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It nice to see that that you occasionally venture out of your egocentric universe. However, you comparing typos to reading words with jumbled letters is as erroneous as most of the pap that you spew on mydrama.
Chris Goss, “I fling poo, therefore I am.”

Why do we write? As far as I know, the written word is one of the very few things that separates the world of men from the rest of the animal kingdom. It is probably the greatest evolutionary adaptation since the spoken word and is far more of an advance for us as a species. Spoken language has the drawback of having a limited audience and the information imparted is lost with time and in its retelling. The written word on the other hand, can be read again and again. Information and the knowledge of people dead for thousands of years can be accessed today to enrich our lives, both on the personal level and society at large. You saying that because you can’t be bothered to at least run a spell check on your posts because it is “only the internet” is utterly absurd. If you are trying to communicate something to an audience, it is imperative that you be understood. I mean, why write something if that isn’t your goal? You might as well talk to yourself in a closet, which is where I still believe you are.

Jumbling the letters of a word and having it being able to be read, as long as the first and last letters remain in place, is not the same as reading the correctly spelled word. Yes the “mind” can decipher the jumble, but it does not come without a cost. It takes longer and comprehension suffers as well. Typos for the most part do not fall under this cute set of conditions. They include misspellings, transpositions, omissions, double strike, and wrong key errors. These can take a great deal more effort to figure out what you are painfully trying to express. And believe me, your post as well as others are very painful at times.

From what I have read of yours I get the impression that you don’t know what you are talking about. Maybe that isn’t the case, but since you are so lazy and can’t be bothered to adhere to basic language skills, I guess I will never know. I have been in a wee bit of a snit lately and would like to think I can be more positive and proactive. I think basic behavioral modification might be useful in your case. I know that horse steroids have probably done irreparable damage to your brain. But heck, if a chimpanzee can be taught to ride a moped and smoke a cigarette there might be some hope for you. The next time you get the urge to make a post on mydrama, I think you should ask yourself this question, “Is this post about Chris Goss?” If the answer is anything besides “no,” step away from the keyboard. Most people who read this site have already heard all there is to hear about you and your little world, it is redundant to repeat that which was already unwanted information. Now I know YOU think you’re interesting, the rest of us do not. Not only that, it is self promotion which is universally recognized as poor form.

From what I have seen that should about handle your road to recovery and diminish your status as a pariah in the mydrama community. I think about 95% of your posts are about yourself, so I think this will get you till the next episode. Unless you decide to use the forum, which is probably the best place for you. You know, out of the way like a child who is the product of an incestuous relationship between brother and sister, living in a shed like Carl from Sling Blade? I hope this helps you out, sport.

Now I am off to download more foot fetish gay porn.

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uh huh, June 24, 2009

Amazing post. I think the concepts are going to be a bit too much for his brain to handle, but you articulated the situation perfectly.

s.v., June 25, 2009

“Carl from Sling Blade”

For some reason, my brain read this as Carl Sagan. I got all excited for nothing.

Mr.X, June 25, 2009

s.v., get some rest, it will be alright in the morning. They would rip me an new one if I did a Carl Sagan post. Sagan was a huge pot head.

chrisgoss, June 25, 2009

Mr. X, honestly, that made me laugh pretty hard. But seeing as tho i really don’t give a goddamn…I appreciate your input. And i love how you compared me to a chimp. Very classic. But you see mr. x, [and everyone else] it doesn’t matter how bad you talk down to me like i’m some kind of animal, because i’m going to do basically whatever the hell i feel like doing.
And soon, you will see what this CHIMPANZEE will become.

And i guarantee
you WILL NOT like it.


bappy, June 25, 2009

I enjoy anything contrary to chris goss, but writing an elegant high level letter to him is like throwing a hand crafted, beautifully painted vase at a brick wall. Invariably his response will be something eloquent like “K THX BAI” or something else that makes me want to hurt him.

Mr.X, June 25, 2009

Yeah, but that’s the beauty of it bappy. Besides, it keeps me from driving drunk. I just wish I’d have hit the submit button instead of save. I wrote this like 2 days ago when he posted that last turd.

chrisgoss, June 25, 2009


oldgreg, June 25, 2009

Nice post, I agree, this is a little too much for goss. I bet he only read the first paragraph.

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