21-year-old Megz, who resides in the Los Angeles suburb of Torrance, claims on her formspring that she is pregnant with 17-year-old Aaron Arce’s lovechild.

In other words, Megz just announced to the world that there’s irrefutable proof she committed statutory rape, since the age of consent in California is 18.  Also, because there is more than a 3 year age difference between the couple, Megz could theoretically be charged with a felony.
This would not be the first time Megz was involved in a sex scandal.  Back in mid-2008 she, Brandon Kiss and Joshwa Forbid were all thrown out of Pretty Nicki’s apartment when Nicki discovered the trio in her shower, having a drunken 3way.

In a word, ew.  Anyway, “there are different rules when a pregnancy is involved,” Megz says in response to a question asking whether she could be charged as a sex offender.  Yet upon examining California’s sex laws, we find no such exception.  Furthermore, whichever detective Megz claims to have asked is legally required to report the crime of “unlawful sexual intercourse” under California Penal Code sections 11166 and 11165.7. There is no prosecutorial discretion for rape, even statutory rape; once the authorities are aware of proof, they are compelled to investigate, arrest and prosecute (and last time we checked, a baby is proof).
StickyDrama deals with 17-year-old, 16-year-old, 15-year-old and even 14-year-old boys and girls throwing themselves in our direction every day.  As tempting as it might be to partake of their goodies, we don’t—because it’s illegal here in California.




  1. Ok, for everyone saying you no me and im 19, your fucking stupid and you don’t no who the fuck I am. And 2nd, I never dated tam, the second day I met her I was making out with her at a club and at the end of the day i told her I still had feelings for my x(since we had just broken up) and didn’t want it to go any farther so she wouldnt get hurt. Again that was only my second time meeting her, so how do people think I dated her?
    And for all the people talking shit saying,”have fun being a father and what not and im just a child,” well yea I am a child but im probably getting a lot farther in life then you are(most of you at least), I started college when I was 16 and just got accepted into ucla, and my grades and above 4.0. So if you don’t fucking no me, stfu. Like idgaf if you actually no me and talk shit cause then you have your facts straight, but if you don’t quit making up shit about me when you prolly have never met me and live across the country, in your little hick town, cause your making your self look stupid. Go fuck your cousin

  2. @ TamCam
    So while she’s going to clubs and bars, he can’t even get into an 18+ after hours event and per curfew laws has to be home by midnight?

  3. unless the minor is under 14, the offender is only charged with sex with a minor and just gets probation, and does not have to register as a sex offender

  4. haha !! 17 year old with a 21 year old aint bad. Fuck it. He be a pimppp if you ask me ;] Since when was it a bad thing for boys to pull older chicks? When I was 16 this 21 year old like drugged and fucked me and I wasnt complaining lol

  5. I thought he was 15? Tamara dated that kid too and he fucked her over XD aha his n00dz are floating around somewhere.

  6. She says that guys her age are immature….right because a 17 year old has more life experience, right?
    You are disgusting and the fact that you allowed a minor to knock you up is even more disgusting than having sex w/him.
    I hope the law steps in and puts you away!

  7. A 21 year old woman fucking a child. Now this poor child is stuck with a little boy for a “Father” this makes me sick on many levels. Just so you know little boy…
    You life is fucking over
    Its all about that child now.
    and if you do not step up and become a man you kids life is fucked.
    Good Luck.

  8. They’re backpeddling like mad. “LOL HE IS 19 HE JUST PRETENDS TO BE YOUNGER” lolololol.
    Oh well. I hope someone does report them to the cops just for annoying me now.

  9. sticky, i love u very much because of what you do, and love this site, but u need to get beter stories, does anyone even really no these people, like i think ive met the boy but who cares about this, really

  10. this is the biggest fucking fail ever, who cares. like really, ur running out of shit to talk about, what ever happen to Gage dating that 13 year old girl like, right now, thats a story.


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