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@SamiiLamorte: Australian Version of @AmorHilton 30 comments

Samii La' Morte Pictures, Images and Photos
Samii La' Morte Pictures, Images and Photos
Samii La' Morte Pictures, Images and Photos
Samii & Smeer La' Morte Pictures, Images and Photos

LOL! and the dude in her pics… is her boyfriend…..


@AmorHilton Copy-Cat? 37 comments

So I was rummaging through my online friends when I saw what I thought was a fake of Amor Hilton. Turns out, she was just some creep with bad hair.

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I confronted her about it and this is what she had to say,

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I don’t know what’s worse, her pictures or her slang.

Anyway, here’s her link.


The URL seems to lead a little towards my opinion, seeing as it says “amor” in it.

John Hock’s long lost twin? 23 comments

So I was on YouTube today, and in my “Recommended For You” box, there was a video of some band called Hey Monday. I clicked it out of boredom to just see what it was. Just some stupid “Hey Monday funny moments” video. Whatever.

But there was one guy in the video that striked a shocking resemblance to everyone’s favorite Stickam Rapist. I googled the band, found out who the guy was, saw some pictures of him and almost thought it was John himself.

The look-a-like’s name is Michael Jersey Moriarty. Here’s my shitty side-by-side comparison of the two:

A bit more of a clear shot of him:

Fail post, more than likely. I just found it really creepy and odd that this guy looks almost exactly like John.

@AmorHilton’s Russian Doppelgänger @innaclit 40 comments

I was lurking through facebook profiles when I stumbled across this girl. While looking through her pictures I realized that I had discovered Amor’s (Russian Prostitute) Doppelganger. Take a look:

(Her with and without being “put together”, your mouth with and without vomit)

The idea that you can frequently use underwear in place of pants.

And the famous bra. (Which YES, I am aware that it looks more like a bathing suit in her case)

You be the judge.



Whoa, @Brandon_Hilton in drag? 35 comments

So, it’s kinda hard to tell, but don’t these two photos look oddly alike?

They also tend to type the same way, look at their myspace accounts.



@DanielLucasOX in @LadyGaga’s music video? 20 comments

This might be old news, or maybe just not recognized.  But, I was watching MTV music videos and @LadyGaga’s “Telephone” came on, & it showed a picture for one second, and I thought, “He looks familiar!'”

So,  I rewinded it and found this:

Is that @DanielLucusOX, @JeffreeStar’s proclaimed “best friend”?  If so, Why didn’t Gaga let @Brandon_Hilton be in the video too? 😉



English @AmorHilton? 50 comments

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