 21, 2010

Happy birthday :) Sounds like you’ve accomplished a lot more than most people ever do.

blablabla, April 21, 2010

Baby pics are cutee<3
(Tried to post this early but apparently I was posting comments too quickly when I hadn't commented anywhere else..

Anyhow Happy Birthday Anthony<3 Fuck them haterzzzz

Anonymous, April 22, 2010

Happy birthday wow @27
That’s a lot you’ve gotten done

ALEC, April 22, 2010


H3@rt ALec

ps: I still owe you 30 bjs LOL jk

Anonymous, April 22, 2010

knowing you went to college made me like you even more! i never knew that :)

Anonymous, April 23, 2010

He’s fug.

Anonymous, April 23, 2010

so based on what you wrote you worked for a few shitty softcore porn outlets lol and made some shitty website that only 15yr olds care about that tries to slyly throw in this homo-erotic slant on scene kids (to your dismay the scene is mostly straight)

anon, April 24, 2010

Erm isn’t 27 a bit old to still be scene? You’d figure with all of that “life experience” you’d know when to grow up stop colouring your hair and throw on business clothes……

LAWLZ, April 24, 2010

Those “accomplishments” are like…fuck all when youre 27 and still floating about some scene site. Oh you did flyer work for some clubs…. Get a real job. and a chin.

Liz, April 25, 2010


matt, April 26, 2010


JB, May 2, 2010

Happy Birthday doll! :)

Anonymous, May 3, 2010


Anonymous, May 3, 2010

pedo alert right here everyone!

bubu, May 6, 2010

dood is old as fuqqqqq.

Anonymous, May 7, 2010


anonymau5, May 9, 2010

who the fuck cares whether anthony vanity has a “real” job. the important thing is that if hes happy doing the work he’s doing then thats all that matters


damn bitch yer old ! haha wel i thought i was old but i guess not haha that totally made my day <333

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