@bslatz You’re a Joke Amongst Everyone 25 comments

Has anybody noticed the transition within a year of @bslatz converting from normal scene whore, to deep jungle hollywood juice bro club scene whore?.

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I.e Nik makes fun of your huge tits and your face.

dirt_nasty thinks your disgusting.

andy m. would never take you serious.

go back to flashing kids on stickam. (you’re best at that!).

See The Resemblance? 19 comments

First off, they’re both on meth, they have shitty hair and make-up, & they both have the habit of going out looking like shit and high out of their minds.

Maybe they can they can meet up in the Valley and do meth together!

Fail post, whateves.

[Sticky’s note:  This is a perfect example of when to use the “just sayin” category:  When you’re comparing or noting a similarity between an online character to an IRL person or whatever.  Use the “twins” category to compare two similar-looking online characters.  JS.]

@candicealice went from @slutwhoremanuel to @ghostcrane?! 69 comments

wtf.  Here’s candice with the new “love of her life”

He’s gross and ugly.  They haven’t been together for a very long and they already have matching tattoos! Completely crazy if you ask me.


Way hotter than this ghostcrane person, IMHO.  To me, you should always upgrade from your last bf/gf/fuck buddy. Candice certainly did not…but looks like Manuel did:


From what he’s said on his twitter it sounds like these two are dating:)

Driving while fucked up, yay! 22 comments

Obviously sobriety means nothing…..??

Talking Shit with @KelliComptonn 78 comments

StickyDrama bumped into Kelli from Compton the other day at a sleazy hotel party in downtown LA.


StickyDrama was not injured in the collision, so we whipped out our cellphone and began recording Kelli’s shit-talking about Breeanna Rose and Chelsea Nelein. Kelli was on a roll bitching about the two Valley sluts before we even had time to press the record button.

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@MattProof lies about girlfriend Jessica Marie G 60 comments

How lame do you have to be to lie about having a girlfriend? He tells other girls he’s not with Jessica Marie G and tells them he wants to be with other girls. What’s the real truth kids?  She’s a Punkrose Model and he’s a wanna-be cock star.  Let’s get to the bottom of the lies. He make’s his living hanging out with loser scene kids like Amor Hilton,Danny Worsnop, and Bree Garcia. She makes her living modeling for a shoe brand called Punkrose. Something isn’t right with this pretty fucked up picture. He’s a lying loser, saying he is not with her and she has no replies but to say, “fuck you bitches, mind your own buisness”



Johnny Death aka @ogkushking on @AmorHilton’s Eviction 17 comments

True celebrities live in the glamorous world of Hollywood, where everyone is rich and beautiful.  But … there is another world, a place that is just as real, but dull … very dull … and always either way too fucking hot, or way too fucking cold … THE VALLEY.

Tonight’s episode is a follow-up to our Halloween post reporting Amor HIlton’s eviction from Johnny Death’s apartment in Encino.  By sheer stroke of fortune, or maybe misfortune, StickyDrama bumped into Johnny at Cinespace, a small venue in Hollywood.  (Co-incidentally, Anthony Vanity was asked to leave Cinespace for rude behavior.)


A couple of cocktails later, we asked Johnny for his version of events, since Amor basically accused him of stealing her rent from his own father in order to support his marijuana habit.  The lighting in Cinespace was a tad too dark for StickyDrama’s cellphone to capture decent video, but the audio portion is quite clear.

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Johnny also went on to claim that his fiancée bought a condo in Times Square so they could move in together in New York City.  Last we checked, however, Johnny’s ass was still in the Valley  somewhere, trying to get girls naked on Stickam.


TOOFbRUZZH! 7 comments

just sayin’

and no i did not edit this check out the video if you don’t believe me

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