Ryan Alexander, who the heck are you? 89 comments

I normally hate “who is this” posts.

Ryan Alexander/Ryan Manual.
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Your usual emo heart throb.
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This dudes, been going around facebook, chatting up SIF’s and skanks.
It’s pretty certain that, this “Ryan” is faker i mean look at his victims, all cyber freaks gagging for some hottie cock.

Victim 1- “Clairey”

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on the left..
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Victim 2 – misty.

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Victim 3 – Lily

on the right.

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and some other gremlins,

he claims to have cheated on them all with this girl,

“Brodie Wicks”


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obvious fake is obvious?

its amazing how much you can find out from formspring 😉

any whizzle, i just wanted to know who he is becuase im not fair to pick on fattys ad uglys they have it hard enough as it is.

Ryans formspring; http://www.formspring.me/ryanscottalex
Ryans Facebook;

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anon, July 18, 2010

Im tired of people that look like him. 100 more pop up everyday of course we will get confused.

Anonymous, July 18, 2010

Whoever he might be he is a SEXY beast nomnomnomnomnom
Id do crazy shit to him.

Lindsey Maguire, July 19, 2010

This is the real person http://www.myspace.com/chrismichaelevans

You guys are seriously retarded enough to believe he’s real.

dahliafilth, July 19, 2010

geez if this guy was real and talking to girls that look like that he’d have major problems. cause even uglier guys try to go for total hotties even if they strike out.

poopdick, July 19, 2010

lol, the first picture is a friend of mine irl. the two pictures aren’t even the same dude. fake fake fake

bystander, July 19, 2010

that lily girl has some nasty teeth
fuckin gross

tonks, July 19, 2010

Lily, you’re a retard this post is hardly about you idiot.
You cant trace my ip you spack, im pretty sure i can because this is my post.
if you read the toc of this website, they cannnot give away any personal info, so still if you tryed to get any infomation about me then you still wouldnt be able to.
so basically go brush your teeth.

also, i had no beef with you or that misty girl, but hoooorah, you’re a retard in my book now.

Hat, July 19, 2010

yes tonks!

but yes, lily, you are quite a spack. going on facebook telling everyone this site is about you? sorry, is getting your head out of your arse not possible for you? and if you really want to talk to some “keyboard warriors” go to 4chan. we dont need idiots like you here

Scabberss, July 19, 2010

Oiiiii, do you lot find it fun to rip into others? Cant you go out and enjoy life rather than taking the piss out of others. Whoever created this has no life and feels the need to fill the empty void in their pathetic life with this stupid site. Whether the guy is real or not, it’s not really a lot of your businesses. Plus those who are insulting those above in pictures, care to grow up? What do you get out of ripping into people? Some sor of perverted high? Grow some balls!

Hat, July 19, 2010

calm the fuck down mate. sticky’s done some good things for the world, like putting a rapist in jail, and warning everyone about dahvie vanity, and giving us teh lulz of jessi slaughter. you’re being quite contradicting, seeing as you’ve come onto this site to have a go. fuck off

xoxo, July 19, 2010

Actually, you’re all wrong. This is the REAL facebook of the second picture: http://www.facebook.com/?ref=logo#!/profile.php?id=646905506 Andrew Christopher sorry lying idiotssss

Scabberss, July 19, 2010

Had to google Jessi Slaughter, PAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA!

Oh, July 19, 2010

Jessi Slaughter case. That is actually harsh how hundreds of people ripped into her?
If I were her Id feel so low, that I probably woul kill myself.

tonks, July 19, 2010

okay, well the hillarity continues,
apperntly claires now going out with some other guy.
whom she just added
fake also i bet.
trolling, maybe.

Anonymous, July 19, 2010

i like the fact, people come on here comment and say we’re all lowlife scum or some wearing isult of some sort. This site has a load of subscribers, and views and to say we’re all scum bags for coming on this site is stupid.

