E-Celeb Poll’s Final Results 38 comments

Although we’re leaving the poll open indefinitely, the final results are in.  The online scene has spoken, our favorite e-celebs have been chosen:

Rather than stop at a top 10, we went for an even 12 because Hock won’t be tweeting anytime soon, and Stevie Ryan and Mitchell Davis both had their supporters.  Our Tweets page has been updated to import only the tweets of these top 12 e-celebs, and we will now begin completing our E-bios page.

As the voting progressed, StickyDrama followed the comments and added new suggestions to the list.  While a few, notably @iJustine, quickly rose up the ranks, none gained as many votes as the top e-celebs who were already on the list.

We also found that Stickam entertainers did not dominate the results.  Shane Dawson, Chris Crocker, Matthew Lush, Stevie Ryan Mitchell Davis had been YouTube stars before they ever joined Stickam; Jeffree Star, Tila Tequila and Amor Hilton have always been stars of Myspace; Audrey Kitching and Hanna Beth have a large Buzznet following; only Kiki is solidly Stickam, and even she once enjoyed a large following on Myspace before they banned her skanky ass.

The installation of StickyDrama’s new theme is nearly complete.  While we install MyDrama Author Rankings and finish E-bios, please play around the site; and if you notice any remaining bugs please email the details to:


VOTE for the Top 10 Internet Celebrities of All Time; Voting Determines E-bios and E-celeb Tweets 69 comments

also see E-bios for more pics

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Drama has always had a place in sophisticated cultures.

The ancient Greeks, who gave us democracy and philosophy, also gave us drama.  Today we laugh and cry at the comedies and tragedies whose vicissitudes define the life of that absurd creature from the internet: the e-celeb.  Always in pathetic pursuit of fame, beauty, love and fortune, e-ecelebs are often a sick, distorted image of the true celebrity they attempt to imitate, but never attain.  Well, almost never.

We’re satisfied with our ranking of the biggest 50 e-celebs of all time.  But maybe our readers disagree.  Maybe most of you don’t think Kiki should be #1.  Maybe you think top-ranked but otherwise tame YouTubers like Ryan Nigahiga or Shane Dawson should be #1.  Or maybe you think top rank should go to those lucky few who have actually made a buck or two out of their e-fame, like Jeffree Star or Tila Tequila.  And maybe you don’t think oldies but goodies who aren’t around anymore—like Hot Mami or Sharolaid—should even be on the list.  Once voting has closed, StickyDrama will bow to the will of our readers and re-rank the E-bios page accordingly (with more care put into the summaries and thumbnails than this quickie job).  We will thenceforth import only those newly-voted top 10 e-celeb’s tweets into our E-Celeb Tweets page.

But keep in mind, we put everybody here for one damn good reason:  StickyDrama believes their stories are so lulzy that they deserve to be preserved and showcased.  Not only for posterity’s sake, but also for the dozens of newpz and tweens who dive into e-drama everyday, flooding our formspring with questions like, who is John Hock and why is he in jail?   After months of fielding the same questions over and over, it became clear that all this information—information which already exists somewhere on this site—must be be tightly collected and accessible.  Which is why we’ve created E-bios. Front page and MyDrama posts will continue to report topical updates of the online scene now; E-bios will step back for a broader perspective, examining character arcs that span years.  Once completed and as comments pile up on individual biographies, we think E-bios will serve as a handy point of reference for both oldschool and newp users alike.

E-bios will summarize and link older posts, which are based on visual proof or at least corroborative evidence.  Hitherto the only resource similar to  E-bios has been Encyclopedia Dramatica, a unorganized mess where facts and truths are often indistinguishable from fiction and insults.  E-bios will be tightly organized and adhere to StickyDrama’s longstanding respect for traditional journalistic principles.  Our stories are lulzy, but they are not jokes; these stories are all very comically, very tragically real.

As for the the number and choices of the top e-celebs:  We’re holding the listings at 50 for now, but if we see many requests (from different IPs) in this post’s comments, then we might remove the lower-ranked e-celebs and replace them with a new suggestions.  If you would like to suggest an e-celeb we might have overlooked, please leave their name and account URLs in this post’s comments.

This post will remain on the front page for a few days, as we collect our readers’ opinions.  MyDrama will continue to be moderated and updated daily.

Who’s Top Tranny of Them All? 34 comments

These Transgendered flamboyant  she/hes have been or still are the hottest Transgendered Queen Supremes online.

The Male pink-headed Barbie doll Jeffree Star:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

The blond-headed has-been Chris Crocker:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

This Brunette Scene Queen Ashton Kaulitz:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

The Blond-headed try-hard Johnny Boy:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

The Attention Seeker Geoffrey Paris:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s top tranny of them all
Ashton, Chris, Jeffree, Johnny, Geoffrey?
They’re our Trannylicious toys

They make us scream, they make us moan
They’re simply sexy head to toe
Trannylicious what a tease
All their bitches on their knees

Who’s Top Tranny of them All !

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Amor vs. Kiki 59 comments

Ok, so I’ve been a reader of this site for over a year. I’ve seen endless hate posts about both Kiki Kannibal and Amor Hilton. When I first heard of these two girls, I really got them confused quite often. There are definite differences between them, which I’m well aware of, but I really think that they are pretty similar. So this is the question I’ve been wondering for quite a while…
If you had to choose, would you be Team Kiki or Team Amor?

In my head a movie starring these two would be Oscar Gold. It would look a lot like this:

Obv Kiki would be Alien because of the similar skeletal frame, while Amor would be Predator because of the similar hair extensions.
sorry for the crudeness of my photoshop, i don’t have those mad skillz.

i need help on this… 28 comments

is this a guy or a girl?

tell me what you think “IT” is…


Now and Then? No comments

So I was downloading Jeffree’s new song Prisioner, and I thought to myself, how much he has changed since i’ve known him.

Jeffree when I first met him:


Jeffree NOW:


[Sticky Drama wouldn’t allow my html code to have little music players, so copy and paste the link]



Matty Beautiful

matthew, matthew, matthew No comments

WTH  is this?




matthew lush must think there is a need for him to bring out a song.


ugh. it makes me cringe. :l

derick maurice n00dz? :O! mmm! om nom nom! No comments

oh yeah. just found these. LOL this really isn’t drama, but… if people didn’t think mr. derick maurice doesn’t play round on cam… you’re all VERY wrong. LOL and i know his new account, since he’s been banned once again… here’s a screenshot. actually, he’s fucking hotter than hell, & very playful i hear… get it while it’s hot!

<a href=”http://tinypic.com” target=”_blank”><img src=”http://i44.tinypic.com/5mfksl.jpg” border=”0″ alt=”Image and video hosting by TinyPic”></a>

& here’s the direct link amigos!


it’s the very top, first one. LOL

& his myspace is:


& his new stickam is:


show some love people! don’t harass him though, or i doubt he’ll be sexy 4 us anymore… & then i’ll have to murder people! 😀

– b4by rapt0r j3bu5

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