Let’s see those pearly whites Koti! 16 comments

mmmmm so white

TOOFbRUZZH! 7 comments

just sayin’

and no i did not edit this check out the video if you don’t believe me

@stevie_ryan: Calling all pink-haired cheap groupies @amorhilton @jakewolfcrunk 44 comments

Everything Amor wrote was a lie. Except: waking up, enjoying a lovely afternoon, and getting her laptop back.

Ouch! Stevie just gave a certain pink-haired cheap groupie a third degree burn. But which pink-haired cheap groupie?
Apparently Eden Shizzle thought it was his “sister”, Amor, in question. Double ouch.
What vocabulary WAS it?

Honestly, I thought she was referring to Amor because in The IRL World at 3:23 she does the “EHLL!!” sound that Sceney Sceneable/Stevie Ryan does.

The other person I could think of was Audrey Kitching. I’m sure there’s much more “pink-haired cheap groupies” but I don’t know of them.

In other news:

CONGRATULATIONS TO JAKE, first time in his life he’s honest!

Peace the hell out, and stay classy.
Unlike gross JakeDesperateForCash/Food/ClothesCrunk. :)

Butter Teeth 65 comments

So I know you all say you’re tired of posts about this train wreck of a girl. but I know you aren’t… stop kidding yourselves. We all know this shit is a good source of mild entertainment. Mild thank-god-i’m-not-THAT-fucked-up-and-smelly entertainment.

Not much explanation needed here. Butter teeth are buttery. (But just to give her a little credit her body and outfit are hot. Slutty and whoreish yes, but still kinda hot.)

Yea i don’t think I’m the only one who thinks she should invest in a toothbrush, toothpaste and other tools for appropriate dental hygiene. I know your harsh hours of modeling and paparazzi-posing and stinking up every state in america take up a large amount of your important and precious time, but really Nicole. It’s not that hard. Maybe i’m overestimating her abilities.