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so this dumb fucking whore is alex. she is a stuck up bitch who finds fun in making fun of “fat” people and “ugly” people. when the truth of the matter is this bitch is FAR from perfect. i have been trolling for awhile and realized wow she is a cum guzzling whore. i learned that she is a cheater and hooks up with alot of guys. Not only do i troll her on here i no her in real life and she gets with any guy with a dick. she got TRAINED by her best friends boyfriedn and another guy @ her friends party. dont let her fool you everything that comes out of her mouth is a lie, besides the dick that she stays sucking!!!!!!!!!!! she has no real friends but another whore named brianne hopf , they are bitches @ school as well as real life. ALEX YOUR A CUNT, and i hope people realize it. you are an ungreatful whore alex. you need to wake up and realize YOUR NOT PERFECT. here she is , so stay away because you will prob. fall for her lies just like i did. OH AND NOT TO MENTION THE FACT SHE CALLS HERSELF FAT. how can someone who shoots up 2x a day be fat? LOLOLOL STUPID CUNT. oh and if it wasnt for her dadddy having al the money he does she would be up in jail right now for stealing a car and having 2 grams on her. GOOD JOB CUNT!




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hello, June 24, 2009


hollisterkid2008, June 24, 2009

can someone please block all posters with IPs originating in jersey?

blainebrodown, June 24, 2009


this post only makes you look like a butt-hurt child.

on another note:id smash. rofll.

Anonymous, June 24, 2009

this is cute.

Anonymous, June 24, 2009

cum dumpster LMFAO fail bitch

icedtea, June 24, 2009


Anonymous, June 24, 2009

i swear to god somebody posted basically the same thing about this girl.
am i right?
idk lol

Anonymous, June 24, 2009

hahahahahaha what a sad little attempt AGAIN to make people “hate” me over the internet. Your simply just jealous of me and i really do appreciate you spending your time writing this about me <3

Anonymous, June 24, 2009

OKAY so whoever wrote that last post, obv. was trying to be me this is alex and really whoever wrote this is a sick fuck.

Anonymous, June 24, 2009

another nj whore.

uh huh, June 24, 2009

when did this become a place for high school kids to talk shit on each other? there is a place for this and its called the cafeteria



failpost, June 25, 2009

lol ^

and wasnt there a post before about this girl? who cares..

jennjenn, June 25, 2009

Wow, poster. Can you please shut up?
You all go to my high school and need to deal with your drama in person and not be a coward.
Also, all of you leave stickam. You’re all being annoying and giving Jersey an even worse name.
For the record Brianne isn’t a slut, from anytime I’ve talked to her she’s been nothing but nice.
Post your full name on here poster, Id love to exchange a few words with my fellow student.

Anonymous, June 25, 2009

Poster, can you post your link so we can see what you really look like please?

Why don’t you just say any of this to her face? You are just as pathetic as she is, so what if she fucks a bunch of guys? Is it possible you are jealous that she’s able to get some and you aren’t? Are you mad because your boyfriend got sick and tired of how possibly lame you are in the sack?

I can probably bet you and your boyfriend will not be together once high school is over with and then you two will put everything behind you. Also, you say how she thinks she’s perfect then in a another sentence you mention how she calls herself fat! Soooo obviously from what you said, she doesn’t think she’s perfect.

You aren’t really doing much harm to her since NOBODY KNOWS WHO THE FUCK SHE IS!

Anonymous, June 25, 2009

And why are you stalking her so much?? lol you need a life

bappy, June 25, 2009

Are you, by any chance, from New Jersey?

bappy, June 25, 2009

Benjamin Michael,
SHIT I know I totally dropped the ball on this one. Someone tried to rob me last night so I was too busy pwning people IRL to pwn anyone on here

jennjenn, June 25, 2009

They’re from jersey bappy.
Jersey shore none the less -shakes fist-

bappy, June 25, 2009

I can smell it on them. Ugh.

I’m thrilled that stickydrama has become the inside wall of a highschool bathroom stall of new jersey.

jennjenn, June 25, 2009

HAY! I have never made a completely ridiculous post and I’m from Jersey.
Just people from their high school are learning about stickydrama, why god why?
So they got tired of cat fights over bulletins and “upgraded” to here.

jennjenn, June 25, 2009

I’m still waiting to find out posters identity, oh the suspense.

hollisterkid2008, June 25, 2009

It reflects really well on your state when others can identify that you live there based on how catty and irritating you are. Brilliant.


It’s all good Bappz
hollisterkid2008 prettty much said what I wanted to say in his first post hah

OH DAMN, June 25, 2009

Thank you for bringing me, along with everyone else, into your HS drama. There’s a good percentage of us, including myself, that are OUT OF HS & we are relieved because of the drama that HS revolves around.
So just because you hate this bitch doesn’t mean you have to post about it [like we’re going to care]. IF you had ANY guts whatsoever you’d take this up with her in person & all you Jersey fucks could see a smackdown.
& with that, WE DONT GIVE A FUCK.
so fuck off.

Trystin T, June 25, 2009

^^^^ ditto =)

World of Warcraft, June 29, 2009

Um, if she steals her best friends boyfriends then the “boyfriends” are the real “whores” here. Another thing that people need to realize is that (if your a normal fucking person) EVERYONE enjoys sex and either everyone is a whore or no one is……. it’s that simple. Honestly, what is wrong with cum guzzling if you enjoy it? lol I know there are both males and females out there that enjoy that. It’s nothing new. People need to come up with actual “insults” if they’re trying to act all hardass. The poster seems quite jealous of something.

Trey Hawthorne, June 30, 2009

id tap

Anonymous, July 1, 2009

so fucking hot

Ginnnyyy, July 2, 2009

Who leaves left over coke? What a bitch.

Anonymous, July 13, 2009

not to mention she is a guido slut… she also gets butt hurt when you troll a guy who she wants in their pants (any guy who enters her room)

Anonymous, July 13, 2009

she needs some +2s and to get rid of her thunders, notice the double chin in both pics…loose some weight fattie…here is a hint, stick your finger down your throat…maybe the guys will then find you not as repulsive.

Anonymous, July 20, 2009

not even with beer goggles is she hot

alyssaaaa, August 15, 2009

seriously wtf. poor baby got your feelings hurt don’t bitch about it. no one fucking cares pahaha.

tigna, September 19, 2009

alex is my baby

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