Mydrama poster MurderXxX trying to be the next @JessiiSlaughter??? 14 comments

Ok, so I hope everyone read a previous post by MurderXxX. She claims that she is 14 and made out with Dahvie and “other things” at a concert that was somewhere, but we don’t know where. Well, the silly girl put her twitter as her website. So I clicked the link and was reading some of her tweets when I found this one. (the highlighted one below)

muderXxX twitter

So, then I saw the link on her twitter to her myspace. Which her pictures are private but, her “about me” isn’t. Thats where she so bravely posted her phone number for the world to see. ( I blocked it out and her myspace url just because I’m sure sticky won’t post it and I wouldn’t want him too.

muderXxX myspace

I’m only assuming by her posting on mydrama that she was raped and giving her twitter as her website (where she clearly admitted she lied in her mydrama post by saying she raped BOTDF and not the other way around) that she really wants to be the next Jessi Slaughter and have people harass her as well. Whats next a youtube video??? Well, Betsy just remember “Consequences will never be the same!!!”

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owl, July 21, 2010

I just don’t even care anymore. Isn’t everyone saying Dahvie has raped them these days?

Attack, July 21, 2010

Useless thread topic.
Stop giving people attention that don’t need it.

Anonymous, July 21, 2010

Gurl, we all got raped by him this week.

sticky is butt hurt, July 21, 2010

Dahvie raped me.
ha just kidding, he was pretty aggressive though

…….., July 21, 2010


:P, July 21, 2010

kudos to her love of placebo.

dyke, July 21, 2010

Is being raped by a fat pedobear the new trend now-a-days?

Anonymous, July 22, 2010

Did you check out the tweet below the Dahvie one? “#ifyoureallyknewme you’d know that I’ve been in a friends with benefits relationship with Brian Molko for two and a half years”

As in the 37 year old lead singer of Placebo who lives in London? Really? Because sorry sweetheart, I doubt. :)

Perhaps her twitters just a compilation of ideas for her next fanfiction? (One can only hope…)

Anonymous, July 22, 2010

we dont need another jessi slaughter episode so just lay off people

hi, July 22, 2010

betsy is my best friend, ever heard of joking? seriously…she has an imagination just like im sure all of you do. of course shes not really friends with brian molko, she just idolizes him…and she doesnt like jessi slaugher nor does she want to be like her at all, it was just a joke, get over yourselves people. seriously. its you guys that take everything too far.
thank you and good day.

hi, July 22, 2010

and this is also the person above, if you have questions regarding my comment and do believe me or my friend, take it up with me.

Anonymous, July 22, 2010

Wow who cares…. For real.
Certain things on stickydrama are interesting. But this….

Anonymous, July 22, 2010

I’m not saying I believe she raped dahvie or the other way around.
But I honestly don’t understand what it is with everyone saying he raped them. Especially now of all times when he’s already dealing with a little bitchy foul-mouthed 11 year old.

Anonymous, July 24, 2010

Alright alright Dahvie has already been fucking arrested NO ONE can pull off the ‘he raped me’ stunt so get the sand out of your vaginas already, ladies.
Oh, and for the record, i’m a 15 year-old girl.

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