Anonymous, July 19, 2010

xoxo andrew and chris is the same guy. it says on his facebook that his real name is andrew but he has always been called chris. his facebook is for friends etc check that myspace he even links to the facebook in bulletins

mega bull, July 19, 2010

hi erm look im old enough to know that this whole thing is pathetic look at your selves your so mature that you anonymously slate people and yes i admit i am one ofr zoes victims i can asure you lily is no slut infact shes a nice girl if you get to know her. the point is when your a washed up ex scene king or queen with nothing to do but verbally atack people over the internet you can safley say you reign is over your no longer internet famouse so stfu gtfo with lots of love from BB

tonks, July 19, 2010

we are not washed up scene queens :’)
im not amor fucking hilton 😉

zoemelissa, July 19, 2010

oh i have victims now do i? sorry but lily is a lying prick and she needs a reality check. she lies about everything, not many people know what her life really is like cos she makes stuff up. Shes as nice as a herpes infested hooker on a comedown.

Pearson., July 19, 2010

Anyone fancy leaving Lily the fuck alone? Snide comments from snide people.

Scott, July 19, 2010

I have met Ryan you cunts, like someone else said he uses mostly other peoples photos, plus he goes on webcam and honestly grow up, this is pathetic, its no secret he uses fake photos

I dont like him now cus I saw what he can be

Leave lily the fuck alone seriously. Shes a nice person from everything i’ve heard.
and stop calling these girls ugly cliare is the only ugly one

AND finally CHARLEE stop making these sites, ryan AINT goin back to you

Anonymous, July 19, 2010

jack pearson stfu, you’re not street.

Anonymous, July 19, 2010

Are some of you retards, this isnt a site about it! it’s a fucking post.
morons. Also this isnt charlee or whoever.

Anonymous, July 19, 2010


tonks, July 19, 2010

And aswell, this charlee girl claims to have made this post?!

Anonymous, July 19, 2010

bahahahahahaha claires new boyfriend is the e-famous james jumpsuit
who does she think she is foolin?

looks like it was claire that made the ryan guy’s profile

tonks, July 19, 2010

thing is i dont think she (claire) made him up, because shes got screenshots of her talking to him on msn.
and before you say he can go on other acessing platforms, i know.
but to be honest the effort of doing such would be super effortfull.

Anonymous, July 19, 2010

well she definately made up the tom guy, because she got so defensive over him and claims she has met him lmao

GeezeGeezeMe, July 19, 2010

@xoxo, July 19, 2010, 5:08 am
Your wrong as well.
That IS his real myspace if you talke a look at it.
He does go by Chris but his real name is Andrew but that isnt the point.
The point is this guy is pretending to be something he’s NOT, and these girls are falling into his trap.
But that isnt my problem.

xKaileyxKerosenex, July 19, 2010

well what the fuck does it matter? like if he wants to goaround faking sumone else then let him deal with it when he’s on his fuckin back about it

Pearson, July 19, 2010

I’m not street? I never claimed I was? :L You wanna say that to my face by any chance?

Char, July 19, 2010

Love how mature your been, posting this.
Fair enough about Ryan, but what gives you the right to post the poor girl’s photo’s who he’s been fucking about? D: It’s nothing to do with them.

David, July 19, 2010

im bored of this now, your all saying the same thing.
Yeh we get it, it was stupid, but what right do you have posting pictures of people that you don’t actaully know. A matter of faact that most of you are probably skets and would jump on him too.. and plus how many of you can safely say that you haven’t spoken to someone that is a fake?
this whole thing is fucking pathetic and tbh it just shows that your all about 12.

chrismichaelevans, July 20, 2010

girl, why you gotta do me like that?
that first picture isn’t even me.

Anonymous, July 20, 2010

Really not twelve, I’m just showing the people for who they really are!
Retards, such retards.
Obvious fake was so fucking obvious!!
Theyhad there friends telling them he was fakee! But know they didn’t believe it.

Anon., July 20, 2010

Well it now seems Chris know, that good.

Anon., July 20, 2010

is good*

WigHater, July 21, 2010

tbh why the fuck are people sad enough to make a web site dedicated to bashing people and there lives over the internet, this entire web site just seems a little pathetic .
i have spoken to ryan and i really dont like him, he is a needy obsesive cunt but yes he is REAL. so all the little ‘keyboard warriors’ grow up and grow a pair coz if you got summin to say than say it to there face.

WigHater, July 21, 2010

and also whoever beleives stuff they read on formspring is fucking retarded!!

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