When Will The Millionaires Get Over Themselves? 49 comments

The trashy, shitty, low life, self absorbed, wanna be music group called the millionaires have officially made me feel sorry for them. Not only are they extremely unprofessional, there music is shit,but hey everyone already knows that;) As my friend logged on to Myspace i noticed the statuses from Alison and Melissa from the group.
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They think there famous because there at the movies sitting in the vip section?? Its a fucking movie theater you stupid dirty wenches.
oh and i like how Alison thinks shes the shit because shes getting drunk at the movies.LMFAO!!grow up.your trashy as hell.You can brag about being VIP when u make it to the music awards but we all know thats never going to happen so i suggest you STFU.Your gross winey singing wont get you guys anywhere!!No one cares if your at the movies getting drunk!
but this made me laugh the most 😉 i had to add in some comments of my own.
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ya your music is in the UK cause the US dosent want that shit anywhere near the radio here! all our ears are still bleeding!! Im going to laugh when all there poser 13 year old fans failpost and leave hate comments for this!!
not sure if that will even help though 😉

Ke$ha vs Millionaires? 17 comments

I think it’s absolutely fucking hilarious to even entertain the idea that there is a feud between Kesha and the Millionaires. SORRY MILLIONAIRES, you aren’t MILLIONAIRES. YOU SUCK. Do you have one of the longest running #1 singles of the year? NOPE. STFU PLZ!! GO CHECK UR MYSPACE!

@keshasuxx is the real one @DaniArtaud @MELISSAGREEN @ALLISONGREEN are nothing but lookbook loose hacks gone wrong 84 comments

before hand: I had recently read a post on how the millionaires claim Kesha stole their sound (blahblahblah) one song!. i don’t know, but if she does it’s not overbearing like the millionaires.in the defense of that song i heard it was mainly being courteous to 3o3 (the auto-tune kings!.)

breaks downs…

kesha is part of the real l.A scene (where the Millionaires are not welcome!).
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Millionaires are part of the former scene kids who think they’re hip by looking at styles from lookbook..thus making them somehow original,claiming self.
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I had talked to a close friend of kesha’s and she had told me that (keshsa nor her) had ever met them!…neither were planning on meeting the trio ever.

This brings to mind (back to the interview)

“We hate Ke$ha,” Melissa calmly explained.

“knock her white trash block off”

“She is such a fake. She is not real. She’s signed to people who tell her how to act. That’s what makes us upset.

“We are who we have been since before the band. We are real – not like that white trash b*tch.

“This is how we dress every day – that is not how she dresses.” “We are real” etc.

How would they know about her being a ‘fake’ when they’re not even friends or inside the circle of friends that kesha is associated with?

hmmmm! (lying out of your ass to a bleak interviewer)

I sure think so.

this maybe pointless but it’s the truth.

the three scenes i was referring to.

1. The l.a/ca jaded hipsters who pull it off (kesha’s scene) andy milonakis dirt nasty etc.

2.The in between scene. people who have some what style and are friends with the above ‘cliques’ : hannabeth audry kitching stevie ryan.

3.The former scene kid now trying way to hard to be the above scene.

Millionaires and pretty much everyone associated with the millionaires.

All and all millionaires are a complete joke, they’re just sad that kesha beat them first to full fame (at there own game as they proclaim).  I dislike both sounds either way. But if you’re going to talk shit!…at least have some actual proof sources etc.

Millionaires have nothing to look forward to now.  Might as well just show full penetration in your videos. That might win over a whole new fan base.

Just a thought.




Millionaires New Video? 25 comments

The Millionaires have finally aired their video for ‘Stay The Night’.

But in the interview for The Sun they talked bout Ke$ha and how she doesn’t live the lifestyle that they do. Are they just trying to start drama just to gain some fame?

The video:

“I fucked one of the Millionaires last friday” – some Bridge 9 kid 37 comments

“i was in LA with my buddy for a Xena convention (i know) and we met two of them at some club. they were sloppy drunk and really boring. i was chatting them up for like an hour before they told me they were in a “group” together. when they told me who they were i laughed in their faces and then i was like “oh yeah, i saw you guys on the internet. i like your music a lot i always play it when i dj in chicago.” i thought this was a great lie, and it totally worked because we left with them and went back to this house where the third girl was layed up because i guess she just had surgery for something. we were with a couple of jefree star looking motherfuckers and they eventually left to go to another bar at like 2am. my boy took a shower with one of them while i got down with the girl who had the surgery. she was a terrible lay and none of them were great looking. homeboy walks in literally 30 seconds after i bust and says we gotta go. turns out he tried to put it in her butt in the shower and she was really pissed off. i thought long and hard about whether or not i should brag about this on the internet or not, and i just decided that i should.”

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The Millionaires on Teen Cribs? 11 comments

Okay, so I was watching Teen Cribs the other day and noticed the theme song. It sounded exactly like the Millionaires. I am pretty sure it was but sometimes I am not the best at this type of stuff. So then I had the idea that I would ask the wonderful people of Stickydrama, they would know! Okay so is it The Millionaires in the theme song for Teen Cribs on MTV ?

fail post? idgaf!

Placebo @AmorHilton @EdenShizzle 23 comments

Why does Amor Hilton try to sound like the self-proclaimed-no-talent band, Millionaires!?

Here, in the beginning is the song, now known as “Placebo,” with the Millionaires “I like money” beat! (1:08)

WTF is this bullshit?
Here, on “Lil Sheezy”s Music Myspace, is the actual song- with a slightly different beat.
Point is, “I drink alcohol and guys want to fuck my ass.”

We all know she’s “Fuckin’ royalty” but why would she want to sound like pieces of no-talent trash? :)
and What are your opinions on this song?

Allison Green hospitalized 47 comments

Why was she hospitalized? (TWICE!)
Was it for drinking excessively?
Wondering if anyone knows any details.

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