I need dirt on @gavinlindemuth 13 comments

I need dirt on this kid, @gavinlindemuth

Anyone have any?


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Anonymous, July 17, 2010

He kicks people out of his live. A lot. Sensitive kid with no balls, even when people say ANYTHING and he doesn’t like it, say good-bye no matter how many times you show your tits.
That’s pretty much it. Why the hell do you need dirt? This isn’t your personal questioning blog

Kimmi, July 17, 2010

The kid is seriously so nice, no lie. Don’t be mean :(

Anonymous, July 18, 2010

This is stickydrama. Everyones mean. ^^..

Anonymous, July 18, 2010

Who the fuck? Never heard of him.

Anonymous, July 18, 2010

fucking hot. nuff said

Anonymous, July 18, 2010

hes hot

bryan, July 18, 2010

i’d fuck him… i don’t think that is considered dirt though

Anonymous, July 18, 2010


Anonymous, July 18, 2010

Obvious self post. Oh, and nice greasy face.

Anonymous, July 18, 2010

that is the biggest nose i have ever seen

sugarcoated, July 18, 2010

YOU should be bringing us the dirt.
let us in on what’s up, and these dirty little secrets.

Anonymous, July 18, 2010

Of course you would come to SD for dirt, who else but the Stickam lurkers to know dirt on anyone?
Lol goddamn Sticky, look what you’ve done to us

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