@MathewKraven a Streetwhore? 34 comments

Everyone remember the swamp creature from the Myspace Lagoon, Matthew Kraven?

Seems the beast has risen from his lake, back to his life of online wannabe e-fame success, to bring NEW chilling features to terrorize our children, and corrupt underaged twitter fanatics into his new career of a Tennessee streetWalker.

The beast who once bashed, slammed, and “avoided talking to anyone with twitter” now claims the fastly growing social site has become his online diary, replete with a step-by-step narration of his life.  Which is nothing but a big mess of lies:  partying, smoking meth, drugs, and sucking every mexican and black man in his city.

He is always in a rant one day about how everyone whistles at him, and tries to pick him up when he walks around town.  And how he just laughs because they think he is a streetwhore.  Then the next day claiming the weather is horrible and he cant work his shift.


A male escort service Seems to be Mathew’s pimp.

[This here is Mathews Hourboy Account]

Seriously … how pathetic has one become when they go from internet popularity to a supposed high-class escort.

Searching though Hourboy I discovered Mathew seems to be There #1 Client.  Must be why he is advertising their site so much.

How does this nasty fug get featured before MuscleMan sex there?

Look At Mathew’s rates for work … are you serious?

My guess is Mathew adds these guys via Twitter and Myspace, and they make him a deal.

Read This Twitter nonsense.

Underaged Filmstar? Teen Icon? Exotic Dancer?

There seriously gas to be someway to find someone online who knows this nasty shit stain in reality, and can give us the downlow on the truth of this southern swampfilth that is ruining our nation.

Nonetheless he is always bragging about having sex with his Canadian boyfriend Jessy Karson,

Who upon an internet Search was actually found to be an Adult entertainer.

Crossover from JeffreeStar/matthew lush wannabe to low-class Adult star?




@StevenTroye Craigslisting, Using @Curtis’s n00dz 32 comments

Steven Troye, an OC scene kid who’s been IRL friends with Jeffree Star ever since junior high, recently moved to Hollywood and wants EVERYONE to come see his new place.

While sipping cocktails at the housewarming party, one might wonder how Steven can afford an apartment in such a trendy  location.


Interestingly, rather than post his own 9 inch cock with which he is blessed, Steven posted one of Curtis’s old n00dz.  The red shirt Curtis wore in the above pic matches the one found in other n00dz of his:


Of course, maybe all this is just complete bullshit.  After all, anyone can post as anyone else on Craigslist.  Since in all likelihood this Craigslist ad was a fake, Steven probably won’t get upset over any mention of whoredom.




Kiki noodz will never die 40 comments

As I was checking my daily dirty websites, I found this hilarious add on the left of my screen.


If you look at the bottom picture on this add, it’s obviously a familiar face, HAHA. Kiki, you have a bright future ahead of you :)

Kiki’s full ad

Michael Gravois, biggest homo yet! 17 comments

Michael Gravois, arguably even bigger faggot than Chris Crocker and Brandon Hilton combined. I can’t stand to look at this disgusting atrocity without wanting to puke my fucking intestines out of my bleeding earlobes. Michael Gravois, probably the biggest fag that you will ever encounter on the internets. His acts of stupidity range from creating imaginary stalkers on myspace, posting videos of him having sex with his boyfriend at a movie theater, purposely getting into fights with people just so he can bitch about how he has so many haters later or making stupid Youtube videos impersonating Paris Hilton or Lady Gaga, simulating IRL fights and recording it on camera as proof that he can “fuck up bitches”. His recent default on Facebook and Myspace can serve as proof that he has nothing better to do than make retarded “preppy/showcase” signs and post them on Facebook, when confronted, he said “I’m bringing Myspace back, I’m bringing scene, and br00tal back, everyone’s a poser; nobody knows how to do it right!” Are you fucking kidding me? Someone as pathetic as Michael Gravois will Photoshop their piercing and brag about how good it looks.

Read Full Article on this faggotron here:



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is this a sick joke?

Tranny Recipe of the Day 36 comments

Johnny Boy. Bake at 350 degrees for 17-19 years. Let sit for several minutes before fucking.



You are a teenager, don’t you think it’s time to stop wearing baby dresses? 91 comments

Found some new meat. Shes BFF with that girl polkadots posted earlier.

She dresses like some freaky adult baby


someone is trying WAY TOO HARD to be scene.

horrid. wow.

just another scene whore 12 comments

just another 14 year old wanna-be scene slut.
she rides all the whore trains, and think shes loved cause it.
and she lies to everyone saying shes so bipolar and has issues. yeah, okay.
btw, she thinks shes the hottest shit around.

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im definitely loving the lipstick.
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yeah, too sexy >.<

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